Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 374

Shika Kagura was sipping on some tea.

More accurately speaking, she was sipping on some tea while watching Seiji's stream.

Although she was unable to go together with him due to her "Reaper's Curse," this method was fine as well.

She also established a voice chat with Seiji over the internet on his chatting application, but didn't say much. Basically, she only asked him to buy a few things that she was interested in.

Some requests were too difficult for her to say out loud, so she didn't tell him even though she wanted them. For example the hentai doujinshi of I Can't Sleep When I'm Sleeping Together with My Younger Sister .

Out of all the people that she saw together with her Brother Seiji, only the one called "Lavender" was someone she had never met before. It seemed that Lavender was simply an ordinary girl.

Shika paid the most attention to Yukari Asamiya out of Seiji's companions, but she paid even more attention to the person not shown, who was also watching the same stream as her, the other "younger sister" Hana Haruta.

Her Brother Seiji's blood-related younger sister, and the family member that "the previous Seiji" had harmed in the past.

As Seiji's adopted younger sister, Shika didn't know how to describe her own feelings towards his blood-related younger sister.

She had never met or talked to Hana Haruta. She only knew that there was such a person.

This "younger sister" that was important to her Brother Seiji if this was a light novel, did this count as a character overlap between her and Hana?

Shika knew that she was important to Seiji, and it was obvious that Hana was as well.

Between the two "younger sisters," which would be more important to her Brother Seiji?

If he was asked this question, he would definitely answer with "you're both important to me."

Shika knew that she shouldn't think too much into it, but she couldn't help but imagine the scene of her meeting with Hana Haruta.

But just imagining the beginning caused her to stop wanting to imagine it anymore.

She felt like if they truly ever met, it definitely wouldn't be pleasant probably.

Hana Haruta was drinking some juice.

More accurately speaking, she was watching Seiji's stream while drinking her juice.

Her idiot familiar seemed to be having lots of fun together with his "companions." She felt an indescribable feeling inside while watching such a scene.

After she noticed that pretty much all the girls with him had more or less some romantic interest in her idiot familiar, the indescribable feeling within herself became even stronger.

If she tried to describe this feeling with words, it would be something like

'Is this bastard the main character of a harem manga!?'

There was a tsundere girl next door type beautiful girl, an open-minded good friend jokester type beautiful girl, a plain and cute type girl, and a mysterious type girl. Four girls of different types surrounded him, and they were all even getting along quite well. That was just too much for her!

'Why is it that I have to watch this stream that's like a daily life harem anime?'

'Even if it is like a harem anime, at the very least there should be some infighting among the girls!'

'Where are all the secretly scheming girls? The bastard male lead getting hurt? Vicious arguments? Bloody battles?'

'There's no fun scenes like these at all!'

Hana wasn't having fun and although she didn't notice, she was already pouting.

She recalled the green-haired loli and the blonde-haired mature lady playing video games at his apartment last time that she saw on his stream. If she counted those two, then there were six in his harem.

Right, there was also a beautiful girl living together with him, his "adopted younger sister," whose name was Shika Kagura.

It sounded like a poetic name. Just hearing this name made her imagine a gentle and quiet beautiful girl.

He also sent this "adopted younger sister" of his the password to his stream, so that she could watch it as well.

'Why is it that you're allowing her to watch? I was the one who bought all this streaming equipment, so it should be only for me!' Hana wanted to say that, but ended up not doing so.

That was because she felt like if she did say it out loud, she would lose at something.

"Because of physical problems, she's unable to go to places where there are too many people, which is why I'm having her watch the doujinshi convention in the same manner as you." This was how her idiot familiar explained it to her.

Physical problems Hana instantly added the description of "weak and sickly" to the "adopted younger sister" that she imagined.

But, it was only her imagination, and she had no idea what type of girl Shika Kagura was really like. And due to some mysterious curiosity, she felt like she wanted to know.

Ryuuno Izawa was paying close attention.

Although he was somewhat worried about moving about separately from his master, he felt like his master was unlikely to meet with any danger here. Besides, the Yoruhana family daughter was also with her.

After arriving at the convention, he single-handedly laid a trap whoops, openly and directly stayed here and watched everyone with his Astral Vision, constantly paying attention.

As long as he saw his target, he was confident that he would instantly be able to recognize him.

"As long as he's coming to visit the convention, no matter which areas that person and his friends go to, he'll definitely come to the cosplay area at some point in time, so Ryuuno, you only have to wait for him in the cosplay area!" Those were his master's words.

Izawa had never seen that person's true appearance before, but he was able to recognize him via Astral Vision. So, he agreed that it was reasonable for him to wait here and watch at a place where that person would definitely pass by.

However, what he felt was unreasonable was

*Click click click* Many cameras kept taking photos of Izawa in quick succession.

Even though he was only standing there expressionlessly, without making any special poses or expressions, people still kept surrounding him without caring about that and endlessly snapping pictures of him.

After one wave of people left in satisfaction, there would be another wave right behind them. This encirclement around him kept on replacing itself in an orderly fashion, and had been ongoing for quite a while already.

There were just too many people wanting to take photos of Izawa. In fact, one of the convention's employees even took notice of this situation, and made a mental note to come help out and control the situation if it got out of control.

Why were things like this?

That was because Ryuuno Izawa was currently wearing a dark red, waist-length wig, with a dark purple extravagant Sakura Island outfit inlaid with gold emblems, and there was a silver longsword strapped to his waist This appearance made him look like an expert cosplayer. When coupled with his handsome appearance and cold expression, it made him look cool to the max.

Not only that, his handsome face's left eye had a triangular blood-colored spell formation within it which was currently turning this "special effect" seemed amazing to everyone!

'This cosplayer is so faithful to the original!' Everyone was inwardly thinking this.

Even the people that didn't know what character Izawa was cosplaying were attracted by such high-quality special effects. The ones that knew who he was cosplaying as were even more astonished by how excellent his cosplay was.

His clothes, items, expression, and accessories everything was flawless. They were so exquisite that they could be termed perfect!

Everyone that saw him wanted to take a few pictures.

There was an endless amount of people taking pictures of him, which bothered Izawa. He deeply felt that this arrangement of his master was quite unreasonable.

"If you want to reasonably stay in the cosplay area, of course you have to cosplay!" When Kanna Fujihara said this, she had an incredibly big smile.

Her smile was so bright, that Izawa couldn't even bring himself to ask "Compared to cosplaying, wouldn't it be more reasonable to pretend to be a normal bystander taking pictures?"

He followed his master's wishes, but now he was regretting it.

'Shiroya-san, please hurry up and appear already!'

Izawa was feeling more and more like he needed to vent.

Finally, his target appeared.

When Izawa saw him and locked on to his target, he revealed a faint smile.

This was his first time revealing any emotion after standing there expressionlessly for such a long while. His gentle smile instantly broke his impression of being cold and distant, causing the huge contrast to give an impact to all the people looking at him!

"Ohh! This is it!! I absolutely have to take a photo of this scene!!!" All of the bystanders were shouting this within their hearts.

*Click click click click* A huge amount of cell phone and normal cameras taking photos filled this area.

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