Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 378

He didn't know what to respond for the moment, and he wanted to say something, but was unable to say anything.

If Seiji could have thought about it calmly, he would have been able to respond appropriately. However, he currently wasn't very calm right now.

"You're willing, right? Didn't you say just a few days ago that 'I'm happy to be of use' to me?" Natsuya continued in her gentle tone, breathing right on his ear. "Were those just lies? Just to make me happy?" She got even closer, to the point where her lips were almost about to touch his ear, and her ample chest was even now resting on his arm.

Seiji felt a soft sensation on his arm, and his ear felt like it was boiling up. Seiji felt as if he wanted to tremble all over.

'What's going on here, Natsuya!?'

Such direct seductive flirtation, which felt like it even surpassed the lap pillow from that day, almost as if she was a fox demon.

Was this her dark side? No, it was her fallen, depraved side!

The fallen student council president, who was a sleek long black-haired beauty with huge breasts just imagining it caused his heart to waver!

"Seiji, don't just sit there, say something if you don't say something, I'm going to bite you~" Natsuya's flirtatious gentle tone continued, as if she was a succubus.

Seiji really did tremble at this! He felt like her words were taking physical form, gently scratching the inside of his ear.

It was so comfortable, and so itchy

A surge of desire in his heart caused him to want to look over and look at Natsuya's current expression.

However, his sense of logic and reason told him that it would be best not to do so at the current moment.

Because it was highly likely that he would be charmed!

Just like how a nave scholar would be charmed by a fox demon, becoming her slave, and being absorbed of all his Yang essence through having sex

This seemed pretty nice as well?

'No no! What am I thinking! This absolutely won't happen!!'

Seiji used his strong will in order to prevent himself from falling to depravity.


'Hurry up and start working, brain of mine, think about why the President would suddenly behave so abnormally I got it!'

He had a flash of inspiration and felt like he instantly understood.

"Seiji" Natsuya had only wanted to play a joke on him, but when she saw that he was so embarrassed that even his ears were turning red, and even shook briefly, she felt that he was so cute, and couldn't help but feel a fiery passion within herself.

She really wanted to actually bite down lightly on his ear, and then lick it lightly, or rub her chest against him to see what reaction she would have.

'If I really do something like that, it'll be bad! This will be far beyond the level of a joke.'

'Actually, it's already a bit more than a joke now, but I can't stop myself!'

When recalling the feeling of hugging him on that day, she really wanted to do this once again, and do even more than last time.

Her sense of logic and reason as well as sense of embarrassment were both shouting loudly within herself, but that impulsive desire of hers seemed to be even stronger than them.

'Just one bite, one tiny little bite' She opened her mouth and revealed her snow-white teeth


Suddenly, Seiji grabbed her hand.

'Eek!' She made such a sound in her mind as she froze in her movements.

"You don't need to do this," Seiji said gently as he held onto her hand. "What I said that day was from my heart, not because you gave me a lap pillow I didn't say it because I lusted after your beauty."

"You're really beautiful, Natsuya. As a male, I'm truly impressed by your beauty. However, I didn't help you out because of your beauty."

"That's why, you don't need to use your beauty, or yourself to 'pay' me. You can just ask me normally if you need help."

'Yep, that's how it is.'

'Natsuya's probably treating me strangely like this because she's anxious about whether or not I'm treating her gently because of her beauty.'

'Ahh, that was so dangerous! I almost fell for it, having my desires ignited by her!'

'If I went ahead with her behavior, then that would make me into someone who really was only interested in her beauty. And if I adamantly refused, that would injure her pride as a girl.'

'When weighing all my options, telling her the truth was the best. Silently squeezing her hand is something appropriate as well.'

'I dealt with this perfectly!'

Seiji was even beginning to feel proud of himself at how perfectly he had managed this situation.

He waited for Natsuya's response, but what awaited him was nothing but silence.

'What's going on?'

Things were a bit different from what he expected, causing him to become anxious.

'Why is it silence!? At this time, shouldn't Natsuya be replying to me in a normal tone of voice, with the atmosphere returning to normal as well? Why isn't she saying anything?'

Then, Seiji noticed that he had made a mistake.

He was still holding on to her hand, without having let go!

Not to mention, he was holding her hand even tighter than he had thought he was.

'This I was still 'charmed' by her after all!?' Seiji was astonished at himself.

Even though he was saying that it wasn't because she was beautiful, he had been clutching on to her hand so tightly without letting go. This was a prime example of being all talk but not acting on one's words! It was just like he was pretending to be a proper gentleman while actually acting like a scumbag!

'No wonder she was silent.'

Seiji mentally broke out into a cold sweat.

"S sorry!" He hurriedly let go of her hand. "I I just wanted to lightly hold your hand, without any particular meaning to it."

'What a terrible self-defense.'

Even Seiji himself felt that it was terrible, and wanted to punch himself.

'I made a mess of things.' He was getting all depressed.

But what he heard next was

"It's alright," a calm voice spoke up. "Although I was rather surprised, it's alright, I understand what I mean," Natsuya told him. "I'm the one who should apologize for treating you like that I just wanted to play a slight joke on you."

'Eh? What's with this situation now?'

Seiji was rather confused.

He thought that she would have a much worse impression of him after this, but the actual result was nothing had changed?

'This must be due to her magnanimous personality.' He came up with this "reasonable" explanation.

'Natsuya who's so gentle must have decided not to mind my rude behavior, and even apologized to me as well, perfectly letting all of this go.'

Seiji inwardly exclaimed at her wonderfulness as he turned around to see that Natsuya was now sitting an appropriate distance from him again and looking outside the car window.

"I'm willing to be your temporary Spirit-branded Retainer, and to be used by you," Seiji said as he looked at her.

"Thank you."

Natsuya slowly looked towards Seiji again, smiling gently with her beautiful face that was still somewhat flushed red.

After Seiji got off her car and left, Natsuya covered her face with her hands, and dived onto the car seats, making a muffled sound.

'I'm so embarrassed! But I'm also so fortunate as well!'

Her embarrassment was because she had lost control of herself, while her fortune was because he had held onto her hand, quite tightly at that!

His hand felt strong and warm, which was a wonderful feeling.

She began to foolishly cackle as she held her hand that had just been held over her face.

'I don't want to wash this hand anymore'

'No no! That's not right! If I never wash this hand anymore, won't that make me the same as a crazed fan who got the opportunity to shake hands with their idol?'

'I I'm not that crazy about him.'

'But if it's just one night'

Natsuya was internally conflicted for quite a while, before she suddenly realized something, causing her to hurriedly fix her expression and posture as she awkwardly coughed.

"You didn't see anything at all just now, understand?" She said in a strict tone of voice.

"Understood, I didn't see anything at all, Milady," the female driver of Natsuya's car forced herself to respond like this.

Even without this command, she was intending to forget everything she saw just now. Apart from being due to her respect for Natsuya, there was also the fact that

'This was all such a nice romantic scene, so who would want to remember it!'

The female driver who was currently twenty-four years old and without a boyfriend retorted that in her mind.

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