Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 38

Seiji looked at the beautiful faces of the twin sisters, and he clearly saw what was hidden beneath their external appearances.

What he saw made him feel sick.

Without a doubt, the words he just said were unmistakably condescending.

The twins expressions stiffened.

Mika, Chiaki, and Hoshi froze solid.

The twins were shocked as they had never been insulted so directly before in their entire lives.

Seijis friends paused because theyd never expected such harsh words to come out of his mouth.

This wasnt in accordance with the "heroic" impression they had just received!

However, that was their misunderstanding.

Seiji Haruta had never considered himself a hero, nor did he wish to be one; in both lives, his lifes principles were completely unrelated with the word "hero."

Perhaps in some peoples eyes, some of his actions could be deemed as heroic, but that wasnt what he intended. It was merely a coincidence that his actions were aligned with what people considered as heroic.

From start to finish, his lifes principles had never changed; all he wanted was to do what he liked, nothing else!

"You two are just so disgusting What else do you have other than your appearance? Hypocritical words, pretentious actions, and a wicked look in your eyes Even a stinkbug crawling around in a toilet is more attractive than the two of you. Even though you havent learned anything yet, you brats already think you know everything. Youre a perfect example of people that have grown up in ignorance. You misunderstand yourselves and your surroundings, but have never been corrected youre just nothing but a failure of the education system. In the end, youll amount to nothing more than rotten garbage in a sewer somewhere Nobody will care if thats what happens, but you actually strive to harm others; even your own relative isnt spared from your madness! You two claim to have taken care of your little brother for more than ten years? What a joke! Can you truly say to yourselvesto your heartsthat youve been treating him as your younger brother!?"

Seijis eyes were filled with icy rage, and his face displayed an expression similar to someone who had just smelled a decomposing pile of garbage.

He was certain that the twin sisters in front of him lacked certain qualities a normal human being would have.

These twin sisters were awful, ultra-selfish people that only cared about themselves!

In his previous life, he had experience with other rotten characters similar to them before.

Way too many.

He saw them far too clearly.

That was why he felt such strong disgust.

"I can already tell! Your attitudes, the looks in your eyes; you treat your own relative like a dog No, its worse than thatyou see him only as a toy, dont you!? If you feel like it, you can tease him or play with him, and when youre bored, or think that hes worthless, youll just kick him aside! Do you dare to say thats not the case!?"

Seijis imposing manner No, it had surpassed an imposing manner already; it was more like an overwhelming momentum that felt almost physical, like a frozen ice cube.

It was like a raging humongous beast that was slowly opening its maw as it glared with eyes that could clearly perceive the twin sisters true nature.

"I want to vomit just at the sight of people like you!!!"

Time seemed as if it had stopped.

Everything was dead silent.

Rion and Kotomi Amami were completely frozen solid.

That condescending gaze felt like it was piercing right through them, as if they were naked in front of it, and its unconcealed rage and contempt buried them like a collapsing mountain!

Ever since they were born, they had never experienced anything like this.

Of course, they had faced angry, violent, flustered, or frustrated people and so on before, but this time was different.

Seigo Haranos eyes showed no sign of him having lost control of his emotions, which meant that he was in full control of himself as he logically attacked and vivisected them emotionally.

This was completely out of the ordinary. However, what was even more unusual was the fact that the amount of emotions that had welled up within him seemed endlessly massive.

Massive to the extent where it seemed like it would materialize!

It was difficult for them to resist.

This was scary, way too frightening.

This was dreadful, way too horrifying.

Rion and Kotomi Amami realized that they were facing an incomprehensible existence!

They werent able to see through him.

Not only that, he saw through them with ease.

He wasnt even in the slightest affected by their beauty, and he saw directly through them and spat on them.

How could there be such a boy!?

So, I finally said it out loud, Seiji thought wryly.

The moment he discovered that they were the type of people he loathed the most, an endless amount of memories from his past life flashed in front of him, causing the darkness in his heart to swell up. This prompted him to voice the words that were so harsh and insulting.

This incident would probably scare everyone else.

However, he didnt regret it at all.

Since everything he previously said was exactly what he wanted to say.

Even if they might not understand.

Mika, Chiaki, Hoshi Their mouths were all wide agape, and it was clear that they hadnt regained their senses yet.

Mika and the others never expected that Seiji could be so brutal.

Both in words and attitude.

Even though it wasnt directed at them, just being bystanders was enough to feel that frightening wave of icy rage.

Mika and the others felt like he had become a bit of a stranger.

Nonetheless, even if that was the case, when they noticed Seiji silently turning around, taking his lunchbox and leaving, Mika and Chiaki reflexively ended up following him.

Even Hoshi Amami glanced at his sisters and hesitated for a moment, before he left them standing there, deciding to chase after his senpai.

"My apologies for letting you guys see me like that."

In another section of the courtyard, Seiji sighed as he apologized.

Mika, Chiaki, and Hoshi all glanced at each other awkwardly.

"Seigo, why why were you so angry? It felt rather scary," Mika said weakly.

"I admit I agree with her although I can probably guess the reason," Chiaki said as she studied the beautiful boy beside her.

Hoshi Amami wore a complex expression on his face.

"Senpai was everything you said just now true?"

Although Harano-senpais condescension and cruel insults made him felt like he was an unfamiliar person, what he worried about even more at the moment was the content of what he just said.

"Sisters Rion and Kotomi, they"

Seiji remained silent.

After some moments, he looked his junior directly in the eyes.

"Do you want me to be honest? It wont sound pretty, and its all just my personal opinion."

Hoshi Amami felt a little intimidated, but after some hesitation, he ground his teeth and nodded.

"Im not 100% sure, but Im over 90% certain that your sisters are scumbags." Seiji went with the blunt approach, "At least mentally."


It was obvious to see that Hoshi was deeply affected by this, and his face was filled with confusion.

Mika seemed confused as well, while Chiaki had a thoughtful expression.

"They look so beautiful, and theyre excellent in everything including behavior, so it may sound a bit ridiculous, but I can tell. In fact, Im almost certain, because" Seiji paused.

After all, he couldnt exactly say that hed previously seen many of this type in his past life.

"Because theyre so similar to the past me."

The original Seiji was truly such an excellent target to disparage.

"The past me had a rotten body and heart but theyre only rotten in the heart and mind or maybe I should say twisted. Before I met them, judging from your description, I thought that maybe they were a little mischievous. I thought that although they may have some minor personality defects, they were probably still cute older sisters. But after meeting them personally, I could tell from the look in their eyes and their attitudes that it was something all too familiar to me. This was why I could conclude that the depravity in their hearts far exceeds what the others around them could imagine. They never think about anyone else, including their younger brother. Theyre extremely selfish and willful, and in their eyes, perhaps everything is just a replaceable toy to them parents, little brother, friends, relatives, classmates everyone is the same to them."

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