Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 381

Yukari Asamiya wore a breathing mask, sunglasses, and a wool hat just like she had yesterday as she toured around the doujinshi convention, happily purchasing a large pile of adult doujinshi books.

'While it's fun to be together with Seigo and the others as well, it's still better to buy such things when I'm by myself.'

She smiled as she riffled through her loot. Most of them had ero drawings on the cover, and there was no need to go into detail on the content.

When she was together with Seigo and his friends, she was too embarrassed to purchase such books. Even though she saw many she was interested in, she could only suppress her urges.

If she became more intimate with Seigo, or became boyfriend and girlfriend with him, they could probably buy adult doujinshi together.

Yukari couldn't help but imagine the scene of him and her buying ero doujinshi books together, discussing the contents with red faces, getting all excited about things, and entering a love hotel together to

'No, no! What am I thinking, ahhh!!!'

The scene in her mind seemed all too realistic to her, causing her face to burn up. She was now shouting loudly inside her head.

She forced herself to stop imagining along these lines, but scattered scenes still kept appearing in her mind. Since she was an ero artist to begin with, once her imagination got going, it was difficult to stop it.

Yukari's chest began to heat up as she kept imagining things.

'I need to go outside for a while and use the cold air to help calm myself down.'

Although she still wanted to purchase a few more adult doujinshi books, she felt that it would be bad to continue in her current condition. She left the vendors' stall area and went to the cosplay area.

Since this was an outdoors area, Yukari was able to somewhat calm down after inhaling some cool air. She finally stopped herself from wildly going out of control due to her imagination.

Today was also a bit warmer than yesterday. As she looked around, she could tell that the cosplayers were showing a lot more skin than they had the previous day.

There were light, sexy skirts as well as thin and form-fitting clothes or bikini armor cosplay that only covered the important areas similar outfits could be seen everywhere!

The ero passions that the cosplayers had to suppress due to the weather being too cold yesterday had all exploded today to make up for what they couldn't express yesterday.


Yukari removed her sunglasses and took out a reflex lens camera from her backpack, entering the ero photographer mode.

That's right, an ero photographer.

She kept using upwards angles that focused on important sensitive areas, striving to take the best high-quality ero photographs. This was how she did things!

'Now then, what kind of good photographs will I take today' Yukari joyously began her hunt.

This character's long legs and absolute territory were excellent, take a picture!

This character had an excellent miniskirt and panties, take a picture!

This character had excellent breasts, take a picture!

This character had a sexy pose, take a picture!

This character had an excellent cosplay that was so faithful to the original eh? Why did this person seem so familiar?

The next second, Yukari was astonished when she recognized who the cosplayer was.


Although he was wearing an extravagant cosplay outfit and was even wearing a black ponytail as a wig along with makeup, she was still able to recognize him without any problems.

'Seigo is actually cosplaying!?'

Then, she noticed that the cosplayer together with him was the handsome boy from yesterday that had been talking with Seigo.

'I see.' Yukari instantly understood.

Seigo had mentioned yesterday that he was going to come to the convention with two friends with rather special identities. One of them must have been this handsome boy, while the other one was

She noticed that both Seigo and the handsome boy were looking in the same directionat a beautiful girl with shiny tawny hair in a dark windbreaker who had a Milk Cream Bunny hairclip in her bangs.

This beautiful girl was obviously in high spirits as she used a camera to continuously take pictures of Seigo and the other handsome boy, with her large eyes sparkling.

This was probably his other companion that he spoke of.

It seemed that both of Seigo's friends were cosplay lovers and that he was pulled along into cosplaying Did they arrange it beforehand, or was Seigo ambushed and forced to do it?

No matter what, this cosplay was truly excellent!

Yukari recognized that Seigo was cosplaying as a popular side character from "Demon Blade," "Renha." Although Renha was a female character, Seigo was quite suited for cosplaying as herhe seemed just like a living version of Renha in male clothing, with no sense of wrongness at all.

Yukari's lips arced upward as she followed Seigo and his friends while taking many pictures of her own.

Seiji and the others arrived at an appropriate location in the cosplay area.

"Let's do the performance here!" Kanna told them.

While walking around in search for a spot, they had already attracted much attention. If they did a performance, they would definitely attract even more people.

Seiji inwardly sighed as he looked towards Izawa.

Izawa was cosplaying as Renha's mortal enemy, Frosta handsome boy antagonist from the Demon Sword story. He was wearing extravagantblue-white Sakura Island attire and had a long sword within a white scabbard at his waist.

Looking towards Seiji as well, Izawa placed his hand on his sword, revealed a serious expression, and slowly backed up.

Seiji also placed his hand on his sword, using the same serious expression as he slowly backed up as well.

*Click click click* There was the sound of many photos being taken.

Seiji did his best to ignore the cameras and focus on the performance. That way, he wouldn't feel too awkward about it.

Kanna's request for their performance was quite simple: a battle.

Izawa slowly unsheathed his sword and lifted it up with its tip pointing at the ceiling. His longsword was dark-blue and glinted sharply under the sunlight.

This was a real sword.

Seiji also unsheathed his sword, which was red with golden runes etched upon it. It was a real sword as well, made of iron.

For two boys to be facing off against each other with real swords if this was on the street, someone would have been calling the police.

However, this was the cosplay area.

The bystanders reflexively believed that the two of them weren't holding real swords, but rather excellent quality replicas.

Using real iron swords for cosplay would not only be dangerous, it would be expensive as well. Normal people wouldn't do such a thing. However, Kanna Fujihara wasn't someone ordinary, as she was a rich scion and believed in doing cosplay seriously.

All the outfits and accessories had been custom-made at her request, done as exquisitely as reasonably possible. The money she'd spent on this cosplay was far beyond what most people could imagine

At the current moment, upon seeing these characters come to life and appear in 3D rather than 2D, the rich Kanna Fujihara was completely satisfied with herself!

After a short standoff, Izawa moved.

He suddenly rushed towards his opponent, arcing his longsword in a circle, and then used a high slice!


Seiji blocked Izawa's sword.

Izawa's action shocked Seiji as he was under the impression that they were only going to make poses and mock-fight, but Izawa really did slice at him for real However, the speed that Izawa was going at was not difficult for Seiji to handle.

Seiji flipped his wrist and countered with a strike at about the same speed as Izawa.


Izawa easily blocked this.

The two of them continually attacked each other, engaging in swordplay that was at a rather slow rate for both their capabilities as Spirit-branded Retainers, intentionally clashing their swords against each other on purpose.

The bystanders were astonished!

What they saw was that the two cosplayers were "fiercely" fighting against each other, making it seem like a real battle.

There appeared afterimages of the swords and both cosplayers had excellent footwork; there were evensparks flying from the clashing of their swords

This was just too realistic!

This seemed basically like a professional stage performance no, a movie's level with professional actors!

After the audience recovered from their shock, they began to fervently take pictures. Some even turned to the video recording options on their cell phones or digital cameras and filmed this "amazing battle" in high definition.

Yukari was one such person.

'This is just too amazing of a performance!' she sincerely exclaimed in her heart.

She knew that Seigo was very strong, strong to the point where he obtained the nicknames of "Destroyer of Clubs" as well as "Magic-devouring Dragon" within their school. However, she had never personally witnessed his strength before, having only heard the stories.

And now, she was bearing witness to the legend.

He was actually able to act at a movie's level in a small cosplay performance together with his friend That seemed so cool to her.

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