Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 392

After Seiji finished, Hoshi and Kaede sang as well.

Hoshi sang the ending song of Honey Candy Girl. At first, he sang pretty well, but the more he sang, the more off tune he got. Then, his face began flushing red due to embarrassment from singing off tune The computer gave him a low score for his singing, while his femininity was as high as always.

Kaede chose a classical and relaxing song, and did an excellent job singing it. She was particularly good at singing the high-pitched parts, and even Rion and Kotomi were impressed.

After learning that the blonde teacher had never specifically practiced singing and was naturally at such a level, the twin sisters were even more astonished.

However, Seiji couldn't help but suddenly recall the way that Kaede was when she would angrily shout and rant at others could this be the real reason why she had such skill at high-pitched voices?

Was that really possible? It surely had to be her natural talent.

Seiji silently denied the possibility out of respect for the smiling blonde beauty.

"Junior, let's sing a duet together." Rion and Kotomi invited him.

"Sure, if you don't mind singing together with someone at my level," Seiji answered.

How could they possibly mind?

The twin sisters were delighted to hear him agree so quickly.

They immediately picked a classical duel that was supposed to be sung by a man and woman together, called "To you who's under the same sky."

A gentle and joyous tone started playing.

Rion and Kotomi prepared their emotions necessary to sing this song, and then began singing in tune to the music.

"Ever since meeting you under the blue sky~ The world seems more colorful~~"

"Not everything in the world goes as planned~ But there's always a warmth in my heart~~"

"Seeing you~ Hearing you~ I want to be by your side~~"

While singing, they looked directly at Seiji's face with seductive looks in their eyes.

Seiji did his best to maintain his calm when faced with their expressions, and began singing his part of the song.

"After meeting you under the blue sky~ A brand new page of my life has begun~~"

"There's many sad things in the world~ But always happiness in my heart~~"

"Seeing you~ Hearing you~ I want to hug you~~"

The next moment, the music reached a climax as they all sung together

"To you who's under the same sky~ I'm thinking of you~ I like you~ I love you~~"

"I thought that love was something intangible~ I only learned when I possessed it~ That love is a miracle~~"

Their singing filled the room.

The effect of the twins' emotional and soft female voices combined with an energetic and deep male voice was excellent!

As the audience, Hoshi and Kaede were amazed.

"I want to be together with you~" Rion sang this line.

"My emotions are bursting forth from my heart~" Seiji sang this line.

"I no longer know what loneliness is~" Kotomi sang this line.

"I've written your name in my heart~" Seiji sang this line.

"To you who's under the same sky~ I'm thinking of you~ I like you~ I love you~~" The three of them sang the climax together!

Hoshi and Kaede could feel their spirit, and felt as if they were watching actual idols perform as they listened to the handsome boy and the beautiful twins.

Seiji felt like he was singing at a much better level than normal.

This was due to the twin sisters, since they were so excellent at singing.

Sweet singing, beautiful smiles, and seductive expressions Seiji realized that he was currently under attack by them, and found it difficult to resist.

'Sergeant Haruta, persist! The enemy's cannon fire will only last for a few minutes!!'

He did his best to firm his resolution and properly sing this song to its end.

Rion and Kotomi were incredibly happy to see Seigo Harano fully immersing himself in singing.

This was the first time that they had felt such joy from an unfamiliar event like singing together with a boy that they liked.

They were allured by this joy, and wanted to keep singing together with him.

However, this song lasted only a few minutes.

After the song ended, the twins still wanted more.

Hoshi had an excited expression as he vigorously clapped his hands.

"Wonderful singing, it's too perfect!" He passionately praised them.

Kaede clapped as well as something flashed in her eyes.

"Let's have another round, junior." Rion and Kotomi wanted to continue.

"I want to have some refreshments Hoshi, come have a turn." Seiji found a replacement.

It felt really nice to sing together with the twin sisters, but if he continued singing with them, he felt like he would be really moved by them. That was what he felt.

"Senpai, just go ahead and sing another song with my sisters."

"I'd like to take a rest since that song was a bit difficult for me Don't you want to sing together with your sisters?"

"Of course I do."

"Then, take this." Seiji stuffed the microphone into Hoshi's arms, successfully making Hoshi replace him.

'Ahh, he escaped.' Rion and Kotomi were thinking this.

But, it was fine to them to sing together with their cute little brother.

They chose a much simpler song this time to sing together with Hoshi.

Seiji sat back down at his original spot and looked at his notebook. Suddenly, he had the idea to write a scene of the male lead and the third female character singing together into their storyline.

'No, wait We still haven't even decided on a voice actor for the male lead yet. It's too early to be adding such a scene.'

He commented on it to himself and decided against it for now.

He drank some refreshments as he listened to the Amami siblings sing.

To nobody's surprise, Hoshi sang off tune again. Once again, his face turned red in embarrassment.

Although he didn't want to, Seiji had to admit that his junior looked really cute like this. If Hoshi was a girl, he would have been really cute, but Hoshi was a boy

But compared to their first meeting, Hoshi already seemed much manlier than before. Still, it was undeniable that he was far too femininehe was still an unmistakable trap.

When Seiji thought about how this junior of his would be a first year high school student next year, and in the same high school section as him Seiji suddenly felt like he was having a stomachache.

Hoshi resolutely finished singing despite his embarrassment at singing off tune.

In his heart, he felt that this was a way of displaying his manliness, not realizing that he only seemed cute to everyone else.

The twin sisters looked warmly at their younger brother.

The song ended in such a warm atmosphere Yep, it felt like a healing atmosphere.

"Harano-kun, please sing a duet with me next." Kaede invited him to sing.

The blonde teacher took a microphone, and chose a song:

"Having you is a miracle."

This was another edition of the earlier song, "To you who's under the same sky." This edition would have the male singer sing in a conversational style while the female singer sung normally. Compared to the original edition though, the female singer's difficulty was much higher since almost the entire song was in a high pitch!

"This song is it really alright?" Seiji blinked in surprise.

"I'll be fine. Is it a problem for Harano-kun?" Kaede smiled as something flashed in her eyes.

That was a competitive expression of wanting to win. Seiji instantly recognized this expression.

As a teacher, did she not want to lose to her students? He felt that it was rather subtle. He was also surprised that the mafia family daughter suddenly felt so competitive.

"I'll be fine. Singing in a conversational style should be alright for me."

"Then let's begin."

After confirming the song, it began playing. An even quicker and more upbeat tune compared to the original editionbegan playing.

The male singer's words were mostly identical to the original song. They were just changed to a more conversational style of singing.

When singing conversationally in a duet, Seiji felt a wondrous sense of fun from doing so. He soon immersed himself and didn't sing a single word off beat as he finished singing his portion in a clear voice.

Right after him, Kaede began singing.

"To you who's under the same sky~ Love isn't something intangible~~ The moment I possessed love, I discovered~~~ That this is a miracle surpassing fate~~~~~~"

Her high-pitched singing shocked the room!

The shock was to such an extent that Seiji, Rion, Kotomi, and Hoshi felt as if they had received physical impact!

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