Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 402

*Smack!* Kaede kicked Zankita in the shin.

"Ouch! What was that for!?"

"Although I know what you mean, I still wasn't feeling happy about it idiot brother of mine."

"If he knew how to talk, then he wouldn't be an idiot." Hisashi adjusted his eyeglasses.

"Could the two of you stop calling me an idiot!" Zankita shouted.

"Second Brother Hisashi, you should replace father after all. This brainless fellow isn't up to the task of leading our mafia group," Kaede told Hisashi.

"I believe so as well. However, this idiot is well respected, and I don't want to be in the position of the leader. It seems quite troublesome." Hisashi extended his palms.

"Hey! Stop ignoring me!"

"So noisy, could you shut up for a moment? Big Brother, you only appear seemly when you're quiet."

"That's going a little overboard, Kaede. At the very least, he has more uses than only being a decoration."

"That's enough! If you keep going on like this, I'll really get angry!" Zankita raised his fist.

"Resorting to violence immediately, that's exactly why"

The three siblings kept up their little argument in front of their father's hospital room.

Seiji didn't know about the situation with the Juumonji Family, but he definitely felt Hisashi's anxiety.

Apart from causing harm to others, this night of one hundred demons had also caused fear or perhaps it should be termed as causing people to no longer feel safe.

This was only the beginning.

If such a situation kept continuing, even if the actual damage wasn't all that high, the entire city would collapse due to fear.

The Spiritual Ability users probably wouldn't allow that to happen, and would definitely take action.

'But, regardless of what others do, what am I capable of doing?' Seiji thought about this question.

He wasn't particularly strong as a Spiritual Ability user. He was quite clear on this already, having faced Akatsuki Mitarai. But even if he was limited in power, there were things that he could probably do.

He wasn't going to be a superhero, but he could protect others within the limits of his powers.

As for whom specifically he wanted to protect

After thinking about it for a while, he took out his cell phone, and sent a group text message.

"If you meet something strange and need help, let me know."

This message was sent out to Chiaki, Yukari, Hoshi, Rion, Kotomi, and Kaho, as he hadn't talked to any of them since the night of the one hundred demons started occurring.

All of the messages were sent out successfully.

Seiji stared at his cell phone for a few moments.

Then, he put away his cell phone, stood up, and slowly walked up to the window and looked outside.

It was almost getting light out.

Reo and Mayuzumi's fever successfully receded.

Both of them appeared to be fine now but the doctor still gave them some medicationjust in case.

"If there's anything that happens at all, contact me."

Seiji told that to Mayuzumi and Saki as he split up from them.

"Yeah. Thank you, Haruta-kun." The mangaka smiled.

After saying goodbye to each other, Seiji left.

Seiji, Shika, and Reo went back to the Uehara apartment.

Before going back to his own apartment, Seiji knocked on the Uehara residence's door and met with Mika.

"Welcome back. Is Tachibana-chan alright?"

"Her fever is gone now, and she's fine."

"That's great." The twintailed girl smiled. "My mom is currently in the middle of making breakfast. How about eating together?"

"That won't be"

Before he finished speaking, he heard someone's stomach growl.

The sound came from Reo's stomach.

She clutched her stomach as her face reddened

"Well, let's stay over then. Sorry for the bother." Seiji changed what he was saying.

Mika smiled delightedly.

After eating breakfast together with the Ueharas, Seiji, Shika, and Reo returned to their own apartment.

When Seiji turned on the television, the first program he saw was discussing the event from last night.

Seiji felt like it wasn't of much worth. It was just a few middle-aged and elderly people that were so-called experts, talking about some useless things.

Seiji returned to his study. At this moment, he received a message on his cell phone.

It was a text from Chiaki, asking him why he sent her something like that.

"Let's talk about it over the internet," Seiji responded.

Then, he turned on his computer, logged onto his chatting application, and started browsing the internet forums.

After Chiaki went online, he sent her links to the forum topics and explained what happened.

"Although I felt like things were out of the ordinary last night, I didn't think that they were to such an extent."

Chiaki sighed after learning what occurred. "You probably didn't send this message only to me, did you?"

"Ah, that's right. I also sent the same message to Yukari, Hoshi, Rion and Kotomi, as well as Kaho."

"Oh so they're all the members of the harem that you want to establish!"

Seiji was rendered absolutely speechless.

This was too much of a change in the conversation topic for him to react to.


"All the people that you sent this message to are the people that you're willing to protect and help, the people important to you. They're who you view as the most precious to you! How else can they be described other than potential members of your harem?" Chiaki sent him a smiling expression that seemed like it had seen through everything.

"That's not it at all!" Seiji hurriedly denied it. "I just feel like, with my current abilities, I can only take care of these friends"

"Your countering is so powerless, and absolutely missed the point. That's evidence that I'm on the mark." Chiaki sent an emoticon with flashing eyeglass lenses. "And, the fact that you sound guilty means I'm right, so just honestly admit itthis is the harem that you have in mind!"

"No! I only view them as good friends, it's nothing like a harem if it was a harem, I couldn't possibly have added Hoshi!!" Seiji grabbed on to what he viewed as a critical point.

"Wrong! Deep in your heart, you've already accepted your cute junior. This is the truth!!!"

"Accept the hell! Don't think that you can twist the facts just by saying it's the 'truth'!!"

"I'm not distorting anything! You're the one who's not honestly facing your true self!!!"

"That's enough 'truth' out of you! Don't think that just because you're using exclamation marks that you're in the right!"

"The truth is cruel. People never want to face it. But, I believe that one day, you'll be able to conquer the weakness in your heart! You'll openly admit to being bisexual, just like me!!" Chiaki sent him a brightly smiling expression.

"That day will never happen!!!" Seiji retorted as forcefully as possible.

It took them quite a while to calm down.

"Are you going to tell Yukari and the others about the 'mystical' side of society?" Chiaki asked.

"I'm not sure yet. If any of them met with demons and so on, then of course I'd tell them. But if they didn't I'm not sure if I should tell them," Seiji responded.

"So, if there's any incidents, you'll help them out. If not, you'll warn them to be on their guard. That's what you intend, right?"


"If this night of one hundred demons keeps persisting, what will happen?"

"I don't know. I figure there'll be some way to deal with things."

"How about I move to the Uehara apartments and start living together with you?"

"The hell with that!"

She actually said the exact same thing as Hisashi.

"I'm not joking~ If there's going to be demons every night, I really will want to sleep together with you." Chiaki sent him a serious emoticon.

"Are you that scared?"

"Do you think I'm really brave?"

"I think you're more courageous than most girls."

"What I have that's more than most girls is this." She sent him a picture of large breasts.

Seiji was rendered speechless.

"Even if I'm braver than most girls, I'm still just an ordinary girl. Of course I'd be afraid of real demons," Chiaki said. "Just imagining it I don't know if I'll be able to sleep well tonight."

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