Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 420

After finishing his phone call with Natsuya, Seiji immediately called Yukari, intending to tell her the relevant information.

However, he stopped himself before he said anything as he felt that it would be better to say it directly to Yukari in person. So, he asked her to come back. Then, he also called Mika and Chiaki and asked them to come back as well.

"I apologize for suddenly asking you all to return. I learned something important just now, regarding Yukari I think it'll be safer to tell you all in person."

The three girls that left just a few minutes ago soon returned to Seiji's apartment, while Seiji explained about the Awakened to them in a serious manner.

"That's why, please make absolutely certain to keep the fact that Yukari is an awakened a secret! Yukari, you especially need to be extra careful, and don't use your ability in public"

Yukari and the others realized the gravity of the situation due to Seiji's serious expression and tone.

Chiaki and Mika promised notto tell anyone about Yukari.

Yukari promised that she would be careful.

"Just in case, if you really do meet with something, come find me immediately. And if you're unable to do so" Seiji looked at the purple-haired girl. "Perhaps telling whoever's giving you trouble my real name may be able to help you out."

"Real name?" Yukari was astonished to hear this.

"My real name is Seiji Haruta. Seigo Harano is my alias Well, by now, I feel like it's my second name, no longer just a simple alias." Seiji smiled. "I apologize that I didn't tell you until now. Before, I mainly felt that there was no need. My family is considered quite famous in the mystical society of Spiritual Ability users. This real name of mine well, in a way, it's famous in its own right. That's why, if any Spiritual Ability users give you trouble, telling them my name may be able to help you out."

Yukari widened her eyes in surprise as she recalled all the various inferences she made before about his family background so he really was from an illustrious family background!?

"This is our king's real name, so remember it well. Perhaps it might even save your life at a critical moment." Chiaki smiled at the purple-haired girl.

"Of course I'll remember it. Seiji Haruta right?"

Seiji nodded.

Yukari took a deep look at him, then suddenly smiled.

"I'm only a fake princess, but it would seem that you were a true prince after all."

"Don't say that. It's only my family background, and you know what type of situation I'm currently in." Seiji shrugged. "Even so, I still enjoy the protection of my family name I'm grateful for that."

"It seems that there's a story behind all this. I look forward to the day that you tell me."

"It's not much of a story. Please don't hold out too much hope for it."

The two of them exchanged smiles.

"I feel like I'm being left by the wayside. How about you, Mika?" Chiaki asked.

"Don't ask me." The twintailed girl averted her gaze.

After that, the three girls left once more.

Seiji went to his study and logged online to his chatting application to ask Hisashi how he was doing.

Hisashi replied that nobody in the Juumonji mafia group had been injured last night by any demons. However, they heard about some ordinary people that became victims.

Apart from that, there were also some stories that Hisashi heard regarding healthy young people mysteriously dying in the middle of the night while they were asleep. Hisashi didn't know if this was also caused by demons.

Something flashed in Seiji's eyes when he heard this. However, he didn't mention anything about it.

After talking to Hisashi, he then sent messages to the three Amami siblings.

Rion and Kotomi responded very quickly, telling him that nothing happened to them last night, and thanked him for his concern.

It took Hoshi a while longer to respond.

He said that he was working at the confectionery store, which was why he hadn't replied until now. Then, he mentioned that he had a strange dream last night a dream that felt so real!

Seiji furrowed his eyebrows slightly when he saw this message.

"When's your break time? I'd like to come talk to you at the confectionery store," he told Hoshi.

Seiji hadn't visited the Divine Taste confectionery store for approximately one month now.

That wasn't a particularly long time, but it felt like really long ago. Seiji attributed it to the fact that so many things happened recently.

Seiji arrived ten minutes earlier than time agreed upon and entered the store.

He saw a new employee that he didn't recognizea youth who had short brown hair and was rather tall. However, this youth appeared somewhat weak. He was currently writing down notes in his notebook from what his senpai was teaching him.

That senpai in question was Hoshi.

Seiji couldn't help but recall how things were in the past when he still worked here as he watched this scene. He felt rather nostalgic.

Compared to that tall youth who had an obvious aura of being a newcomer around him, Hoshi seemed a lot more reliable, and no longer had the aura of being a weak newcomer.

"Welcome to our store eh? Hey, it's you."

A male server walked over and paused in surprise when he saw that the customer was Seiji. He then switched his friendly professional smile to a more sincere one.

"Long time no see, Tanaka-senpai."

"It's indeed been a while. I thought you'd stopped coming here." Tanaka sighed. "What wind blows you here today? You didn't even bring any female companions are you here just for the sake of seeing your old lover?"

"What are you talking about, what old lover?"

"I'm talking about that person." Tanaka pointed at Hoshi.

Coincidentally, Hoshi just happened to finish teaching his junior at this time and looked at Seiji's direction.

"Senpai! You're here." Hoshi's beautiful face was filled with a brilliant smile.

Seiji was rendered speechless.

Tanaka slapped Seiji on the shoulder and had an expression of barely holding in his laughter.

"The stories of the 'relationship' between you and Hoshi are still considered legends in this store. Many of our repeat customers will mention you guys and talk about how nostalgic they were about you" Okay then, he couldn't resist anymore as he broke out into laughter.


"You two go ahead and chat. I won't be the unwanted hanger-on, haha..." Tanaka escaped while still continuing to laugh.

Hoshi walked over towards Seiji.

It was quite obvious for everyone to see that Hoshi was obviously in an overwhelmingly joyous mood. It seemed like he was even glowing, which immediately attracted many female customers' attention.

"Eh? That person across from Amami-kun, could he be"

"The legendary 'Senpai'!?"

"Wow~ I'm so lucky! I actually got to see him"

"Quick, take a picture!"

Seiji's cheeks twitched as he faintly heard such comments from the customers.

He regretted having come ten minutes early!

"Senpai" Hoshi walked up to Seiji.

"No need to serve me. I can just sit down anywhere."

"Sure. What would you like, Senpai?"

"Just give me a glass of orange juice."

Seiji sat down by a window.

The confectionery store had excellent business as usual. He watched the servers going around busily, and recalled the way it was when he worked here.

'If I want, I can still work here again. That will help to polish my customer service skills. Perhaps I should come work here again for a change of pace after I'm done with the insert art for my novel' Seiji casually pondered upon such things.

Seiji sipped on his orange juice once it arrived and enjoyed a momentary peace and quiet.

Hoshi's break time arrived.

Hoshi thought that they would simply chat at the confectionery store. However, Seiji requested him to come outside for a chat.

Although Hoshi felt it was rather strange, he listened since it was Senpai's request.

The two of them left the confectionery store and walked to a nearby quiet alleyway.

"Let's chat here." Seiji looked at Hoshi. "Could you describe your dream to me in detail?"

"Sure but why?"

"I'll tell you in a bit."

Hoshi blinked in surprise.

"About my dream, I dreamt that I was in a forest" He began describing his dream experience.

Hoshi witnessed maple trees all around him, with bright-red maple leaves everywhere.

The ground was covered with maple leaves, and new maple leaves continuously fell from the trees. It was a beautiful scene as well as slightly abnormal.

Hoshi could hear a woman singing in the forest. He had never heard this woman's voice before.

Her song was incredibly beautiful. When combined with the beautiful scene of maple leaves, it reached an indescribable level.

"It was like heavenly music of nature at a divine level," Hoshi exclaimed from his heart as he recalled his dream.

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