Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 423

Although he was still able to keep the name Seiji Haruta, from his family's viewpoint, he was no longer part of the Haruta Family that was Seiji's understanding of having his name "erased" from the family records.

Seiji rubbed his chin in contemplation after hearing his younger sister Hana's explanation. "Judging from your tone, this sounds like something serious. But, it doesn't feel like it's much of an impact to me."

"What a joyous life you lead."

"That's right, I'm living quite well even if I'm not part of the Haruta Family No, what I should say instead" Seiji smiled. "I don't care if my family admits me or not, I only care if you my family members admit me."

Hana was rendered speechless.

The cat-eared hat girl felt indescribable emotions within her heart.



"Since you claim to be someone from another world, why care so much about Yui and I?"

"This question I thought you knew the answer long ago."

"I don't know! In my opinion, you're basically" Hana paused here, because she was unable to think of a suitable word.

She originally decided to not think too much into things and merely continue just like this, but it was still difficult for her to suppress herself sometimes.

Her knowledge of how he was now, combined with her knowledge of how he was in the past, and his story of being a reincarnator and transmigrator from another world All of this mixed in her mind chaotically, creating something she didn't understand, causing her to be unable to find the foundation of what she was really feeling.

It felt like she was lost within countless small shards, unable to see the shards' true form.

She wanted an answer but was there really an answer?

"The answer is quite simple. It just makes me somewhat embarrassed to say it." Seiji awkwardly scratched his face. "Because I like the two of you."

"Eh?" Hana paused in surprise.

"I'm concerned about you and Yui because I think that both of you are good girls, so I like the two of you." Seiji did his best to withstand his embarrassment as he told Hana directly. "Isn't it only natural for a boy to want to have good relationships with girls that he likes?"

Well, the fact that he took over Seiji Haruta's body and felt a sense of responsibility towards his blood-related sisters was indeed an important reason as well.

But, to be honest, it was because he liked these two beautiful blood-related sisters of his. That was why he wanted to get along well with them, simple as that.

Hana's expression behind her cat mask had completely frozen solid.

This was the answer he gave?

This was really

"Are you really treating yourself like the male lead of a harem story!?"

"I knew you would say something like that, that's why I didn't want to say it!"

Hana's face flushed red.

Seiji's face flushed red as well. "I don't think that I'm the main character of a harem story! It's just that as a man, and as a male, isn't it quite natural to want to get along well with my beautiful sisters that have nice personalities!? I think that any male would want this as well!!"

"That's just a harem master's way of thinking, pervert! Don't think that all boys in the world will think the same as you!!"

"No! I'm confident that all normal boys in the world will have the exact same thoughts as me! Only those that have something broken inside them or are mentally disturbed will be different!!"

"Stop treating your harem-loving brain as the normal standard for boys in the world! Apologize to all true men in the world, bastard!!"

"I refuse to admit that men without at least this degree of opinion are normal!!"

"You shameless perverted harem story main character! Hurry up and go die already!!"

"If I could, I really would like to be the main character in a harem story, thank you very much!!"

The siblings argued across their computer screens for quite a while.

"I give up, harem brains are unsalvageable."

"I already said that this is just a very normal male way of thinking"

The two of them glared at each other and both fell silent for a moment.

Then, both of them sighed in unison.

"Honestly, so you were just a simple pervert what was I being so frustrated about?"

"Like I said, I thought you knew already why did you ask?"

"Only the heavens know." Hana averted her gaze.

She felt that it was wonderful that she was wearing a mask and Seiji didn't see her expression.

'Because I like the two of you.' What an incredibly boring answer.

'However, I'm someone who's equally boring' she thought to herself while feeling her cheeks and chest heat up.

The confusion in her heart had completely dissipated.

However, on the surface...

"Now that I know you for what you really are, I have to increase my guard against you."

"Like I said my 'like' is at the normal level, not anything else." Seiji sighed. "I'd like to be able to become a normal family with you and Yui, that's all."

"Hmph" Hana looked towards him again. "If you truly want our older sister to care about you, the best way is to defeat her go conquer her as part of your harem since you're the main character!"

"What's going on with you? Being disgusted with me at one moment and changing your mind the next, I don't understand!"

"Shut up! At any rate, all I have to do is encourage you to achieve my goal for me. Afterwards, I can just have you silenced anytime I want based on the situation."

"So that's what you were planning!?"

'Is my younger sister supposed to be a major antagonist?'

"Of course I'm joking. If it was really true, I wouldn't tell you, would I?"

"I was thinking so as well"

"That was only the original plan."

"You really wanted to do such a thing!?"

"No need to act so surprised. This is all quite ordinary."

"No no, this isn't ordinary at all!"

"At any rate, resolve yourself to defeat our older sister. It's impossible to defeat her unless you give it one hundred percent," Hana told him in a serious tone.

"I'm quite concerned what your current plan is," Seiji said as he folded his arms. "However alright, I'll firm my resolution."

"That's good, then."

"You said that we're allies now, and that you'll help me then I have a request right now."

"What is it?"

"Give me Yui's cell phone number."

Hana was rendered speechless.

"Why do you want Sister's cell phone number?" She was astonished to hear this.

"Obviously to contact her."

"Contact her for what?"

"To explain the situation to her."

"You are you an idiot!!?"

"No, it's precisely because I'm not an idiot that I'm doing this," Seiji said in a serious manner. "Because you're my younger sister, I promised you that I would defeat Yui. However, this doesn't mean that I'm going to become enemies with her."

The cat-eared hat girl looked at him dazedly and didn't know what to say for a long while.

Yui Haruta received a phone call.

When she saw the name on her caller ID, she arched her delicate eyebrows upwards, but accepted the call.

"Hello, is this Sister Yui?" a familiar yet also unfamiliar male voice spoke up when she answered the call.

"I am."

"I'm Seiji. Sorry to suddenly bother you like this, it's because some things happened," Seiji stated calmly. "Hana asked me to ally with her in order to defeat you, and I agreed."

"Hmm?" The black-haired girl furrowed her eyebrows slightly.

His words were quite easy to understand, but she didn't quite understand what was going on.

"I don't know the specific reason why, as Hana wouldn't tell me. Even so, I agreed to her request," Seiji continued. "As for what's going on, you should know more than me. If you don't know, then just ask Hana. Currently, we're definitely not a match for you yet, but we'll work hard at reaching your level. If you allow us to do this, that's what we'll do. If you don't allow us to do so, then there's no helping it, we can only surrender. So, Sister Yui Haruta, I'd like to ask, what's your reply?"

Yui was rendered speechless.

What the hell was all this!

That was her first impression.

But after contemplating over it for a while, she laughed, revealing an absolutely beautiful smile.

"Heh heh how amusing."

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