Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 428

She started renting an apartment here and coming sleeping over every night. Chiaki herself said that it was for "economic convenience!"

Although Seiji wanted to comment on it, it was indeed economically convenient compared to purchasing an expensive personal barrier.

The night of one hundred demons caused its greatest harm on the third night due to the Spirit Worlds' appearance distracting all the Spiritual Ability users. After the third night, all the Spiritual Ability user factions aggressively took steps to contain the demons in order to prevent the situation from going out of control, so that degree of harm to ordinary humans didn't happen again.

As all the factions took measures, the overall safety improved. However, there would still be demons along with victims since the night of one hundred demons couldn't be stopped it was unknown if it even could be prevented.

For the mystical society, they didn't really care as long as the general population didn't get harmed to a degree that would threaten to reveal the mystical side of society.

The third night had led to a larger scale of destruction and more gossip on the internet, but that all calmed down bynow. Most ordinary people still went about their lives as usual, without knowing that something had changed in this city.

The next morning, Seiji and the others walked on the road to Genhana High School under the bright sunshine.

"It's so cold, I just want to sleep and not go to school why don't they just have winter vacation all the way until spring?" Chiaki was complaining.

"In order to prevent a lazy worm like you from hibernating," Seiji told her.

"How terrible. I want to make a complaint against this cruel society."

"Rejected. You're the one that's too lazy."

"You actually dare to call a girl lazy"

"Lazy is lazy. Wasn't Mika the one who had to wake you up today?"

"More accurately speaking, I had to drag her out of bed," Mika clarified.

"Wakaba-san doesn't seem very energetic. Did you sleep too late last night?" Kaede inquired.

"Yeah, Seigo wouldn't let me sleep, as he kept hanging onto me and wanting to do"

"Don't suddenly slander me like that!"

They casually chatted all the way to school.

They saw Kaho at school and greeted her.

Two days ago, Kaho had returned from visiting her family in another city, and Seiji had a discussion with her.

Just like Yukari, she accepted the explanation about the mystical but politely refused his assistance.

"If I really do meet with something like demons it'll be akin to meeting with a traffic accident," Kaho said at the time.

Seiji felt that treating meeting a demon as being analogous to a traffic accident was somewhat subtle. But, with the night of one hundred demons being unstoppable for the time being, meeting a demon did seem somewhat similar to what would happen if a person met a traffic accident.

Although she had a slightly different attitude from Yukari, he understood what she meant and respected her decision.

They all went to the classroom together and greeted their classmates that they hadn't seen all winter vacation. A typical, normal school daily life began just like this.

After the bell rang to signify the start of classes, Seiji opened up his dating sim system and used his [Stat Transference Card]!

He obtained this card previously after the publication of his "Become Handsome" story, through obtaining a sufficient number of shards for a [Random Draw]. Its specific effect was to transfer all his gains in one stat for one week to another stat.

Seiji intended to transfer all his gains in [Academics] to [Spiritual Power]!

If it worked the way he thought, that meant that going to school would equal cultivation for him. He could enjoy his daily life while cultivating Spiritual Power at the same time, which seemed perfect to him!

The question was whether this would work or not. After all, [Spiritual Power] was slightly more special compared to the other stats, and perhaps the system wouldn't allow him to raise it this way.

Seiji chose to [Use] the card in his system, picked [Academics] and then transfer to [Spiritual Power] it worked!

'It really works?' Seiji raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Now he had to see the effects.

He chose the option in his system to [Study in class] that he hadn't used in so long, and immersed himself in learning

Lunch time.

Seiji checked the increase in his [Spiritual Power] stat and felt that it was acceptable.

He decided to exchange for another [Stat Transference Card] in a week if Spiritual Power could continue increasing at this pace.

Before, he felt that the [Stat Transference Card] was too expensive to purchase in his system's shop. But now, he could afford it, mainly due to the points income he now had from publishing "Become Handsome" and his cosplay photographs. He had plenty of points to throw around.

After eating lunch, he hung out with Mika and Chiaki as usual.

"I haven't heard of anyone saying they were injured by demons. While there were a few that were injured, they all said it was in an accident," Chiaki mentioned. "I think that perhaps they met something but don't want to say it out loud. After all, while it may be fine to talk about it on the internet, it's not so easy to say at school."

Seiji nodded in agreement.

"Although it's a hot topic on the internet, and there's also some reports and discussions on television about it, it's something entirelydifferent to talk about it in real life. A student that met a demon probably would at most talk about it with his or her good friends, and probably wouldn't publicize it."

If it was to the extent where people didn't care anymore about not being believed and felt like they absolutely had to publicize it, then the truth about the mystical society would probably be exposed.

"Foolish humans, always pretending to be peaceful~"

"There's no helping it. That's how humanity is."

"You actually didn't come up with a retort?"

"I'm tired."

"Please be more spirited, dear~"

"Why don't you tell that to yourself, as you were basically sleeping through all the classes this morning? Also, don't call me dear!"

"Aren't I being quite spirited now, husband~"

"That's even worse!"

While chatting with the tomboy, Seiji noticed that Mika had a contemplative expression.

"What's the matter, Mika?" Seiji asked.

"Even if you did poorly on your final exams, please don't give up hope in living and try your hardest to survive." Chiaki playacted at being serious.

"I wasn't thinking about my test grades! Besides, my scores weren't that bad" Mika's face reddened slightly.

Her final exam scores were a bit higher than she'd expected. Even her worst grade was still a passing grade, and she extravagantly managed to avoid the pitiful consequence of having to take makeup exams.

By the way, the top 100 scoring students all had their scores publicized for each grade. Seiji's final exam scores ranked number seven out of all first-year high schoolers, while Chiaki ranked number forty-three.

Chiaki's grades weren't a surprise to anyone, but Seiji skipped so many classes and still somehow managed to have such a high grade Mika was definitely astonished.

The entire class was astonished at Seigo Harano's grades.

Their impression of him was that he was physically strong, but they didn't expect that his academics were so impressive as well! Seigo's score even surpassed student council secretary Kazufuru Ooike's scoreKazufuru had been the top scoring student in their class for the midterms.

Kazufuru's expression at the time was definitely worthy of taking a picture of whoops, it should be said that nobody should look at it.

Seiji felt a complex gaze coming from this excellent student, but ignored it. Ever since that day when Seiji asked Kazufuru to lead him to the student council room, they had only been ordinary classmates with nothing else to say.

"I was wondering, just how many people in our school are just like that person in having Awakened?" Mika whispered in a low voice.

She was obviously referring to Yukari.

"I think that there's probably not many at all, because the probability is quite low," Seiji answered.

"No matter how many there are, I think that what they'll do is more important," Chiaki said. "If they wantonly abuse their powers"

"If they wantonly abuse their powers, they'll quickly be discovered and dealt with."

"What if they cautiously abuse their powers?"

"Cautious people probably wouldn't abuse their powers to begin with."

"Then let's change the word to 'use' their powers instead. You know what I intended to express."

"You want to say that the Awakened might harm others? This is indeed possible." Seiji rubbed his chin in contemplation. "I don't know about elsewhere, but any that start trouble in Genhana High School won't possibly be ignored by Natsuya."

"Indeed we have our president." Mika nodded.

"If necessary, I'll help out as well."

"How reliable, Idle Fish oh, whoops, our knight king."

At this moment, someone's cell phone rang.

"That's my cell phone." Seiji took out his cell phone and saw that the caller was Kaede.

"Hey, what's up? Juumonji-sensei."

"Harano-kun, do you have time to come to the infirmary?" The blonde teacher spoke on the other end of the call. "I can sense that there's something invisible here."

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