Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 432

A combination of a cautious type and an unrestrained type?

Seiji left his classroom after he received this information from Natsuya.

Although yesterday night he acted spiritedly and talked about how he would interfere, he didn't actually know if he would be able to succeed or not.

He set a goal for himself that he absolutely had to protect Yukari and Hoshi. As for any other Awakened at school it would have to depend on the situation.

At any rate, he would do his best.

Ritsujirou and Shinkou split up after they both received passes to freely wander around the school.

It wasn't because the two of them loathed each other No, perhaps it was precisely because that they had different personalities and ways of doing things that they would split up rather than act together. It was only natural since they were both onlyworking for the Yoruhana Family rather than being partners.

Ritsujirou's first stop was the infirmary.

He intended to ask the nurse working here about any students coming to ask for treatment in the past few days as perhaps there would be clues about the Awakened to be found.

"Sorry to bother you."

He saw a blonde beauty when he entered.

She was wearing a white nursing outfit, and her hair reached her shoulders. She was sitting with one leg on her other leg, sipping tea from a tea cup in one hand while browsing her cell phone with her other hand. There was an alluring beauty to her.

Ritsujirou felt something move in his heart.

He didn't expect the infirmary nurse to be such a beauty! She was basically a living fantasy for any male student.

The beautiful teacher noticed his presence, and looked over in his direction with her blue eyes.

"Hello, who might you be?"

"Police." Ritsujirou showed her his fake identification. "I'm here to investigate some issues at this school. I'd like to ask a few questions. Please cooperate."

The blonde teacher blinked upon hearing this.

"Alright, sure." She put down her tea cup, put away her cell phone, and stood up.

Ritsujirou was able to feel her allure even stronger than earlier now that she was directly facing him.

"I'd like to ask, how many students have come to the infirmary in the past two days?" He began asking his questions.

Kaede answered him calmly with a regular expression.

When Ritsujirou asked her if she had noticed anything unusual about any of the students that came to the infirmary, she answered in a natural manner that she hadn't.

Meanwhile, outside the infirmary, Seiji was secretly listening in on their conversation.

Last night, he told Kaede that if someone came asking about the students' recent health situations, she shouldn't tell that person anything about Miyabi Ishihara.

It seemed that this preparation of his had been useful.

That person named Ritsujirou didn't seem to find anything amiss.

Seiji left after listening for a while.

He didn't go far before Natsuya sent him a mental message using a Spiritual Ability.

Seiji's expression instantly changed when he heard this message!

In a science classroom.

Two girls were standing there with blank looks in their eyes.

"Take off your clothes." Shinkou ordered the girls as a cold red light flickered in his eyes.

The two girls slowly began taking off their clothes.

Shinkou sat down on a chair and unzipped his pants as he enjoyed the scene before him.

'Not allowed to harm ordinary people?

'Hmph, I'm not harming them, I'm giving them great pleasure!'

He condescendingly thought that to himself, talking to an imaginary version of that Natsuya idiot in his mind.

'You can go be an idiot by yourself. You dare to forbid others from having fun as well, you bitch that doesn't know her own place!?'

'If I want to do these girls, I'll do them! I'm going to do as I please, and what can you even do to me?'

Soon, the two girls were only wearing their underwear.

Just as they were slowly beginning to take off their bras, a sound came from outside the classroom.


The locked science classroom door was suddenly kicked open!

"Hmm?" Shinkou looked over to see a tall and handsome boy entering the room.

'A Spiritual Ability user!?'

Shinkou noticed this instantly.

That was because this person possessed an astonishingly imposing aura that no ordinary person would have.

When Seiji entered the classroom and saw how the two female students were almost naked, his expression became quite grim.

He stared at the young man with dyed-blonde hair who was sitting on a chair, and quickly walked in front of Shinkou.


"Immediately cancel the spell you placed on them!"

Shinkou narrowed his eyes.

Seiji glared at him angrily.

"Who are you?"

"That's not important. I'll say it one more time. Immediately cancel the spell you placed on them!"

"And if I don't?"

"Then I'm going to give you a vicious beating!"

"Ha who do you think you are!?"

Shinkou suddenly attacked without warning!

He rushed towards Seiji with an uppercut punch aimed directly at Seiji's chin!

Seiji blocked this punch and responded with his own punch.

Shinkou blocked Seiji's punch with his left hand, while simultaneously kicking at Seiji.

Seiji responded with his own kicks!

*Pound! Boom! Pound! Pound!* The fierce melee battle between the two caused a quick succession of fighting sounds.

Seiji caught an opportunity and was able to viciously punch Shinkou in the stomach, which sent Shinkou flying and crashing into an experiment area and rolling around on the floor.


Shinkou cast the Body-strengthening spell on himself as he stood up with his mind filled with killing intent.

However, he saw his opponent exploding with even greater spirit than earlier. Seiji's entire body was covered in a golden mist and his hair elongated with a golden glow while golden runes appeared on his face as if he was undergoing a transformation.

"This is" Shinkou widened his eyes in surprise.

Without even giving him time to blink, the golden boy flashed in front of him and raised his fist.

"Wait a moment"

A golden flash headed viciously in his direction!

*Pound pound pound pound*

His face, chest, stomach, waist, and legs all parts of his body received a succession of sudden attacks! Shinkou was unable to block any of these attacks, and before he could even beg in surrender, his consciousness was washed away by the pain.

At Natsuya's instruction, Hitaka rushed over to the science classroom and helped the two girls to put on their clothes before taking them away and canceling the spell put on them by Shinkou.

When Natsuya personally arrived, she walked up to Seiji who was in a corner of the science classroom. She saw that Shinkou Sentani was collapsed with a distorted figure on the ground next to Seiji in a pitiful fashion as if he had been trampled by elephants.

"I apologize, I lost control of myself for a little bit," Seiji explained.

"No you did something that I wanted to do as well," Natsuya told him calmly.

"This guy how much trouble will he give you?"

"Don't worry, there won't be too much trouble, unless my family has other plans." Natsuya paused for a moment. "I'm even beginning to suspect that my family sent this person over here on purpose to create such a situation."

"This was a trap?" Seiji raised his eyebrows.

"Yes, it's possible."

Intentionally sending a scumbag over here who would act as he pleased and force Natsuya to react, then make things difficult for her as an excuse was that the plan?

If that was the case, could Seiji possibly watch her fall into the trap that he pushed her into?

No! Seiji thought about what he could do.

"How about making this guy disappear?" He decisively made a suggestion.

Natsuya looked at Seiji with an astonished expression.

"You want to kill him?"

"If it's necessary." Seiji had a serious expression. "As long as this guy disappears, there won't be any evidence left behind to make things difficult for you. And if someone intentionally tries to do so anyways, you can put my name out there and see if your family dares to do anything to this exiled scumbag from the Haruta Family."

Using Seiji Haruta's name to take on all the responsibility this was the promise he made to her as a man.

Natsuya was now feeling the weight of this promise.

"Seiji" She felt like there was something clogged in her heart that felt rather uncomfortable yet also warm.

A moment of silence fell between them.

Just as she was finished being moved and was about to say that it wasn't necessary to go to such an extent, Seiji spoke up again.

"Let's do this, then! Make Shinkou Sentani disappear but not kill him immediately. Confine him somewhere and observe the situation."

Perhaps this wasn't the best method, but it seemed like the safest method.

"I shall contact the Juumonji Mafia Group for this. When you're asked about Shinkou's whereabouts, all you have to say is that you don't know anything and act like you couldn't care less about this guy's life."

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