Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 437

For an idiot to survive and even bring back such a great harvest, it couldn't possibly be explained with only luck. It was proof that he had a certain level of power as well.

In the end, Hana could only unwillingly come to such a conclusion despite being internally conflicted.

Her older brother must have been far stupider than she thought, as well as stronger than she believed.

After she finally calmed down, Hana recalled the question that she had just been asked.

How was Seiji supposed to consume the silver fruit?

"Let me check it out for you. Wait a few minutes."

Seiji nodded.

Then, he felt an urge to go use the restroom. When he got up and exited his room, he saw that Shika was standing right by his door.

"'It's amazing enough that you even survived to tell the tale, using only a wooden sword to fight against such a creature, you idiot!!!' Could you explain what this sentence I heard means, Brother Seiji?" Shika asked him in a calm manner.

'Didn't you say that you'd definitely not take any risks?' Her eyes were asking such a question.

Seiji was rendered speechless.

Right after his blood-related younger sister commented so forcefully on his actions, he now had to coax his adopted younger sister. Sheesh!

But, his younger sisters were all so cute. His sister-loving spirit was immensely satisfied!

In order to consume the silver fruit, one would have to first inject their Mana into it.

After synchronizing one's own Mana with the fruit's energy, it could be consumed.

If someone merely ate the silver fruit directly without doing so, most of the energy contained in the silver fruit would be wasted. Not only that, the person consuming the fruit would suffer from some indigestion and might even be hospitalized in some severe cases.

After learning this, Seiji felt that he had done the correct thing asking Hana about this rather than rushing to eat a silver fruit.

The silver fruit would immediately take effect after being consumed, and its effects would last for a while. In this time period, he shouldn't eat any additional silver fruit.

Basically, the silver fruit's effects for increasing a person's Spiritual Power and Mana was a process that took some time rather than being an immediate power-up boost. The person who consumed one would require some time to "digest" it before consuming another.

The silver fruit's effects were different for each person. Some would improve their stats greatly, while some would only receive a minor increase to their stats.

Also, for the same person, the more silver fruit one consumed, the lower the effectiveness would be. Basically, the second silver fruit would increase one's stats by less than the first, and the third would be less than the second, and so on. It was just like how taking too much of the same medicine would build up the body's resistance.

"With so many silver fruits that you harvested, it will take you quite a while before you can eat them all. I'll mail over a 'Storage Scroll' to you as a gift that you can store your silver fruits in. This will help to decrease the rate at which their energy decays," Hana told him.

"A Storage Scroll?"

"A scroll inscribed with magic runes that create a dimensional storage space."

"Please give me an instruction booklet on how to use it as well, thank you very much."

"Sure, idiot."

The cat-eared hat girl stared at the handsome boy.

"Don't get all proud of yourself just because you were able to visit a Spirit World and received so much without even getting injured! Also, don't even think about going to a Spirit World for a second time any time soon. Obediently finish eating those silver fruits of yours first."

"Alright, got it." Seiji smiled. "I know that I was quite fortunate this time, so I won't get too proud."

"Hmph, at least you have some self-awareness." Hana stopped staring at him. "That's all, then. Good night."

They ended their video chat there.

Seiji turned off his computer and went back to his room. He took a silver fruit out from his backpack.

After he injected his Mana into it, the fruit immediately began glowing with a faint silver and emitting a fragrant aroma that smelled quite appetizing.

Shika who was beside him blinked when she inhaled this scent.

Seiji felt that it should be fine now as he took a bite of the silver fruit.

The fruit was sweet and tasted similar to a peach. It was crisp yet soft at the same time. If Seiji had to describe the taste, he felt that it was similar to cookies and cream.

The moment that the fruit went down his throat, his stomach felt rather warm and comfortable.

He quickly finished eating the fruit.

The warm feeling in his stomach felt like it was now spreading to his entire body, as if he was taking a warm bath. It was incredibly soothing.

"Seems like it's fine but let's still wait until tomorrow to see the results. If everything is normal, you should eat one of these tomorrow as well," he told Shika.

"No Brother, you were the one who took risks to find these. No need to share them with me." Shika shook her head.

"I want to share them with you. Just try one, it's delicious."

"No need. Brother, you should hurry up and take your shower and go to sleep." Shika turned around to leave.

After Shika left Seiji's room, Seiji decided to open up his system. He saw that his [Spiritual Power] stat was increasing slowly.

He didn't know how much it would increase by in the end but hoped for a good result.

After that, he put away the remainder of the silver fruits, took a shower, and went to sleep.

There was darkness, red light, and a faint sound.

Seiji's consciousness was hazy as he felt himself floating around in midair and tried to determine where he was.

'This is similar to when I heard Yukari shouting for me to help her

'Just where am I? What are these lights? What are these sounds that I can hear?'

Various questions arose in his mind, but disappeared as his consciousness became hazy, just like last time.

Unlike last time, he continued floating in a specific direction as if something was leading him on.

The red light gradually faded together with the sounds.

Seiji sank into utter darkness before slowly regaining consciousness as he opened his eyes.

He saw black leaves all around him.

Seiji blinked as he stood up and looked around him.

He was currently underneath a large tree with many black leaves. Apart from this tree, there was nothing but a silvery-white glowing mist. He could faintly see that there was something in the mist, but he was unable to make out what it was.

'Where is this?

'Is this someone else's soul realm, just like when Yukari called out to me?

'What is this glowing mist? This black-leafed large tree it seems rather similar to the trees at the Forest Palace!

'Am I in the Forest Palace?

'My soul wouldn't enter a Spirit World while I was sleeping would it?'

Seiji was quite mystified as to what was going on.

That time with Yukari was strange enough already. This time was even more confusing.

'Why did I arrive at such a place is it related to me eating the silver fruit?

'I have no clue what's going on!'

Seiji cast [Astral Vision], but nothing changed in his vision whatsoever. He furrowed his eyebrows at this.

Well, just standing around was useless. Should he try walking around and taking a look?

Just as he was thinking about this, he saw a faint figure through the glowing mist.

This figure was evidently approaching him as it became clearer and clearer.

Finally, a person wearing a tall black hat, a black robe, and a white fox mask on their face appeared.

"May I ask your name?" a young and gentle-sounding male voice spoke up to Seiji.

"Before asking someone else's name, shouldn't you introduce yourself first?" Seiji responded with a classical line.

"I have no name. Some call me White Fox, some call me Black Robe, while some call me The Guide"

"Guide? Guide to what?"

"The road to the Soul World."

Seiji paused in surprise for a moment.

'Soul World the hidden faction that cast the Midnight Spell!?'

"Are you a member of the Soul World!?" Seiji asked this person.

"I am within the Soul World," the white fox masked man answered calmly.

"Within the Soul World what does that mean?"

"I exist inside the Soul World, which is where you currently are as well."

"What?" Seiji was astonished. "You're saying that this place right here is the Soul World!?"

The white fox masked man nodded.

Seiji understood now. What this white fox masked man meant that they were currently within a place called the Soul World rather than referring to the organization which also called itself "Soul World." Seiji reflexively looked around him as he recalled the meaning of the place called "Soul World" that Natsuya had told him about before.

Was this the place where demons and spirits that wanted to return to the world of living would gather?

It didn't seem like such a place no, wait, he couldn't see anything clearly anyways.

"All I can see is this tree and an endless mist just what type of place is this, and why am I here?" Seiji looked towards the white fox masked man again. "You said that some call you The Guide. Who are those people? And who exactly are you?"

The white fox masked man fell silent for a moment.

"Please, may I ask your name?" Rather than answering any of Seiji's queries, he repeated his first question.

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