Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 442

After not seeing each other for two weeks, why meet each other again at all? Seiji felt that it would have been better if they never met again.

"Good evening, Mitarai-san," Seiji greeted Akatsuki calmly as he walked outside and closed his door. "You actually visited such a rundown place like mine for a second time. It must trouble you greatly."

"Something like this? Not at all." Akatsuki smiled. "It's quite worth it as long as you understand my sincerity."

Anyone that heard this conversation and saw this scene would likely think that Akatsuki was a perfectly nice young man.

"Sincerity Indeed, I can understand." Seiji looked at Akatsuki. "As for what you wish to discuss with me, let's continue our conversation at the same place as last time."

"Sure thing." Akatsuki nodded.

Seiji glanced at Akatsuki's Spirit-branded Retainer standing beside the latter as he walked towards Akatsuki's car. This person was wearing a brown windbreaker and black glovesNaruo Yashuu.

Compared to when Seiji saw him at the Winter Snow Festival Yin-Yang Master party, this icy-seeming Spirit-branded Retainer's hair appeared to be darker and there was an ominous sensation coming from him.

They took Akatsuki's car together to the business district, went to the same coffee caf as last time, and obtained a private room.

Just like last time, Seiji and Akatsuki ordered coffee and remained silent for several seconds while exchanging glances.

"Two weeks has been plenty of time, Haruta-san. Have you finished considering things?"

"To be honest, I haven't really thought much about it. After all, many things have been occurring recently."

Something flashed in Akatsuki's eyes.

"Well, that must have been hard on you. However, please understand how it is for me as well. I've already waited half a month, and wish to have a clear answer from you."

"My apologies. I shall start considering your proposal seriously right away. Please show me your sincerity by waiting another two weeks." Seiji smiled.

The dark blue handsome boy's expression became somewhat grimmer.

"Please don't say something so foolish, Haruta-san."

"I'm not saying something foolish, Mitarai-san." Seiji maintained his smile. "I'm sincerely requesting you for another two weeks' time. One full month would be even better. I'll definitely think of an answer by then."

"Stop joking around!" Akatsuki's gaze turned icy. "Don't dare to say something so foolish to me a second time."

"In that case, I'll change my wording. Mitarai-san, please seriously consider my sincerity, and don't reject me so casually. Otherwise, you'll definitely regret it."

"How ridiculous! I'm" Akatsuki suddenly paused in the middle of speaking.

He suddenly recalled that these words were...

"You told me those words last time," Seiji stated while retracting his smile. "How do you feel now? Multiply your current disgust by one thousand times, and you can probably arrive at how I felt back then."

The private room in the coffee caf fell silent.

A server arrived with their coffees. The server then left after leaving the coffee behind.

"This is your answer?" Akatsuki's tone of voice turned icy as well.

"Indeed," Seiji stated calmly. "From the very start, I didn't like you, and really wanted to beat you up."

"Hah, a foolish ordinary person's emotions no, I should say piece of trash." Akatsuki chuckled coldly. "A piece of trash scumbag like you isn't even worthy of approaching Natsuya."

"However, I'm much closer to her than someone like you who's no ordinary person oh, my mistake, I should have said someone like you who's not a person at all," Seiji mentioned lightly.

Akatsuki was filled with rage upon hearing this!

"Garbage! Don't think that just because you're part of the Haruta Family that I wouldn't"

"I never thought so in the first place. I wouldn't doubt your shamelessness, because you're the type of guy capable of doing anything," Seiji said as he looked at Akatsuki. "You believe that you're so special and look down upon others. You're deluded by your own feeling of superiority, but don't even know that there's too many people just like you in this world."

"You" The dark blue haired boy's handsome face was becoming distorted.

"You want to kill me, while I want to beat you up. When we combine our desires, the conclusion is quite simple." There was a steely glint in Seiji's eyes. "Let's duel, Akatsuki Mitarai."


"Let's have a duel, you and me."

Akatsuki paused in surprise for a moment before his mouth slowly arced upwards as he began laughing.

"Heh heh heh heh Hahahahahaha!"

He laughed louder and louder with an obvious tone of condescension in his voice.

Seiji didn't change his expression as he silently listened to Akatsuki finish his laughing.

"A piece of trash like you!! Is unworthy of challenging me to a duel!!!"

The Mitarai Family young master made such a condescending statement after he finally finished his fit of laughter.

'It's appeared, a classical antagonist's line from xianxia novels' Seiji thought that to himself without letting his emotions be affected in the slightest by Akatsuki's acerbity.

Just as Seiji was thinking about what words he should respond with, Akatsuki continued talking, "But, I should thank you for your foolishness! A duel will give me the perfect opportunity to deal with you!"

'Yeah, yeah, thanks for your hard work in acting the part of the classical antagonist.'

Seiji mentally commented as his mouth arced upwards.

"I'm delighted to come to a mutual accord with you. In that case, let's discuss the formal procedures for the duel." Seiji had a tone as if he was at a business meeting.

Akatsuki was rendered speechless by this.

He mysteriously felt like he had somehow been one-upped when he saw how calm Seiji was compared to his own loss of control regarding his own emotions.

Natsuya received a phone call from Seiji.

When she heard his explanation of what just happened, she paused in surprise for two full seconds.

"I apologize. Please tell me what you just said one more time."

Seiji repeated what he told her again.

The student council president took a deep breath after confirming that she hadn't heard incorrectly.

"You're going to duel Akatsuki Mitarai!? What the hell, Seiji!?"

"It's just a duel. That's something perfectly normal."

"The hell with it being normal! Why did this suddenly happen!? What led to this!?"

"He came to visit me again to hear my answer. That was my answer." Seiji chuckled. "We both wanted to kill each other and reached an excellent mutual accord."

"The hell with mutual accord! Don't make it sound like you were having a business negotiation! Do you know what you just did!?"

"I know. I suppose it was half suicidal."

"Only half!? Since you already know, why"

"Of course, it was for you."

"Er" Natsuya felt a sudden impact from this.

"A brave knight wouldn't fear sacrificing himself in order to protect the beautiful princess actually, something like that is too clich." Seiji chuckled. "Actually, it was more for myself, because I just happen to really dislike him."


"I know that I lack power. That was hammered into me all the more deeply last week, when I couldn't do anything about the Midnight Spell. But even so, there's still some things I want to try," Seiji stated calmly. "I hope that you can be a witness to my duel, Natsuya."

Natsuya fell silent for a moment as something flashed in her eyes.

"I refuse," she ended up telling him.


"Doing something so foolish and so willful, have you ever considered my feelings?" The student council president's words were filled with anger.


"Akatsuki Mitarai is supposed to be my opponent. I'm the one who got you involved, but now you're saying that you're going to be the one dueling with him, and asking me to be a witness There should be a limit to your foolishness, idiot!!"

Seiji fell silent upon hearing this.

"Cancel the duel and stop getting involved in this. Since you already know that you lack strength, obediently walk away," Natsuya spoke in a low voice. "If you insist on continuing with your willfulness I shall stop you!"

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