Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 446

He successfully changed job classes! Was that what he was supposed to say here?

Seiji opened up his system and chose [Yin-Yang Seal]. He found that he now had many new options, such as [Spirit Body], [Spirit Vision], [Cleansing], [Barriers], [Seals], [Summoning], [Spirit Raising], and so on along with [Contract with a Spirit-branded Retainer].

Originally, the [Contract with a Spirit-branded Retainer] option was under [Spiritual Abilities], but now that he activated his Yin-Yang Seal, it automatically moved here.

His [Spiritual Abilities] option now contained [Yin-Yang Seal level up] as a new option. When he inspected this option, he saw...

[Read an intermediate technique manual detailing how to become a Yin-Yang Master or read other equivalent information. Learn and understand it fully 0% completed.]

[Cultivate your Spiritual Power and improve your level current progress 0%.]

[Cultivate your Mana and improve your level current progress 0%.]

[??? (Prerequisites not met; will be revealed after completing the above 3 conditions.)]

The conditions were almost exactly the same as when he needed to learn the [Yin-Yang Seal] in the first place. In fact, the only word that was added was "intermediate." If everything else was the same, he figured that there would be requirements to improve his spells' levels, learn from a Yin-Yang Master as his teacher, and do a ritual to level up his Yin-Yang Seal something like that?

'Since I've already seen all these requirements before, system, why don't you just show me all the conditions in one go?'

System's statement (imaginedby Seiji): I won't show you, so what are you gonna do, bite me!?

Seiji was rendered speechless by his own imagination.

Who knew what his system was up to? He decided to continue checking out the options under [Yin-Yang Seal].

[Spirit Body] was a method of overlaying Mana on his body that would increase his Spiritual Power and defense against spells. This was an enhanced version of [Beginner-level Body-strengthening technique] due to his Yin-Yang Seal.

As an enhanced version, its effects would be further improved. This spell could also be singled out to be cultivated by itself.

[Spirit Vision] was an enhanced version of [Beginner-level Astral Vision]. This would improve his ability to see Spiritual Creatures, as well as give him the ability to detect the relative strength of Spiritual Ability users.

[Cleansing], [Barriers], [Seals], [Summoning], [Spirit Raising], and so on all had more obvious meanings, and were basically enhanced versions of what he'd already learned. Again, all of these could be cultivated as stand-alone spells.

In summary, the Yin-Yang Seal seemedto Seijilike a cheat-like function that was capable of enhancing some of his spells. The enhanced spells were related to the original spells but also independent. They were mainly all controlled by the Yin-Yang Seal.

Seiji turned off his system after perusing everything and revealed his own "seal" on his hand.

Black, white, and gray a tri-colored modified version of a Yin-Yang diagram why did his seal end up taking such a pattern?

Seiji felt like he had experienced something while he was unconscious just earlier. However, he was unable to recall anything.

Forget it, he decided to stop thinking about it.

He checked to see what time it was.

It was almost noon Just as he was thinking that it should be time for lunch, he heard a knock on his door.

He got up and opened the door to see that it was Mai.

"Junior, you spent an entire morning in your room, what were you doing Eh?"

The maid Mai noticed that something was different and immediately cast Astral Vision, which turned her eyes blue.

"Junior you"

"Heh, you noticed so quickly. As expected of Senpai," Seiji said pretentiously as he slowly lifted his right hand and revealed his Yin-Yang Seal on the back of his hand. He then posed immaturely in a method that he copied from an anime.

Mai widened her eyes upon seeing this scene.

"This this is"

Although she really wanted to comment on Seiji's pretentiousness, she received too much of an impact for her to know what to say.

A Yin-Yang Seal he actually became a Yin-Yang Master! How was this possible!?

Mai was quite certain that during breakfast, Seiji had still been only a Spiritual Ability user.

But after he spent a morning in his room, he became a Yin-Yang Master!? That seemed impossible!!??

However, the indisputable fact was right before her. This was definitely a Yin-Yang Seal! The special feature of Yin-Yang Masters!!!


Although she knew already that Seiji Haruta could be considered a genius, having noticed his amazing growth rate in Spiritual Power and Mana, to become a Yin-Yang Master in such a short time period was still

Mai was unable to find words to describe her current feelings.

She recalled the shock she had when he "Visualized" for an entire night. Compared to now how to say it, it felt different somehow, and impossible to compare.

Even the word "miracle" seemed insufficient to describe this no, she had to stop herself from thinking about it.


Seiji began feeling rather awkward in his pose when he noticed that Mai seemed to have been petrified, without moving even slightly. He even waved his hand in front of her face.

The maid Mai finally returned to her senses and fixed her expression to the point where she calmed down on the surface.

"I have a question for you, junior," Mai spoke in a calm voice.


"Are you really human?"

Seiji was rendered speechless by this question.

Although he also knew that suddenly becoming a Yin-Yang Master was something astonishing, being confronted so directly like this still felt rather awkward.

"Yes, I am Don't joke around like that, Senpai."

"I'm asking you a serious question."

"That's even worse! Why can't you just say that it's a joke?"

"I'm beginning to suspect that you're some god or demon. I wouldn't dare joke about such a matter."

"Don't suddenly treat a human as another species!"

"Haruta, oh wise and venerated god, please grant my wish."

"You're causing me to think of a character who doesn't like to speak but is capable of doing anything, but I'm not like that, so don't do this to me!"

"Great demon Haruta, please fulfill my desires."

"Although I'm somewhat curious what your desires could be, I'm not a demon, either, so please stop!"

"What a troublesome god or demon you are."

"I'm just an ordinary person!"

Something steely flashed in Mai's eyes.

"No ordinary person would be able to create their own Yin-Yang Seal simply by staying in their room for a single morning! Please don't slander ordinary people, junior!!"

"Was I slandering them!?"

"The fact that you call yourself an ordinary person is a huge insult to ordinary people everywhere!"

"I feel like I'm the one being insulted here!"

"Admit it! Junior, you're actually not human at all!"

"I'll never admit that even to my death!!"

The two of them argued for a while about this topic.

"Fine then, it was wrong of me to act so pretentiously. However, Senpai, your reaction was a bit ridiculous as well." Seiji sighed.

"It wasn't ridiculous at all but it seems my junior is still my junior. Excellent." Mai smiled.

"Of course I am. The only difference is that now I have a Yin-Yang Seal. I definitely wouldn't become something else entirely."

Mai recalled what he'd said before about not changing and smiled gently.

'Honestly, a boy like him is'

"Come have lunch. Tell Milady and the others about your job class change as well."

"Although I think job class change works as a description as well, it still sounds rather subtle when Senpai is the one saying it"

"How about the word 'evolution' instead then?"

"Job class change will be fine, thank you very much."

The two of them went to the dining hall together.

After that, as expected, everyone was shocked.

Natsuya didn't manage to calm down until after lunch was over.

Although she knew already that Seiji was an extraordinary person, this was still she didn't even know how to describe it.

Not only was she shocked to her core, Hitaka was astonished as well. Even Rana widened her eyes as she dropped the dried fish that she was chewing.

In just one morning, simply by staying in his room, Seiji completely changed himself from a Spiritual Ability user into a Yin-Yang Master even ancient legends weren't so ridiculous!

At the very least, the stories that Natsuya knew didn't have any tales like this!!

Mai chuckled and said that she was so shocked that she felt like Seiji was a god or demon Natsuya had to agree with Mai's opinion.

Natsuya already felt this from Seiji in the past, and now she was feeling it again all the more clearly.

The dark curtain that covered him was revealed slightly again by the time that this was all over, just what type of person would Seiji reveal himself as to the world?

The Yoruhana Family daughter didn't know what to think as she looked at the handsome boy before her.

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