Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 448

"Logically speaking, a newbie that just became a Yin-Yang Master won't be able to maintain three Spirit-branded Retainers. But, since it's you maybe you'll actually be able to do it."

Seiji was in the middle of recalling his [Visualization] experience when Natsuya's words snapped him back to his senses.

"If you're really capable of maintaining three Spirit-branded Retainers, then we shall fight as a four-person team and make Akatsuki Mitarai use only a four-person team as well. He's highly likely to agree to this condition."

"And if I can't?"

"In the absolute worst-case scenario, just you and I will fight together, and we'll make Akatsuki only be able to use a two-person team for the duel He'll likely agree to this as well, but will probably demand conditions of his own in exchange."

"Understood." Seiji nodded.

At any rate, the number of Spirit-branded Retainers that he was able to maintain would be the critical point.

"Let's just try it immediately, starting from the Spirit-branded Alliance what should I do specifically?"

"I'll teach you. With your rate of learning, it'll probably take you only one day to master it."

As she said this, Natsuya couldn't help but imagine what type of spirit he would summon for her once they contracted with each other.

Later that night, Seiji received a phone call from Hisashi.

"Seigo, are you free tonight?"

"I'm a bit busy. What's the matter?"

"There's something I wanted to discuss with you face to face. Since you're busy, it can wait until later."

"Oh alright."

Hisashi ended the conversation there.

Seiji was somewhat concerned about what Hisashi wanted to discuss but it didn't seem like something urgent since Hisashi was willing to wait, so Seiji decided to put it behind him.

Seiji was currently wearing white-colored monk attire, sitting in Natsuya's spellcasting room on top of the Yin-Yang diagram.

After putting away his cell phone, Seiji shut his eyes once more and calmed his mind as he uttered an incantation.

He felt and experienced as he attempted to communicate with "the spirits of heaven and earth," or the existences that had the potential to become bonded spirits.

He had learned everything Natsuya taught him already. This was the final step to summoning a spirit to descend upon someone else, the power to create a Spirit-branded Retainer.

Seiji got rid of all idle thoughts and maintained a calm mind as he focused entirely on searching for the spirits.

He maintained this state of mind for an unknown period of time. His consciousness gradually sank into the darkness.

There were many silver lights flashing in the darkness, seeming just like fireflies or starlight.

Seiji felt quite mystical and empty in this darkness. His consciousness was awake, but his thoughts were stopped.

"No need to think. Feel things with your heart."

Seiji felt as if he heard someone say this.

He did as the voice instructed. He felt many things. Mysteriousness, grandiosity, sadness, passion, hatred, joy, fear These things were indescribable and didn't need to be described.

They the spirits had always been there. They had always existed.

"If you have need for us, go ahead and summon," a calm voice spoke.

"We shall help you at any time that you require," a gentle voice told him.

"Everyone's always been waiting." A hearty voice chuckled.

These voices that sounded distant and hazy seemed quite familiar yet also just like illusions

Seiji slowly opened his eyes and noticed that tears were streaming down his cheeks.

"That's strange, why" Seiji wiped away his tears in confusion as he didn't understand what was going on.

He felt like he had succeeded in connecting with the spirits but what was with his current emotions?

His heart was filled with indescribable sadness, and tears kept flowing out from him uncontrollably.

Natsuya didn't mention anything about such a phenomenon? Was there a problem with what he did somewhere?

He didn't understand.

Although he didn't understand, he felt that it wasn't because of any problems. Nothing felt wrong with his body, and although he felt quite sad, he didn't feel any negative emotions, and even faintly felt that this was a good thing.

Seiji allowed himself to immerse in this strange sensation for a while and calmly waited for his emotions to return to normal.

Some time later, Natsuya arrived.

"How's the situation Eh?"

The student council president was astonished to see Seiji's current expression.

"Seiji, why are you"

"I don't know, either." Seiji shook his head. "Just now, I sensed something successfully. When I returned to my senses, I was already like this."

"Are you in discomfort?"

"No, I'm just feeling a bit sad. It's difficult to express if I had to describe it, it feels similar to what would happen if I just watched an incredibly moving and heartwarming movie."

Natsuya was rendered speechless.

"I've never met with such a situation in my cultivation, nor have I heard of such a thing," she finally said after remaining speechless for several seconds. "Are you certain that you're alright?"

"I'm fine Do you have some tissues?"

Natsuya handed him her handkerchief instead.

"Thank you." Seiji wiped away his tears with her handkerchief, and detected a nice aroma from the handkerchief. "This I'll return it to you after I wash it."

"No need. I can just have it washed right now."

Finally, some time later, that mysterious sadness finally dissipated and Seiji's emotions returned to normal.

Natsuya was inwardly exclaiming at how fast Seiji had been able to connect with the spirits. She then told Seiji to rest up for tonight and to do the Spirit-branded Alliance tomorrow.

"I don't need to rest. Let's do it right now," Seiji stated.

"But you"

"I'm fine. Although I'm not sure why, I feel pretty good right now. Things will definitely succeed if we do the Spirit-branded Alliance right now! I just have such a feeling."

There was deep confidence stemming from somewhere within him. It was equally as mysterious as the earlier sadness, but it wasn't a bad feeling at all.

"You really think so?" Natsuya looked at him.

"I really think so." Seiji remained adamant.

Several seconds of silence reigned between them.

"Alright then, if that's what you believe, let's do it right now." The president chose to believe in Seiji.

Seiji smiled until he came to a sudden realization that what he said just now sounded like a double entendre?

Er he decided to pay it no mind.

They spent a significant amount of time on the preparations.

Apart from Seiji and Natsuya who changed into her shrine maiden clothing, Hitaka, Rana, and Mai all came to the spellcasting room as well.

Hitaka and the others were here in order to deal with any unexpected events that might possibly occur. If there was a problem with the Spirit-branding ritual, then they would be the ones to deal with it.

"Here are the steps: first, I'm going to change the type of contract that I have with you. Next, you create a contract with me and summon a spirit to make me into your Spirit-branded Retainer. Finally, the two of us shall confirm and link our contracts," Natsuya explained. "Understand everything?"

"Yep, clearly." Seiji nodded in a serious fashion.

"Alright, let's begin." Natsuya reached out with both her hands.

Seiji who was standing across from her also reached out with both his hands and clasped her hands.

Then, both of them shut their eyes.

"Under the watchful gaze of the five directional divine spirits, INatsuya Yoruhana, right here and now, shall change the content of my contract with Seiji Haruta"

As Natsuya uttered her incantation, Seiji gradually felt her spell taking effect upon him, causing something within his body to heat up.

Natsuya asked him if he agreed to the changed content of the contract, and Seiji gave his confirmation.

That successfully finished the first step.

Then, the second step...

"Please answer me, what is your name?"

"Natsuya Yoruhana."

"Are you willing to accept, with the Spirits of Heaven, the Souls of the Earth, the Azure Dragon of the East, the White Tiger of the West, the Vermillion Bird of the South, the Black Turtle of the North, and the Yellow Dragon of the Center as your witnesses, and sign a contract with me?"

"I am."

"With my blood as the contract, and my seal as the catalyst, I shall summon a spirit from the heavens and earth upon your body, to become your strength and fight for our cause"

Seiji clearly elucidated the incantation as he utilized his Mana to cast this spell by communicating with the spirits for a summoning.

He then sensed a powerful fiery existence approaching Natsuya and beginning to descend upon her.

"Spirit, descend! I summon thee as a Spirit-branded Retainer!! I decree it so!!!"

This powerful existence descended and entered Natsuya's body!

At this instant, he faintly felt like he heard a voice say something, but he was unable to hear it clearly.

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