Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 449

With the second step having succeeded as well, there was only the third and final step that remained.

Seiji and Natsuya uttered incantations in unison, making a Spirit-branded Alliance with each other.

Seiji felt his body heating up again, with the sensation spreading throughout him and he could physically feel like his power was increasing!


Suddenly, he heard a strange sound.

Seiji opened his eyes to discover that Natsuya who still had her eyes shut had her face flushing red and lips puckering slightly in a fashion that seemed slightly unusual.

He was just about to ask what the matter was, when he heard...


The student council president's body trembled as she continued blushing, with another strange sound coming out of her mouth. It sounded just like the sound one would hear when a woman was doing something ecchi!

Seiji was stunned by this.

"Milady, what's the matter?" Hitaka and the others came over as well.

"Iyagh~" Natsuya clenched Seiji's hand tightly as her body shivered once again, with another even sexier sound coming out of her mouth.

Everyone was rendered speechless.

What was going on!?

All the girls widened their eyes in surprise and reflexively stared at Seiji.

"I didn't do anything!" Seiji wanted to extend his palms in a show of innocence. However, Natsuya kept clutching on to him tightly and wouldn't let go.

"Ahhh~~" Natsuya's moaning became even louder, and her face was as bright-red as an apple's. Her body kept trembling for another several seconds.

It was almost as if she was climaxing

"What should we do!?" Hitaka was the first to begin panicking. After all, she had never heard of such a thing happening before!

"Let's try using a cleansing spell," Mai stated decisively.

With the maid's reminder, Hitaka swiftly made a hand seal and cast a spell upon her master.

Natsuya was now panting lightly, and then her body began trembling again. However, this time she kept her lips tightly shut, and restrained herself from making any noise.

Judging by this was the cleansing spell effective or ineffective?

"It seems to be effective. Do it again."

Hitaka began casting another cleansing spell.

Natsuya finally opened her mouth and spoke up, "No need I'm fine"

She slowly opened her watery eyes. Her entire expression seemed endlessly seductive and alluring.

At such a time, Seiji knew that he should be worried about her condition. However, his heartbeat rapidly increased as he looked at her and imagined various things Cough, idle thoughts, begone!

He forcefully stopped himself from going off track and asked her what happened.

"How are you feeling? Did some problem occur?"

Natsuya had a subtle expression as she glanced at him.

"Because of your Mana"


"Your Mana intimately connected with mine, and made me feel rather strange," Natsuya said in a soft voice as her face remained red and she averted her gaze. "It felt just like as if I was being intimately caressed."

Seiji was rendered speechless.

'My Mana actually has such an effect!?'

He was quite astonished to hear this.

'What the hell is this? A power that makes other people feel like they're being intimately caressed just what is this supposed to be!?'

Natsuya had said it in a more roundabout manner, but judging from her behavior just now, it would probably have been more accurate to describe it using some more explicit words.

Such as "how girls restored magic powers" in certain anime?

'No, no, I didn't do such a thing! I only held her hands, such a pure action!!'

Seiji was thrown into internal chaos.

Hitaka had a confused expression, with question marks all over her face.

Something flashed in Mai's eyes, while Rana merely blinked.

The room fell silent for a moment.

"At any rate, I'm alright the ritual was completed successfully without any problems." Natsuya glanced over at Hitaka and the other girls. "You all don't need to worry."

"It's fine as long as Milady is alright," Hitaka stated as she looked over at Seiji.

"Junior's Mana is honestly so unique." Mai smiled faintly as she also glanced at Seiji.

Rana quietly stared at Seiji.

Seiji didn't know what expression he should have right now.

"Er I apologize, Natsuya, I didn't know that my Mana would"

"It's not your fault. No need to mention it anymore."

The president continued averting her gaze from him and wouldn't look him in the eyes.

"It was just a small accident, so please don't mind Please forget about it!"

She placed extra emphasis on the words "Please forget about it."

Seiji understood what she meant.

"Yeah, I won't remember it. I'll quickly forget about it."

"That's good, then."

Natsuya did her best to withstand her embarrassment.

She really wanted to leave this room right now and go back to her own bedroom. However, he kept clenching her hand without letting go'No, wait, I'm the one who's holding his hands and not letting him go!?'

Natsuya noticed this fact, which further increased her embarrassment as she hurriedly let go of his hands.

"That's it, then, I'm a bit tired, so I'm going to rest now you should rest early as well!"

The student council president's tone sounded slightly unnatural as she said this. She then turned around and left the spellcasting room.

Seiji and the others watched her leave.

The moment that Natsuya left, she quickened her pace and ran towards her own bedroom like the wind. She entered her room, closed the door, locked it, then collapsed on her bed and buried her face in her pillow.


She covered her face with her pillow to suppress her sounds as she began twisting her body.

That had been too comfortable!

Making a Spirit-branded Alliance and intimately being connected to him in Mana had felt indescribably comfortable!

Something thick, dense, and warm had kept moving about inside her, filling her up It was far too comfortable to the extent where she even made such sounds and couldn't stop herself from trembling!

'So embarrassing!!!'

Natsuya began rolling around on her bed while making muffled shouts into her pillow.

'He saw me like that, and even Hitaka and the others saw me like that. I'm so humiliated! I want to die!!'

If there had been a hole on the ground in her room, she would have definitely jumped in right now.

Unfortunately, there was no such hole. She could only make do with her blanket.

And so, she buried herself under her blanket as she continued her muffled shouts and kept rolling around.

'I'm so embarrassed it's all his fault! Seiji Haruta!!'

The scion from an illustrious family hid under her blanket and covered her face with a pillow with tears in her eyes and face turning red as she forcefully commented about that person.

"It's all your fault! Take responsibility!! Idiot!!!"

Seiji sneezed several times as he returned to his guest room.

He instantly figured out the reason. Obviously, Natsuya must have been complaining about him. Or perhaps Mai and Hitaka were also involved?

For a girl to behave like that was obviously awkward, embarrassing, and even humiliating.

'Let's seriously apologize to her tomorrow,' Seiji thought to himself.

Although it was an unexpected side effect, it was still caused by his power, so he figured he should properly apologize.

Then, he opened up and checked out his system.

There was now a new option under his [Yin-Yang Seal]: [Spirit-branded Alliance].

When he chose this option, he saw [Natsuya Yoruhana] and her status as [Contracted] in his system. The system also indicated that this contract would cost him 58 Spiritual Power points to continuously maintain and it would generate 10 points for him every day, while providing a medium benefit to Natsuya's power level and rate of growth.

This cost him almost 60 points of Spiritual Power, so it was almost six times what it would cost him to maintain the [Connectivity Contract] with Shika that he never signed with her However, the points produced were the same, and the growth rate and power level increase were only considered medium improvements From this, it could be seen that [Connectivity Contracts] were a special benefit his system provided him for having a connection rating of over 100 with a potential Spirit-branded Retainer that was even better in comparison to a Spirit-branded Alliance contract.

If he asked Shika to formally become his Spirit-branded Retainer and participate in battle, she would surely agree. However, Seiji didn't wish to get her involved.

Although taking up 60 Spiritual Power points was rather high, his Spiritual Power stat was currently a bit over 300, so he could maintain five such contracts at most. He still had to save some Spiritual Power for himself, but maintaining three contracts should be no problem.

"I wonder if signing Spirit-branded Alliance contracts with Kirin-san and Shuho-san will also cost me 60 points apiece" Seiji rubbed his chin in contemplation.

It would be fine if the Spiritual Power cost was the same for everyone. However, if it was different per person and Rana and Hitaka required more points, then that might be too much of a burden on him.

Well, he would have to try to find out.

Er the same thing that happened to Natsuya just now wouldn't happen again to them, would it?

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