Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 45

Honestly speaking, Seiji felt a sense of admiration for Michirou Juumonji who was willing to kowtow to Seiji just for the sake of protecting his own organizations territory. Of course, the Juumonji group was a mafia organization that engaged in illegal activitiesit was not exactly a group that was praiseworthy, but even among the underground society, some people would be complete scumbags, while others had their own morals and honor.

It wasnt exactly like the second group would be able to take the moral high ground, but Seiji still felt some respect for people who were still able to maintain their moral codes in such a society. Those in the bottom rungs of society might not necessarily be completely evil, just like how those at the top might not always be shining examples for everyoneit was the same logic. Everyone was... simply human.

Faced with the mafia boss kowtowing to him for a second time, Seiji remained silent for a lengthy period of time.

Even though you want to find out an answer from me, I have no idea either, uncle... He felt helpless about the situation. How was he supposed to fool Michirou Juumonji? He didnt want to ruin Michirous impression of him.

"Please get up for the time being, Juumonji-san." At the very least, he needed to prevent Michirou from kowtowing to him.

"I... do indeed know some things about this, but I dont know how much I should say to you." Seiji rubbed his chin. "I need to go back and think on all this and... discuss it with some other people. If theres something I can let you know, Ill contact you... Will that be sufficient?"

Michirou Juumonjis eyes began to glitter as he raised his head. "Haruta-sama... even though youve been exiled from your family, I imagine there are still rules that you must adhere to. I recognize the fact that it may trouble you to ask you about this situation and for you to tell me the truth. Its only natural that Haruta-sama would wish to consider things. Even if its shameful of me, I shall... sincerely await your news Im begging you!" As he finished, he lowered his head respectfully once more.

"Ill consider it over carefully." Seiji could only respond in such a manner.

And so, their formal discussion finally ended.


Takashi Kobayashi and Kahei Watari were silently waiting in the same spot.

Not all that much time had actually passed, but it felt like eons to them as their imaginations ran wild.

But no matter what they imagined or thought, they couldnt do anything.

This powerless, helpless feeling was so irritating!

"Sigh... Kahei, just what exactly are we?" Kobayashi crouched down and clenched his head in a depressed manner.


"We were almost beaten to death while fighting on the street... We were saved by our classmate, but sold him out... and even though we followed him here, we can only stand here foolishly... Ive never ever felt so useless before!"

Watari crouched down in silence beside him.

"Theres no helping it; we are indeed useless, since we lack strength," he said lightly.

If they had the strength, then they wouldnt have gotten their classmate Harano involved in the first place.

"Strength... is that so? If only we had strength..." Kobayashis eyes glinted with an indescribable light.

"By the way, just why is Harano-san so strong?"

How could I be... as powerful as Harano-san? Hes exactly the same age as us, yet he has unimaginable martial arts skills.

That night, as well as the impression he gave them today, etched deep memories into their minds.

Kobayashi suddenly wondered if Harano-san using his full ability would be able to escape from this mansion even if everyone here attacked him together.

If so, then wasnt him and Watari following him here nothing but a burden upon him!?

He accidentally sold his classmate out with his carelessness, and he selfishly wanted to come along, but he turned out to be useless... How worthlesshe was basically garbage!

Takashi Kobayashi fell deeply into self-criticism.

Before today, he had never felt like there was anything wrong with the way he lived; but today, for the first time, he began reflecting upon his life.

Beside him, Kahei Watari was having similar thoughts.

The two delinquents remained crouching there in a depressed, dark manner until Seigo Harano finally reappeared in front of them.

"Harano-san... are you okay!?"

"Oh... Im fine." Seiji waved at both of them, "I just chatted a little with their groups boss."

He just... chatted a little with the boss!?

Even though Seiji said it so lightly, Kobayashi and Watari instantly imagined many outlandish hypothetical scenarios.

For example, a hulking bald man with many tattoos on his body facing off with the calm high school student, about to have a duel... and so on.

"Even though I said it wasnt necessary, he insisted on inviting us to dinner, so lets just stay here a little longer and enjoy our meal." Seiji smiled at the two of them.

Did he come to an understanding with the boss after a life-and-death duel!?

Kobayashi and Watari glanced at each other awkwardly as their imaginations went even further off-track.

Seiji was oblivious to their thoughts, but if he knew, he would surely have many interesting comments about them.

The three of them were led to a grand hallway that was majestically decorated but lacked chairs.

Seiji was taken to the edge of the table, which was reserved for the most important personage, while Kobayashi and Watari were arranged to sit on his right side.

Moments later, Michirou Juumonji entered and greeted Seiji respectfully before he sat down next to Seiji at the other seat cushion reserved for the most venerated person.

Was this... the mafia boss? Michirou Juumonjis appearance instantly shattered all of Kobayashi and Wataris fantasies.

Following behind Michirou Juumonji was Kaede as well as a man with messy blonde hair and a slightly hunched back.

This man was wearing a normal shirt and slacks, which made him look like an ordinary person, and he seemed somewhat handsome. However, his pair of black glasses combined with the dark sleep circles under his eyes made him look wretched rather than handsome.

There was something almost comical about this fellow walking together next to a brightly shining beautiful maiden.

The two of them entered and sat down across from Watari and Kobayashi.

"Harano-sama has already been acquainted with Kaede, right? This is my younger son, Hisashi Juumonji. I apologize for his lack of respect shown by his appearancehes always like this." Michirou sighed.

He actually would have preferred to let his oldest son Zankita join themeven if Zankita was an idiot, at the very least, Zankita would give them a better image. But his idiot son was currently in the hospital... so he could only make his youngest son Hisashi join them instead so that there were enough people.

As for his youngest son, Michirou felt helpless when thinking about him. His youngest sons appearance and intelligence were both top-notch. It didnt matter to him that his son was physically weak, since this era depended on brains over brawn.

Still, his son enjoyed some rather strange hobbies and turned himself into the way he was today.

Michirou had previously asked his son on multiple occasions to change his ways, but his son continued to do as he pleased. If it wasnt for the fact that his youngest son also contributed in his own way to the organization, he would have kicked his son out long ago!

Well, this is only eating a meal togethernothing much can happen in front of Haruta-sama... Michirou thought.

But when his gaze passed over Haruta-sama, he noticed that he was observing his younger son with a strange look in his eyes.

"Hisashi Juumonji-san... right?" The more that Seiji looked, the more he felt like he was right about something. "I have a question Id like to ask you..."

"Oh?" Hisashi Juumonji was surprised, and he finally turned his eyes towards the young man in the main seat of honor for the first time.

The moment their gazes met, there was a spark as if both people realized something.

A question?

Michirou was also surprised, and Kaede next to him was mystified as well.

Kobayashi and Watari were even more confused than they were before.

They just met for the first time! What could he possibly want to ask?

"Compared to Idelia, Leila is a better fit for Sparrows true love. Do you agree?"

Silence fell upon the table.

While Michirou had no idea what was going on, Hisashis eyes that originally seemed despondent suddenly became charged with energy, and he slapped the table angrily and stood up!

"Youre wrong!!!"

He was almost shouting at the top of his lungs.

"Even if Leilas been getting all the focus in the recent episodes, and Idelia hasnt been getting the spotlight! But, no matter if youre looking at it from the author Peach-senseis viewpoint, or Sparrows viewpoint, Idelia is the true love!

"The recent episodes are only a method to set up an even more remarkable story in the future! Even if Leila has been the center of attention recently, shes still going to be a stepping stone for Idelia. Admittedly, its a little cruel, but thats the truth, and the current storylines direction can prove it as well... Leilas going to disappear from the story, while Sparrow and Idelia will meet up and give us the biggest climax of the story!

"All the fools that believed in Leila up until then will discover that what they believed in was nothing more than a temporary red herring by the author! As a member of the Idelia faction, I shall achieve victory under the direction of the creator goddess Peach-sensei!"

Hisashi lifted his hands high into the air as he kneeled on one knee, in a pose that seemed like he was praising the sun as he shouted into the air.

Everyone at the dining table was rendered speechless by Hisashis passionate speech.

Michirous eyes bulged wide in shock, while Kaede clutched her forehead and sighed. Kobayashi and Watari had no idea whatsoever what was going on.

Seiji couldnt help chuckling.

He knew ithe was right!

This guy, Hisashi Juumonji, the youngest son of the mafia boss, was a true, unmistakable, complete otaku!

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