Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 46

The question that Seiji had suddenly asked was one of the most contentious topics of the popular anime "Honey Candy Girl" recently. It pertained to the so-called factions about which character the author Peach-sensei favored in her original story.

As long as Hisashi was a true otaku, it would be impossible for him to resist!

Hisashi Juumonji easily fell for Seijis bait hook, line, and sinker, and he didnt even attempt to conceal the fact that he was an otaku, making it obvious that Hisashi was a hardcore otaku.

Except for Seiji, Hisashis passionate speech and exaggerated posing shocked everyone there.

Well, it shocked his father Michirou Juumonji more than anyone else.

This mafia boss was completely stunned with no idea what had just happened.

All he knew was that Haruta-sama beside him suddenly asked an incomprehensible question, which stimulated his younger son so much that Hisashi prattled on endlessly about something he couldnt understand and finished with a mysterious pose... What the hell was going on!

Well, all the other people presentfrom Kaede Juumonji to Takashi Kobayashi and Kahei Watariwere younger, which meant they were more or less familiar with the most popular anime in their country which even became a symbol of Sakura Island, so they had some idea what was going on.

They were still speechless about this situation, though!!

Of course, Kaede knew the true nature of her younger brother already, and she was absolutely embarrassed.

Kobayashi and Watari never expected that a mafia bosss son would act so comically, so they were stunned!

Seiji was the only one who completely understood what just happened, and he couldnt stop himself from laughing out loud.

Hisashi turned to face Seiji.

*Cough cough...* Seiji finally managed to restrain himself and faked a coughing fit.

"Im also part of the Idelia faction. Im pleased to meet you, Hisashi Juumonji-san."

"Comrade! Delighted to meet you, Seigo Harano-sama!" Hisashi sat back down as he flashed a big thumbs-up in tandem with a brilliant smile.

Everyone else was rendered speechless by the duos antics.

"Harano-sama, what exactly..." Michirou couldnt help asking.

"Oh... Hisashi-san and I happen to be fans of the same anime; we were just talking about that."

"Anime?" The mafia bosss mind was filled with question marks.

"Father... Its a cartoon called Honey Candy Girl." Kaede sighed, "Its currently a super popular anime in Sakura Island. Most young people know about it, and Ive watched it a little... As for Hisashi, hes probably watched every episode."

"But of course!"

Hisashi adjusted his eyeglasses and it seemed like his lenses flashed.

"Honey Candy Girl is a brilliant, once-in-a-ten-year story! As a true fan, I am obliged to watch each and every episode a minimum of three times! Its just that... I didnt imagine that the honored guest that father invited would... also be a fan..."

Hisashi exchanged a knowing smile with Seiji.

Communication between otakus didnt need to be verbal.

"...Thats how it is, Father."

Kaede felt as if her energy was being sapped.

"Harano-sama asked a question about this anime, and Hisashi answered him reflexively."

"Oh..." Michirou finally had a rough understanding of what just happened.

Harano... no, Haruta-sama saw through his sons nature in an instant; that was why Haruta-sama asked his son such a question as a test... what powerful insight!

Animes... thats something that young people love to watch... Hmm, perhaps I should make some free time to watch it as well, so that I know what young people these days are up to, Michirou Juumonji thought.

"Whats the story of this anime?" Michirou began talking about this topic in order to fit in better with the youngsters.

Hisashi adjusted his glasses again, and his lenses definitely flashed this time!

"About this anime Father, please allow me to give a short explanation..."

And so, the lecture began.


After the dinner had concluded, Takashi Kobayashi and Kahei Watari were still dazed.

As they finally regained their senses and thought over the previous events, they found it all rather unbelievable.

They had a meal at a mafia bosss home and the main topic of conversation was all about anime!?

Were they lost in their own delusions? Or was there something wrong with the world!?

However, their logic told them that it had all actually happened.

First, that Hisashi Juumonji had a lively but endless explanation of the animes storyline with Seigo Harano occasionally chiming in, before Kaede also decided to join in. Finally, even the two of them started chatting about it as the mafia boss listened intently. He even seemed to be deeply interested, and he kept asking questions about the anime...

This topic of conversation continued from start to finish during the entire course of the meal.

What the hell!!!?

Kobayashi and Watari couldnt help but think that throughout the entire meal.

Was this really a mafia bosss home? Or was this an anime club discussion!!??

Well, its acceptable for the young people to chat about this anime that they all know, but why was it that even the mafia boss seemed so interested in this topic!?

This completely ruined their image of how a mafia should be like!!!

As delinquents who previously had a fearful impression of the mafia, Kobayashi and Watari had an endless stream of comments running through their minds.

As for the person who caused all this, Seiji vastly enjoyed this dinner and had lots of fun.

Especially because he got to meet Hisashi Juumonji... They got along very well as they chatted with each other, and they instantly became friends.

"Harano-sama, if only I could have met you earlier in my life! Would you like to take a tour of my room? I could show you my collection" Hisashi invited Seiji sincerely.

Actually, he was even more excited than Seiji, since it was quite difficult for an otaku in a mafia group to make another otaku friend!

"Oh, can I? Of course Id love to!" Seiji agreed without even considering it.

He then turned around to look at his two classmates who were still mired in confusion.

"Kobayashi-san, Watari-san, theres not going to be anything else tonight, so go ahead and return home first without me. Im going to stay here a little while longer."

"Oh..." Kobayashi and Watari returned to their senses and exchanged awkward glances with each other. "Then... well go back first."

"I shall arrange for a car to take you guys back home," Kaede informed them.

And so, Kaede sent off Kobayashi and Watari as Seiji followed Hisashi to his room.

Michirou was more than happy at the fact that his son was getting along so well with Seiji, thinking that his son had done quite good.

Hisashi Juumonjis room was actually rather large. However, due to how crammed with items it was, his room appeared quite narrow.

There were several shelves filled with figurines in various poses, bookshelves filled with mangas, CDs, cassettes, and so on. The rest of the shelves were filled with various anime products while anime art and posters were plastered on every wall...

There was a pile of anime pillows and dolls on the bed. There were two humongous LCD televisions with all the newest, limited edition game systems. Some obviously high-spec computers hooked up to six large monitors were the centerpiece of the room, and the newest, most expensive edition of VR glasses lay beside them

The way this room was arranged caused Seiji to recall something about an article of news he read about in his previous world entitled "The most otaku person in the world." Although this room probably still wasnt at that level quite yet.

Seiji suddenly felt a strong urge to make some money with his save and load ability, and create a hideout of his own like this no, a heaven!

Ahh, calm down, restrain thyself, oh right hand of mine! I cant release my seal and abuse my power just because of something like this!

Seiji used the entirety of his willpower to prevent his dark urges from overcoming him.

Seiji remained silent for the entire time while Hisashi delightedly talked about his proud anime collection. After a while, he finally sighed.

"Hisashi can I pull an all-nighter here?"

"Youre more than welcome, Harano-sama!"

"Dont address me by -samawere close friends now!"

"Ah happily!"

The two otakus shook each others hands.

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