Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 47

Only after having fun in Hisashis room in an all-nighter did Seiji finally leave with satisfaction.

At first, Kaede came to play with them as well, but she fell asleep as she played, so Hisashi unhesitatingly called for the maids to take his sister away while they continued playing on his game systems.

So this otaku wasnt a sis-con

After spending the night at his house, Seiji learned that besides being a true otaku, Hisashi was also a sharp investor. All of Hisashis otaku products were purchased with money earned by himself through the stock market with risky investments such as futures.

His family only provided him with some initial funds which he had returned with interest long ago, and he was now allowed access and control over half of the Juumonji groups total funds.

In addition to this, Hisashi was also a skilled hacker. He proved himself by hacking into the websites of several major companies before Seijis eyes in a short period of time. His typing speed and programming ability was difficult to keep up with, and even Seiji, who knew nothing about hacking, could instantly recognize his incredible skill!

After meeting a person like Hisashi Juumonji, Seiji felt like he had previously been a waste of an otaku.

Hisashi was a truly skilled otaku!

As they parted ways, they exchanged contact information with each other and promised to keep in touch.

"Hisashi, what do you think of Harano Seiji Haruta-sama?"

After Seiji had departed, Michirou summoned his younger son to his study and questioned him in a grave tone.

Hisashi adjusted his glasses.

"Setting aside the fact that we have the same interests and I get along great with him, hes someone well worth our time to befriend."

The current Hisashi showed no hint of being a depraved otaku as he wore a solemn expression, and his eyes gleamed with cold intelligence.

"Hes direct and honest yet lacks naivety. He isnt a scheming character that enjoys plotting against others, yet he has the ability to see through hypocrisy and darkness. After discovering my ability and status in the family, his attitude towards me remained completely unchanged, which means that he regards me as a true friend, not just someone he can take advantage of. Of course, theres also the chance that he has little regard for my abilities at all, but I believe that to be a low possibility, since hes currently exiled and should be in a state where he needs to take advantage of anything he can. I as well as the Juumonji group has value to the current him, but he doesnt seem to be the type thats only polite on the surface. He neither disparages us for who we are, nor does he view us as simply tools to be used; he simply treats us equally. This combination of traits is incredibly rare."

Michirou nodded. He wholly agreed with Hisashis opinion.

"Then how much value do you think Seiji Haruta-sama has to us?"

"We have too little information on him, so its difficult to judge. However, there are no downsides to befriending him, as he is not a man to abandon his friends and allies. In fact, the more we aid him, the more hell want to return our favor. Ignoring whether or not hell be able to return to his family in the future, just his martial arts ability alone could help us resolve various difficult problems if hes willing When he was facing our goons, Furu-chan, and my brother Zankita, he barely even used his true abilities. If he was equipped with some guns and went all-out, Im sure that his destructive ability would be truly frightening! At the very least, I doubt that the entire Juumonji group could harm him."

Silence fell in the study.

Michirou couldnt find any faults with Hisashis judgement.

Actually, he had also been considering the situation late into the night, and he ultimately came to the same conclusion as his son.

If Seiji Haruta was equipped with guns, Seiji could probably defeat the entire Juumonji group by himself! This was no exaggeration.

So, even if they didnt befriend him there was no way they could make an enemy out of someone with such monstrous strength.

"And if we take into consideration the fact of his probable eventual return to his family, his value to us will skyrocket uncalculatedly!" Hisashis eyes were glistening with excitement.

"Honestly, I strongly believe that hell eventually be allowed to return to his family, because he was only exiled originally due to his former depravity, not because of anyone plotting against him, and now that hes changed himself for the better, theres a high chance that his family may accept him again. If I was in the Haruta familys shoes, I wouldnt discard a talent like him thats self-reflected on himself already. He should be quite valuable to them even if hes only in their bottom ranks."

Michirou nodded in agreement.

Seiji was an exiled member of his family, yet he possessed mystical powers; this meant that he still had the possibility of returning to his family. He was currently in the most abject state of poverty hed probably ever been in before, but his personality and morals werent malicious. Besides, his martial arts skills alone were at the pinnacle of what mortals could achieve!

There was no need to even consider this matter any further; if they let the chance to befriend him slip by, they would be completely idiotic!

"So, what should we do in order to befriend Haruta-sama?"

Hisashi smiled victoriously.

"Hes into the same things I am, so I naturally have an advantage when conversing with him. As long as I maintain my sincerity, it wont be hard to truly befriend him Although Im already his friend, Ill attempt to become even closer to him without messing things up between us. Also, didnt Kaede fall in love with him at first sight? Just let her do as she pleases. Men are weak against a beautiful girl like Kaede, especially when theyre sincerely attempting to obtain his love. It will be best if my little sister can quickly capture his heart, but even if that doesnt work in the short-term, as long as shes able to constantly have contact with him, shell naturally become closer to him as well.

"In summation, we should use normal methods: we must be direct and sincere and honestly show him that we intend to forge a friendship with him, and that we are willing to assist him in order to befriend him. This is the only way which wont evoke his disgust. However, we cannot be overly friendly either, or else hell be annoyed with us How about giving full control over the situation with him to me? Ill do my best and balance things."

Michirou raised his eyebrows.

"Asking of your own volition for a task This seems like the first time, Hisashi."

"Thats because I feel like this task is the most appropriate one for me. After all, nobody else in our organization can outshine me in this field; not even Kaede, since shes fallen in love, which will affect her rationality. But most importantly, Im quite interested in him as well If he marries Kaede in the future and rises to become the future leader of the Juumonji group that thatll be the absolute best future I can foresee for us!"

Hisashis eyes were filled with passion.

Michirou could only smile wryly upon seeing his younger sons uncharacteristic manner.

"You both you and your older brother youre so strongly against inheriting the leadership of the Juumonji group?"

"Im just an otaku. All Im willing to do is come up with some ideas from time to time, forget about working as hard as you, Father! And Zankitas just an idiot; even hes clearly aware of this fact. Kaede even though shes qualified, shes still lacking in some areas. And the person that shes currently in love with might be the perfect candidate! Father, dont you think so? Compared to me, Zankita, and Kaede, doesnt he feel more suited to be the future leader of our group?"

Michirou Juumonji recalled Seijis actions, body language, words, attitude, manner, and the look in his eyes before a smile slowly suffused across his face.

Indeed, if he had another son like Seiji, hed feel absolutely secure about the future of the Juumonji group.

It surely wouldnt be an easy task to befriend him to such a degree, but you couldnt know without trying.

"Then Ill leave it up to you, Hisashi. Do everything in your power to accomplish this task."

"Yes, Father."

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