Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 470

"What would you like?"

Seiji didn't even need to ask that out loud, because he knew the answer already simply from the look in her eyes.

His heartbeat increased, and he didn't know whether he should accept or refuse.

Kaede blushed as she looked straight at him.

Hisashi adjusted his eyeglasses upon seeing this scene.

"I'm going to go make some preparations." Hisashi decisively left them alone.

Seiji was unable to stop Hisashi from leaving.

And now, Seiji was alone together with the blonde teacher.

Kaede silently approached him.

Seiji somewhat felt like backpedaling. However, when he considered what circumstances she was making this request in, he found himself unable to refuse her.

Kaede walked up in front of him, reached out, and hugged him. She leaned against his body.

Seiji slowly rose his hands and softly hugged her as well.

"Hug me more tightly," Kaede murmured in a soft voice.

He did as she instructed, causing him to feel a soft sensation.

"Hug me even tighter," she requested again.

Seiji used more force than earlier and was able to inhale a nice aroma from her hair.

"Mmm~~" Kaede began moaning.

Seiji almost couldn't help but imagine certain R-18 scene in his mind and forced himself to stop.

They hugged intimately for quite a while.

"Seiji can I call you by your name?"


"You don't think that I'm a bad woman for making such a request at such a time?"

"Not at all."



"You're so gentle."

"I don't think this extent counts as gentle."


Kaede giggled as she buried her face in his chest. Her eyes were quite watery.

"Seiji have sex with me," Kaede spoke in an incredibly light and soft voice.

Seiji's body instantly tensed up upon hearing this, and his heartbeat quickened even more. He had to do his absolute best to maintain his sense of logic and reason.

"This doesn't seem like a good idea"

"I think it's a very good idea I want you and I don't need you to take responsibility. I just want you to comfort me and I'm not joking around this time."

"I still don't think it's very good if we really do it, I wouldn't know how to face you in the future"

"There might not be a future for me if this fails."

"Don't say something like that. You and Hisashi will definitely succeed."

"Then just treat it as a way of encouraging me. Only with such encouragement will I have the confidence to succeed."

Seiji didn't know what to say to this.

"Heehee, are you beginning to think that I'm a bad woman now?"

"You don't have to do this, Sensei."

"Call me Kaede," the blonde teacher requested.

"Alright then, Kaede."


"Will that be sufficient?"

"Nope, not at all."

Once again, Seiji was rendered speechless.

Kaede lifted her head and raised her face, closing her eyes and puckering her lips slightly.

Seiji looked at her beautiful face and observed her luscious lips, and slowly went over and softly kissed her on the forehead.

"You failed."

The blonde teacher opened her eyes and gave him a low evaluation.

"That's all the points I'm able to obtain on this test," Seiji said as he averted his gaze.

"No, you have plenty of potential within you, Haruta-san. Please try as seriously as possible!"

"I'm in my most serious condition right now already."

"No, you're just avoiding the challenge! At this rate, you'll flunk and need to take makeup tests."

"I apply to repeat my grade."

"I won't accept such an application! You absolutely have to get high test scores, and it'll be best if you get the highest test scores out of everyone so that you can graduate in glory."

"It's still not time for me to graduate."

"Then when do you want to graduate?" Kaede looked directly at him.

"This" Seiji averted his gaze. "I don't know at any rate, it's not now."

"It'll be quite fun for you to graduate early."

"I think that repeating another year is fine as well."

"Honestly" The blonde teacher leaned against him once more and buried her face in his chest again. "It's so troublesome having such a willful student."

'You're the willful one here, Sensei!' Seiji retorted in his mind.

"There's no helping it. As a teacher, I'll just have to guide this student the best I can no matter if he fails or repeats his grade, as long as I continue working my hardest to teach him, he'll graduate one day eventually." Kaede smiled.

Seiji felt indescribable emotions as he understood her intentions.

A moment of silence fell between them.

"Seiji Haruta-san"


"There's more than one subject to be tested on, you know."

Seiji was rendered speechless.

"Are you satisfied?"

When Hisashi saw his sister again, her face was still flushed red and she had an exuberant and glowing expression. It was obvious that something good had happened to her.

"Nope, I'm not satisfied. However, I'll have to be satisfied with what I received just now, and the test can continue later," Kaede said joyfully.

"Test?" Hisashi looked towards Seiji. Seiji pretended not to know anything and averted his gaze as his face reddened.

Were they doing a teacher-student role play? It didn't seem to Hisashi that they had crossed that line yet, however just what exactly were they doing while he left them alone?

Hisashi wanted to know, but he was also Kaede's brother, and didn't want to know too much.

Forget it, he decided to not think too much about it.

"Let's begin." He adjusted his eyeglasses.

Seiji took things seriously as he cautiously warned Kaede and Hisashi about things to watch out for based on what he learned from Yomi. Then, he told them to lie down by Zankita's side as he cast a barrier around them and then began casting a spell.

As Seiji uttered his incantation, a gigantic golden spell formation appeared on the ground. Gold-red mystical runes gradually appeared on Kaede and Hisashi's bodies, then the runes began spreading out and connecting to the black abnormal being.

A dark blue mist began coming out of the abnormalblack being's body. However, it was all blocked and contained by Seiji's barrier.

The golden spell formation began glowing blindingly, while the dark mist continued increasing in density. The dark mist soon filled the entire interior of Seiji's barrier.

Strange sounds could faintly be heard coming from the mist. The mist even formed itself into abnormal scenes such as human faces and eyeballs and kept roiling around.

Seiji continued forming seals as he extended his palms.

A pentagram spell formation instantly appeared above his barrier, and numerous polygonal spell formations appeared around it which shot blinding light towards Seiji's barrier!

The roiling mist was suppressed by the light and started condensing itself. Finally, it gathered upon Kaede and Hisashi's bodies and formed into two strange black spell formations.

The spell was completed!

The rest would be up to them

Hisashi who was laying on the ground with his eyes closed felt a warm sensation.

As Seiji continued casting his spell, the warm sensation filled Hisashi's entire body and caused his consciousness to begin turning hazy.

Hisashi then felt a cold sensation.

Both the warm and cold sensations strengthened, causing Hisashi's consciousness to become hazier and hazier under the influence of these two opposite sensations.

He faintly felt as if he was falling.

He fell down towards somewhere dark, icy, and incredibly deep.

It felt like he was being devoured by the icy darkness. However, something warm continued to persist within him, and helped him to maintain his sense of self.

Hisashi continued falling falling falling

After falling for an unknown length of time, his body finally slowly stopped the falling process.

His consciousness gradually became clear.

Hisashi slowly opened his eyes and saw Kaede right next to him.

Kaede also opened her eyes and saw Hisashi.

The siblings discovered that both of them were faintly glowing golden, with a blood-red line connecting the two of them. They were currently standing on a gigantic golden spell formation, and their bodies were also connected to the spell formation by golden lines.

Everything outside the spell formation was pitch-black, with nothing but empty darkness above them. Below them was an indescribably terrifying scene!

If they had to force themselves to describe it, it seemed like a mix between a gathering of humans, animals, demons, and abnormal creatures all together, totally "cooked" together into a mushy, black porridge of something.

These things kept changing shape, continuously combining and dissolving, making faint sounds that sounded like screams of agony or pain, or sounding like angry roars and curses

Hisashi and Kaede both froze upon witnessing this scene as tremendous fear welled up within them. They both felt highly disgusted by what they witnessed as well. If this had occurred in reality, they would have definitely vomited.

"This is hell"

An inferno of endless darkness. According to legends, those who fell down to hell would never be able to escape. It was the most frightening and most pitiful abyss of all.

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