Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 474

Meanwhile, as Seiji and Hisashi had their conversation, Kaede had been hugging Seiji all this time.

Seiji indicated to her that it was probably time to let go of him. However, she still hugged him tightly and quietly without saying a word.

"You scared her so much," Hisashi told him. "Seeing you shatter like that, we were under the impression that something terrible happened to you. She worked her hardest to rush back as quickly as possible."

To be honest, he almost wanted to say 'as if she was insane' instead.

He had definitely witnessed for the first time just how much power a woman could explode with when she was worried about the person she loved Even as her older brother, Hisashi was somewhat scared by his sister in such a condition.

It was because of Kaede going on a rampage that the remainder of the return process went unexpectedly smoothly.

Should he make a comment like "Even hell cannot stop a maiden in love?"

"I apologize for worrying both of you." Seiji was apologetic about this.

"I'm fine. However, she was truly worried to the point of almost breaking. Do a good job consoling her." Hisashi glanced over at Kaede before he left the dojo.

He called some Juumonji Group mafia underlings over to carry Zankita away and to clean up the scene.

Seiji was thinking about how to console Kaede when she slowly let go of her embrace.

After she let go, she pulled on Seiji's hand instead and silently led him out of the dojo to a private area.

"Tell me the truth. How are you right now?" she asked him.

"I'm really quite fine. I already healed myself using magic."

"Are you really alright?"

"Of course. Does it look like to you that I'm not alright?" Seiji smiled.

Something flashed in Kaede's eyes as she observed him.

"How about you? Are you feeling alright?" Seiji asked.

"I'm alright I feel basically the same as Brother Hisashi."

"That's good, then. As long as there's anything wrong with your body at all, let me know immediately."

Kaede blinked upon hearing this.

"No matter what it is, you'll help me out, right?"

"Yep." Seiji nodded.

Then let me tell you the honest truth, I'm not feeling that good right now my heart is aching."


"I was so scared for you that my heart aches even now. It's such a terrible feeling, and I want you to do something about it for me right now!" Kaede said in a serious manner.

Seiji was rendered speechless.

It was fine to do something for her. However, the problem was just how to do something for her regarding this issue.

"What would you like for me to do for you, Sensei?"

"I would like for you to sleep together with me, my dear student Seiji."

"This test is far too difficult! I give up."

"It's not difficult at all. You sleep together with Reo-chan every night."

"Er" Seiji received an unexpected cannon attack from this.

"You definitely have the ability to pass this test. You're forbidden from giving up!" Kaede looked directly at him.

"This Reo is only a child, and Sensei, you're"

"It's just sleeping together. Age is meaningless!"

"No, age is important as well"

"In this test that I'm giving you, it's meaningless!"

"That's such an unreasonable test"

"Stop resisting with your pitiful excuses, my dear student Seiji!"

"I don't think I'm making excuses"

The teacher-student roleplay continued for a while with Kaede attacking and Seiji defending.

Finally, Seiji agreed to lie down together with Kaede for a while on a bed. He felt that it still wasn't alright to really sleep together with her.

Although Kaede wasn't completely satisfied with this result, she was still happy because she considered it as making progress with Seiji.

She took Seiji back to her own bedroom in the Juumonji residence.

It was a clean and wide room with elegant and beautiful decorations. Kaede had a large bed with light pink blankets

Seiji couldn't help but feel nervous upon seeing her bed despite the fact that it was only a promise to lie in bed together.

It would truly be a test for him to lie together with such a great beauty in her bed, especially since he knew that she was completely willing to have sex with him!

Seiji would never have accepted this request under normal conditions. However, he was currently injured, and Kaede had just returned from hell. She was fatigued both physically and mentally, so he figured that things wouldn't develop to become anything R-18.

Actually, he was correct to think so.

The two of them finally realized just how tired they were after they got into Kaede's bed together.

Kaede hugged Seiji and enjoyed his warmth and the sensation of contact. She gradually fell asleep as she closed her eyes, enjoying the feelings of safety and bliss in her heart.

Seiji who was also fatigued and injured soon found himself overtaken by drowsiness.

A soft bed with a warm and a beautiful lady right next to him he supposed that heaven was supposed to be such a place of warmth and softness as well. Just closing his eyes made him feel like he wanted to sink into this feeling forever.

Really falling asleep here would be fine right?

'I can't if I really fall asleep'

Seiji forced himself to remain awake and slowly got out of bed after he confirmed that Kaede was fast asleep. He covered her with her blanket and left her room.

"Can't you just sleep together with her for one night?"

Hisashi adjusted his eyeglasses after meeting with Seiji again and learning the situation from him.

"I'd really like to do so as a man. However, I can't do so because I'm a person of integrity!" Seiji acted all proper.

"What about the honest truth?"

"I think that it'll become quite troublesome for me if I sleep with your sister like this, in more ways than one"

Hisashi nodded in begrudging acceptance after staring at Seiji for a while.

"Although I can somewhat understand where you're coming from, I'd still like to say that handsome guys should just go explode."

"I've already 'exploded' once in hell." Seiji extended his palms and shrugged.

Hisashi was rendered speechless.

"Even exploding can increase a girl's favorability rating towards you? Such an excellent winner in life you are. As expected of my king." The otakumafia son chuckled after remaining silent for a few seconds.

Hisashi then revealed a much more relaxed expression than earlier after he finished laughing.

"No words are sufficient to express my gratitude for Milord's assistance today. All I can do is swear my loyalty and pay you back however I can."

"Very good. I'm looking forward to it, my First Knight."

Michirou was currently hospitalized, and Zankita was going to be hospitalized now as well. Hisashi was the only one who could take on the heavy responsibility of running the Juumonji Group now. Things were likely to become quite busy and difficult for him during this time.

Seiji was unable to help Hisashi with any of this, so the best Seiji could do was crack a few jokes so that he would be able to relax.

Hisashi understood Seiji's intentions and remembered it in his heart.

To be honest, Hisashi really didn't want to take over the role of being the Juumonji Group's leader. However, this heavy responsibility was now upon him.

Still, this wasn't something permanent. Once his older brother Zankita and father Michirou recovered, Hisashi would be able to have fun simply being an otaku again. Compared to his family business, he was far more interested in working under his "king" on the dating sim.

'As long as you need my service, I shall forever be your First Knight, Seiji,' Hisashi thought that to himself.

Kaede who was quietly sleeping in her bedroom had a faint black aura appear around her. Intricate and complex runes slowly started appearing on her face.

Perhaps she sensed something unconsciously, as she turned around in her sleep.

The dark aura slowly gathered behind her back, gradually forming into a gigantic dark figure

The next morning, Seiji who was fast asleep in a guest room at the Juumonji residence was woken up by his cell phone ringing.

He dazedly grabbed his cell phone, intending to turn off the alarm. However, he then realized that it wasn't his alarm, but his ringtone instead!

He hurriedly rubbed his eyes in an attempt to wake himself up before he accepted the call.

However, Seiji woke up completely after hearing the content of the call. He immediately got out of bed and changed his clothes. He then left the guest room and hurried over to Kaede's bedroom.

When Seiji arrived and entered, he paused in astonishment at the scene before him.

Her snow-white skin and elegant figure well, he had seen her beautiful body once before during the board game that he played in his apartment before the Winter Snow Festival.

However, there was something else there that definitely wasn't before!

Seiji was astonished at what was on the blonde beauty's back

"No way"

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