Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 475

Kaede had pitch-black wings attached to her back that seemed just like a fallen angel's wings like in the legends.

Her nickname of "Fallen Angel in White" at Genhana High School actually became real!?

Seiji finally managed to regain his senses only after standing there in a daze for several seconds before he hurriedly averted her gaze.

Kaede was currently wearing no clothing whatsoever on her upper body. The contrast of black wings on her snow-white skin had a strange allure to it.

"How about putting on a shirt?" Seiji mentioned.

"There's no need you've already seen everything before."

"Er last time was an accident"

"I don't mind this at all. You can go ahead and inspect my body just like this."

'But I mind, Sensei!'

"This will make it difficult for me to concentrate. Besides, you might catch a cold like this. Why don't you put something on!"

Hearing this, Kaede gave in and put a jacket on herself, which also covered her chest.

Only after confirming that she had covered herself did Seiji finally turn back around and inspect her using his [Astral Vision].

What he saw after using [Astral Vision] was that Kaede's pitch-black wings were emanating a faint black mist. Not only that, there were black mystical runes on Kaede's face and back.

What was going on here?

Seiji tried to ask Yomi in his mind.

"It would seem that she's become Awakened to her Spiritual Ability. However, her power seems to have undergone a transformation due to hell's influence," Yomi told him.

"Her power transformed?"

"Yeah. I don't know myself just how her power has changed, either At any rate, there seems to be no danger for the time being."

"What about in the future?"

"I wouldn't know."

Seiji fell silent for a moment. Then, he asked Kaede what it felt like to have these wings.

"It feels like I have an extra pair of strange hands," Kaede replied. She also controlled her wings and flapped them a little, causing a few feathers to fly off which transformed into a dark mist and vanished in midair. "If I flap them forcefully, I can create a strong gust. And, I also have a feeling that I'll be able to fly"

"You might be able to fly that'll be amazing if you can really do it." Seiji rubbed his chin.

Black wings and the ability to create a strong gust rather than saying that Kaede was a fallen angel, she seemed more like a female version of a Great Tengu.

"Did you dream about anything when you were sleeping last night?"

"Not at all I slept excellently and deeply."

She didn't have any strange dreams, which meant that she didn't enter her soul realm, and directly awakened her ability instead.

Did this have to do with the fact that she traveled through hell and returned, so the mystical connection in her bloodline judged that she didn't need to undergo a trial?

Seiji felt that it was possible, but other possibilities were out there as well.

Michirou was ambushed by a Tengu, Zankita dreamed about fighting a Tengu, while Kaede grew what resembled a Tengu's wings it seemed to him that the Juumonji family's mystical connection had to be to a Tengu.

"Can I touch them?" He looked at the black wings.


And so, Seiji reached out and gently touched Kaede's wings.

They felt rather soft and smooth, and a little cool to the touch. It was quite a comfortable sensation.

Seiji tried touching the wings a little more forcefully.

"Mmm~" Kaede began to moan.

Seiji was rendered speechless by this.

He decided to silently retract his hand.

"You're not going to touch them anymore? You can touch them more if you want." Kaede looked at him.

"There's no need it seems like it wouldn't be good for you."

"Not at all, it's actually the opposite. It feels really good." Kaede waved her wings. "Touch them some more."

Seiji could only reach out his hand and touch her wings again.

"Yep~ Just like that" Kaede closed her eyes in contentment. "So comfortable~ Use a little more force Ah, right there, use a little more force Mmm~~"

The blonde teacher began trembling all over as her face began flushing red. She started moaning in a way that would easily make anyone have dirty thoughts.

Seiji instantly decided to retract his hand.

'Why the hell would merely touching them give her such a reaction? Are those wings actually like an additional sensitive area!?'

"Whew that felt amazing." Kaede opened her watery eyes to reveal a seductive expression. "I feel like I've turned into a cat."

Seiji didn't know what expression he had anymore after hearing that from Kaede.

He couldn't help but imagine a blonde cat woman acting all spoiled Stop!!

"Cough it's fine as long as you're not feeling uncomfortable by the way, are you capable of hiding those wings?"


Kaede controlled her wings and folded them. Then, her pitch-black wings slowly became translucent and finally vanished.

The runes on her body faded as well, causing her outer appearance to completely return to normal.

"It's excellent that you're able to retract your wings; they won't affect your daily life." Seiji looked directly at Kaede. "From now on, you're a Spiritual Ability user, or more accurately, an Awakened please use your own ability with caution."

"Does this ability have to do with the fact that I just visited hell?" Kaede inquired.

"It seems to have been influenced by hell, but it doesn't seem like anything dangerous so far." Seiji paused for a moment. "I think that you should be able to use it if you wish. Just pay attention to the situations that you do so in."

Something flashed in Kaede's eyes.

"Also, since you're now an Awakened, you need to know that"

Seiji explained to her the things she should watch out for and know as an Awakened.

The blonde teacher nodded in understanding.

"Also, let's go talk to Hisashi I wonder if he also"

Before Seiji even finished his sentence, he was interrupted by his cell phone ringing again.

The caller just happened to be Hisashi.

Hisashi awakened to the power of lightning and thunder.

He showed Seiji and Kaede by raising his hand and causing a black streak of electricity to appear. It kept flashing and making sparking sounds as it danced upon his palm.

Then, he waved his hand, causing the electricity to transform into several streaks of lightning that shot out with deafening thunder!

Seiji also saw black runes on Hisashi's face and hands, similar to the markings on Kaede's body.

It seemed that Hisashi was the same as his younger sister. His Awakened ability had been transformed by his visit to hell

Perhaps it was also hell's influence that caused both Hisashi and Kaede's abilities to be rather powerful. They were both definitely far stronger than Zankita right after Zankita awakened.

Kaede brought out her wings again and tried them out. She really was able to fly! Not only that, the gusts she could create with her wings were strong enough to be on the level of a small whirlwind that could blow someone away.

Hisashi charged up his power for approximately five or six seconds and shot out the strongest lightning he was capable of using. It sounded just like a real bolt of thunder as everyone in the Juumonji residence heard the resulting thunderclap!

'If he tossed a coin in the air and shot it out using the powers of electromagnetism, wouldn't that make this Toaru Kagaku no Railgun? He'd be a male version of Misaka Mikoto, wouldn't he?' Seiji's cheeks twitched at this thought.

"I suppose receiving this ability can be viewed as an unexpected benefit of going all the way to hell to save that idiot."

Hisashi adjusted his eyeglasses and made that statement after he heard Seiji's explanation for how he awakened to such an ability.

"Although it seems like there still might be some problems due to hell's influence it's still quite nice to receive a power like this."

"It's a lot better than just 'quite nice.' Black lightning seems really cool, so how about giving your ability a cool name to go with it?" Seiji was only half joking here. "How about calling it 'Dark Arm of Thunder?'"

"Is that a name given to it by Milord?" Hisashi smiled. "If that's the case, I'd be more than happy to accept."

"Given as your king now that you say that, I need to be a little more serious about giving it a good name." Seiji's lips arced upward in amusement. "Would calling it 'Abyssal Arm of Thunder' sound cooler?"

"I think they both sound equally clich to me."

"Then come up with a fresh name by yourself!"

"King's Dark Hand." There was a flash in Hisashi's eyeglass lenses.

"The meaning of the name isn't clearly related to your ability. Rejected!"

"King's Hand."

"The meaning is getting completely off-track! Rejected!"

"King's Dark Dragon Arm."

"Not only does that name sound clich and embarrassing, why are you always obsessed with adding 'King's' to the name!?"

"That's because I'm the First Knight, and I act as my king's right hand!"

"I'm happy that you think that way, but please don't add me into your ability's name!?"

The two of them started joking around the topic of naming Hisashi's power.

"I think that 'Thunder Arm' will be fine, as it's simple and easy to understand." Kaede finally joined the conversation after listening silently for quite a while. "As for my ability, I think it's fine to just call it 'Wings of Wind.'"

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