Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 48

Seiji returned home, washed up, changed clothes, and headed for school.

Even though he hadnt slept all night, he wasnt all that fatigueda one-time all-nighter had little impact on his vastly strengthened body.

As he headed downstairs, he found Mika waiting at the landing for him.

"Good morning." Mika smiled and handed him a lunchbox, "Here you go."

"Good morning. Thanks for preparing my lunch today as well." As usual, Seiji accepted the favor from the Uehara family.

After greeting each other, the two of them spoke no further and exchanged a smile before heading together towards school.

"I considered many things last night." Only after walking a while did Mika slowly begin speaking while keeping her gaze fixed on Seiji.

"If youre wondering if I was shaken... I was definitely shaken to some extent, but not because I doubted you or anything. You had your reasons for saying what you did towards those twins, and I believe in you." A resolute light shone in Mikas eyes as she continued: "I believed you... but I was still shaken, not because of doubts, but rather... because I wasnt able to comprehend. Chiaki wasnt shaken at all. Although she told me she was rather surprised, she trusted in you and was able to understand you. But as for me, I wasnt able to understand your way of thinking... or hers. Thats the true reason why I was shaken and disappointed." Mika lowered her head.

"I... felt a distance between us. Even though I already felt that there were some differences between me and Chiaki, I felt it even more strongly with you this time, thats why..."

Thats why I felt so pained.

My chest hurt, like there was something congested.

Even though one is my best friend, and the other is the person I like Even though theyre right beside me, I cant follow their way of thinking.

Mika Uehara felt melancholy about it all.

"Hey, Seiji, what should I do? Just how can I understand you and Chiaki better?"

Seiji looked directly into her eyes and smiled. He raised his hand and patted her head.

Mika was surprised at the sudden contact, but her face began to turn red at the warm and comforting feeling.

"Just take things slowly, and if you meet any problems, simply ask or think, and youll be able to understand. There are some things that you still cant notice yet, Mika, or maybe you wont think of them. Its not because youre an idiotits because youre still inexperienced. Being the way you are isnt a bad thing. I suspect Chiaki befriended you precisely due to your innocent nature, and I... I think that youre cute like this."

C... cute? Mikas face burned up even more.

Hey, isnt this the first time Seijis praising me as cute!? Ahhhow embarrassing!

"Chiaki and I arent quite as simplistic. You already know about me, and as for Chiaki she probably has her own circumstances as well." Seiji failed to notice her embarrassment as he continued.

"Youre the simplest one among us, and thats exactly why you bring us... relaxation? I dont know how to put it into words, but regardless, youre an important friend of ours, and that wont change. It doesnt matter if you completely understand our way of thinking or not; youre still our friend, so you dont need to feel anxious. Just do as you like."

He retracted his hand upon finishing his speech.

Mika instantly felt disappointed that he was no longer patting her head, but she didnt allow the disappointment to appear on her face.

"You could have patted me a little longer..." She muttered under her breath.

"Hm?" Seiji didnt hear her clearly.

"Er... nothing!" Mika twisted her head away in embarrassment. "I get what youre saying!"

"Oh, thats good then." Seiji smiled.

Thats good.

As always, sunlight shone down brilliantly as they walked down the familiar street together.


At school, Seiji discovered another two love letters in his shoe locker, so he placed them into his bookbag.

Next, he saw Takashi Kobayashi and Kahei Watari in class.

The two delinquents acted just like they always did; they greeted Seiji by nodding slightly when they noticed him.

It seems like theyve decided to completely avoid any contact with me at school in order to avoid affecting my reputation, Seiji thought.

Well, if that was their choice, Seiji decided to go along with it.

During class time.

While Seiji was on his way to the restroom, he stopped in the hallway and made a call with his cell phone.

"Hey, its me. Theres something important Id like to tell you in person. Its not urgent, however. Lunch break... okay, Ill head over at that time."

After he hung up, he looked out the window with a serious expression on his face.

"Were you just talking to some secret organization?" A voice suddenly sounded out from behind him.

It was Chiaki.

"Why are your footsteps so cat-like?"

"Heh heh, this is the proper cat-style footwork," Chiaki stated pridefully.

"Theres no such cat-style footwork like this!" Seiji responded reflexively.

They exchanged glances.

"I just wanted to scare you, but it sounded like I overheard something incredible, plus your expression just now... Will I be killed off in order to protect your secret?" Chiaki pretended to act frightened.

"Ha, youre rightyou know more than whats good for you!" Seiji tilted his head forty-five degrees and also acted the part of the villain.

After a few seconds of silence, both of them broke out into laughter.

"I was just on the phone with President Yoruhana. I wanted to inform her about something, but she wont have any spare time until lunch break, so Im heading to the student council room." Seiji put away his cell phone and continued, "As for what its about... thats private, I apologize."

"A secret discussion with the beautiful and brilliant president? Sounds immoral~" Chiaki pressed her index against her lips in a shushing pose.

"How is it immoral!?"

"Is it pure love then?"

"It has nothing to do with love, okay!?" Seiji commented forcefully.

Thanks to Chiakis joking around, the serious atmosphere from the previous phone call had completely vanished.

"Youre commenting as forcefully as always! Thats the Seiji I know!" Chiaki chuckled.

"Ive always been like this."

"But just earlier, you appeared so uncharacteristically serious." Chiaki retracted her playful smile, "Since you said it was private, I wont pry. Just... if theres anything I can help you with, you must let me know."

Well, she probably just wanted to tell me that shes here for me. Seiji smiled at his friend.

"But of course! How can I not take advantage and use such a good friend by my side?"

Chiaki sighed. "Treating people as objects How terrible!"

"Hmph, Im an ice-cold man wholl stoop to any meansdid you finally notice?"

They continued joking as they walked off together.

"Mikas already calmed down completelydid you do anything to her last night?"

"Nothing at all."

"Tsk, how boring..." Chiaki pouted.

"What did you expect me to do to her!?"

"A haughty princess like Mika is actually quite easy to conquer. All you need to do is hug her gently, whisper sweet things to her while shes feeling anxious, kiss her, and then..."

"Halt your words! Itll get R-rated if you say anything more!" Seiji stopped her decisively.

"What an excellent chance you had You failed to even take advantage of ithow disappointing." Chiaki shook her head and shrugged smugly.

"It would have been a problem if I took advantage of her!"

Whenever Mikas not with us, I suppose this is how itll be like between Chiaki and me. Seiji suddenly thought in between their joking.

Right before Seiji arrived at the restroom, Chiaki seemed to suddenly recall something.

"By the way, Seigo, do you need me to keep your secret date with the president a secret from Mika?"

"I already said its nothing like that!"

Yep, in summary, I can have fun chatting with her, but shes definitely a good friend that will occasionally give me headaches.


Lunch break time.

"Youre going to the student council room again?" Mika asked in surprise. "Why?"

"Mika, boys always have one or two secret da-, er... secrets. You should just smile, accept it, and let him leave." Chiaki extended her hands and wore same smug expression from earlier.

Mika and Seiji were rendered speechless by Chiakis words.

There was something odd about what Chiaki just said.

For differing reasons, they each felt like objecting to her statement.

"Stop joking aroundI just have some personal matters to take care of." Seiji sighed. "So lets get going... Chauffeur, begin driving."

"Whore you calling your chauffeur!? And were not even in a car!"

Kazufuru Ooike, who had been captured by Seiji, couldnt help but retort.

"Besides, dont you already know where the student council room is? Why do you still need me to show you the way!?"

"I forgot." Seiji pretended to be self-righteous about it.

"Youre lying! Youre definitely lying!"

"If I say I forgot, I forgot, so lets go. Secretary Ooike-sama, we can improve our friendship while on the way." Seiji began dragging Kazufuru away with a vice-like grip on his neck.

"Im not your friend! Let go of me!" Kazufuru made a fruitless attempt to struggle free, but Seijis iron grip was too strong to break free from.

Mika was stupefied as she watched them leave, while Chiaki remained cool and collected.

"Mika, Im thinking..."


"Seigo... perhaps hes secretly actually a bit of a demon?"

Mika was lost for words upon hearing this.

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