Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 49

On the way to the student council room.

When Kazufuru Ooike was finally released from Seijis iron grip, he adjusted his spectacles and collar before frowning.

He began to regret no, he already regretted agreeing to become Seigo Haranos "friend."

He originally intended to discover Seigos weaknesses and take advantage of this "friendship" agreement, but he hadnt learned anything useful, and instead always felt pressured by Seijis imposing manner.

Kazufuru was clearly a popular and excellent student with no reason to fear Harano, but he always felt unable to stand up to Harano whenever they were together.

Was it because Harano was so outstanding in sports?

No, this didnt have anything to do with the difference between their physical abilities Kazufuru couldnt understand why, though.

"Whyd you stop walking? Secretary, continue leading the way." Haranos voice sounded from behind him.

Kazufuru sighed.

"You know the way, dont you? Why do you insist on having me come along?"

"I told you beforeI just wanted to chat with you."

"I dont think I have anything Id like to say to you." Kazufurus expression was icy and his voice distant.

Seiji observed this excellent student in front of him for a while before he released a sigh.

"Is taking that attitude with me really fine? You know, Im"

"Im not friends with you!"

"I wasnt talking about that. Its quite rude to interrupt people while theyre speaking, Ooike-san" Seiji glanced at Kazufuru out of the corner of his eye: "You seem like an intelligent person, so why are you making such an idiotic mistake about something crucial?"

"What are you saying?" Kazufuru furrowed his eyebrows.

"Your target is President Yoruhana, right?" Seiji said lightly, "Dont deny itits quite obvious You want to become her partner, and youre making an effort to reduce the distance between the two of you."

"Whats it to you if I am?" Kazufuru squinted.

The fact that his target was the president wasnt exactly a huge secret, so it couldnt be said that it was his weakness.

"You still dont realize your mistake? You want to get closer to the president, and I, Seigo Harano, am someone that the president personally helped transfer into the school, which means that she and I have a special relationship. For someone like me to voluntarily become your friend, and for you to resist How else can I describe it other than idiotic?"

Seiji smiled upon finishing.

Kazufuru Ooike was surprised for a moment as his brain worked at analyzing what Seiji meant, before he suddenly came to an epiphany.

Yeah Harano was right!

All he had to do was change his way of thinking slightly, and he had to admit that Harano had a point.

He had previously viewed Seigo Harano as a strong enemy to be defeated, but Harano had never truly opposed him in any way Not only that, there was the possibility of Harano becoming his ally!

Kazufuru Ooikes expression contorted.

Just where did I go wrong? I at such a crucial junction, I actually became stupid!?

Seiji silently watched the delicate and pretty boys expression change in front of him.

Kazufuru has a slightly twisted personality, but its not too severe. With how he is, even if he remains like this, it probably wont be a problem. As long as he receives enough experience in the future, or if a difficult situation befalls him, he should be able to realize his own faults. He thinks hes better than others, he thinks hes so smart, and he thinks hes the best he believes that hes a special existencethis is a common thought process that many young people possess before reaching maturity; its especially common among middle schoolers. Combine it with some strange behaviors, and you get whats commonly known as middle schooler syndrome.

Kazufuru Ooike to put it simply, he never awoke from his middle schooler syndrome, and he never saw through a few specific flaws in his personality.

With Seijis life experience, he could see through even the twin witches that concealed their true selves so deeply from others, so of course an immature brat like Kazufuru Ooike was simple for him to understand.

Seeing as how this model student didnt seem to have a rotten personality at his core, Seiji wanted to help him out a little But Seiji preferred abstaining from such activities as he wasnt used to them.

It wasnt like he was Great Teacher Onizuka or anything.

Lets prank this guy one last time, then thatll be enough.


Kazufuru Ooike seemed to finally understand what Seiji meant as he carefully considered his words.

"Youre too late, Ooike-san." Seiji purposefully showed a cold smile.

"I originally wasnt your enemy to begin with, but you kept showing me enmity for no apparent reason and kept resisting against my friendliness towards you So, I apologize, but Im already tired of you. So, as you wish, were no longer friends anymore. Youre free, Ooike-san; go do as you like."

Seiji waved his hand casually as he turned to leave.

"Wait Please wait, Harano-kun"

Kazufuru Ooikes expression changed drastically as he hurriedly rushed to catch up to Seiji.

"Everything everything was my bad, I was a bit mistaken, so"

Seiji ignored him and continued walking onward.

A wave of anxiety rushed over Kazufuru Ooike upon seeing Seijis apathetic attitude.

He was already at a bottleneck in improving his relationship with Natsuya, and this mysterious transfer student might be a breakthrough point Perhaps he was even the only breakthrough point!

And Kazufuru, due to falling victim to negative emotions such as jealousy and fear, automatically listed him as an enemy A love rival.

But thinking it over more closely, Seigo Harano had never showed any special feelings for Natsuya Yoruhana!

At the very least, in the past week, Kazufuru had never heard him talk about the subject of the president, nor did he hear anything about this topic from the other students. Rather, he heard several times that Seigo Harano had informed the other female students in class that he didnt have any special relationship with President Yoruhana.

Considering the fact that President Yoruhana helped him transfer in, they definitely had some kind of relationship with each other, but it was not a romantic oneif they were romantically connected, it shouldve become a hot topic in school long ago!

Kazufuru inwardly beat himself up. For some pointless negative emotions that were common during puberty, he overlooked such an obvious fact and made a huge mistake.

Had he been infected by the other students who were much lower in ability than he was? Those idiotic morons who held envy, fear, or hatred towards Seigo Harano Had those low-class emotions really infected him!?

How could it be possible!? He should have remained calm and in control, without being affected by the atmosphere! But imperceptibly, he had become just like those idiots.

Its all those guys fault! Kazufuru was furious at them.

But no matter what, objectively speaking, he made a crucial mistake just as Seigo Harano mentioned.

Seigo Harano hoped for his assistance in being able to get along better with everyone in class, and in exchange, Seigo would be able to help him improve his relationship with the president This shouldve been a mutually beneficial relationship for both of them, but he resisted it for an idiotic reason and had ultimately ruined things!

Kazufuru put himself in Seigo Haranos shoes and thought about it. If it was him voluntarily approaching another person with a good deal in hand but receiving only an unfriendly response, he, too, would feel anger and treat the other person with cold condescension as well.

He believed that Seigo Harano was currently feeling such emotions.

Damn it! I How could I make such a low-level mistake!!

Kazufuru Ooike bit his lips.

"S sorry, Harano-kun! I was wrong for everything before. Im sincerely begging for your forgiveness!"

He tried to speak as loud as possible without attracting the attention of any other nearby students as he apologized to Seijis back.

Seiji halted his footsteps.

"Ive received your apology." Seiji didnt turn around, leaving Kazufuru with a view of his back. "But if I forgive you so easily, will you believe me?" He questioned.

"Er" Kazufuru paused for a moment in surprise as he regretfully ground his teeth.

"Feel free to get going, Ooike-san. Theres no need to waste your time standing behind me." Seiji lightly left behind one last sentence as he continued striding forward again.

Kazufuru was left rooted on the spot, filled with regret as he watched Seiji leave.

Seiji dismissed the model student Secretary Kazufuru Ooike from his mind as he left him standing there.

The important thing now was his upcoming conversation with President Yoruhana.

Seiji arrived at the student council room once again.

"Excuse me." He entered the room.

To his surprise, he discovered another person seated beside Natsuya Yoruhana in the student council room.

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