Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 502

Chapter 502: The prince is waiting for you
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

Miyabi didn't have any particular thoughts about Seigo Harano.

Before, she might have imperceptibly been thinking a few things about him. However, after she saw Natsuya Yoruhana and the other girls that came to save him, she really stopped having any such ideas at all.

Miyabi felt that only girls like the student council president and the others with her were the appropriate ones to be by his side.

However, even though she no longer had any thoughts about being together with him, that didn't mean that she didn't feel anything As for what exactly it was that she felt, Miyabi didn't know. Nor did she want to think too deeply about it.

Yuuko originally wanted to say something to Miyabi. However, Yuuko felt like she shouldn't say anything after seeing Miyabi's expression.

Some romances were destined to end before they even had a chance to begin.

Everyone walked through the darkness and reached the Moon Bunny Eatery.

Seiji opened the door and entered to discover that the store was filled with red mist! Not only that, there wasn't a single customer to be seen.

Seiji instantly had an ominous premonition.

"Everyone, watch out. Things could be dangerous in here." Seiji unsheathed his magical sword.

Everyone became vigilant upon hearing him say this.

Seiji cautiously walked into the restaurant. He then headed for the kitchen.

He saw that the restaurant owner was collapsed on the ground with a long sword stabbed straight through his chest into the ground!

"Owner" Seiji walked up to inspect the situation.

The handsome middle-aged restaurant owner had a blank expression and wasn't breathing. He had also stopped moving it was quite obvious that he had died.

Who did such a thing!?

Seiji looked towards the longsword that pierced through the restaurant owner.

This longsword had a golden hilt that was etched with beautiful carvings. A red gem was also embedded on the hilt, making it seem rather extravagant.

Seiji called Yuuko over and asked her to take a look at this sword.

Yuuko looked it over carefully before shaking her head.

"I've never written about or imagined such a sword. I don't think that it's something from my story."

"Then it must be from Shoutarou Rinura's story." Something flashed in Seiji's eyes.

Perhaps it was a character from Rinura's story, or Rinura himself that came here. Or perhaps it was the true perpetrator!

Seiji felt that this incident likely had a hidden perpetrator behind it all.

From the very start, Seiji didn't feel like Shoutarou Rinura was the cause of this entire incident.

Seiji felt more like the middle school student author Rinura was just another victim that someone else took advantage of.

As for who would take advantage of Rinura, and what their objective was, Seiji didn't know.

Seiji simply felt that it seemed far more likely that there was a hidden perpetrator rather than Shoutarou Rinura being the one who intentionally caused all this.

Well, the truth of the incident wasn't so immediately important right now. Of immediate importance was...

"Hashimoto-san, please try using your author powers of creation and try reviving the restaurant owner."

The restaurant owner wasn't a real person. He was simply a character from a light novel. Yuuko Hashimoto, who was the author of that light novel, might be able to "revive" the restaurant owner.

That was what Seiji was thinking when he reached to pull out the sword piercing through the restaurant owner.

Just as his hand touched the sword's hilt, the sword suddenly began glowing a blinding white!

The seal on Seiji's right hand also began to glow as well. The same dizzy feeling from the earlier locator spell came upon him. Seiji's consciousness became hazy as he sank into a mysterious realm and felt even more like he was imperceptibly learning something

"What's the matter, Harano-san?" Yuuko noticed that something seemed off about the situation and asked him.

Seiji didn't reply.

Shika and Natsuya, who both noticed this situation as well, became tense.

However, before they could do anything, Seiji's expression returned to normal.

"It's nothing I'm fine," Seiji told them.

At this moment, a black mist was emitted from the restaurant owner's body before it quickly evaporated.

"Thank you."

Seiji was truly grateful to that mysterious existence.

That existence had helped him yet again before it departed from this place.

"The restaurant owner is no longer with us. However, there's no need to worry. I already know how to locate Shoutarou Rinura as well as how to escape this realm," Seiji told everyone who was assembled in the restaurant.

He then indicated towards the golden longsword in his hand.

"This was the weapon that murdered the restaurant owner. The murderer was unable to take it away because the restaurant owner forcefully kept it here by casting a spell upon it. This sword in tandem with the seal on my hand is capable of locating Shoutarou Rinura. After we find Rinura, I can use this sword to cast a spell that will open up a portal back to our original world Basically, we can all return to reality that way."

"Who or what exactly was this restaurant owner?" Natsuya inquired.

"I only know that he's a powerful and friendly existence, but I'm unsure as to the specifics." Seiji slightly shook his head. "The restaurant owner was actually possessed by this existence that gave us its assistance. This existence has left this place now. Even if Hashimoto-san can resurrect the 'restaurant owner,' it won't be the same one. The murderer most likely attacked him in order to prevent us from locating Shoutarou Rinura. Yet despite the fact that he was ambushed, he still left his spells behind for us. He deserves our sincere gratitude."

Seiji looked in the kitchen's direction.

"It's highly likely that things will be quite dangerous in Rinura's story setting. Everyone, we need to make our final preparations."

The restaurant was still safe for the time being. They didn't need to worry about skeletons or any other enemies popping up, so they could rest and prepare here.

Miyabi tried to power up her summoned ghost child, Ya-chan.

Nomura tried his hand at creating stronger magical weapons and equipment for everyone.

Yuuko did her best to create anything at all apart from omelet rice.

Maishi who was currently stuck as a trap character as well as Yoshida who was currently a smartphone both tried their best to use the author's power of creation in this realm. However, they both failed.

Matsutani wanted some more curry rice and went to make it for himself in the kitchen.

Natsuya inspected the golden longsword.

"Can you tell anything about it?"

"Nothing I can't discern anything about it at all." Natsuya shook her head and returned the longsword to Seiji.

Seiji gripped the longsword and looked it over. He was able to faintly detect the power within it.

It felt like a hero's holy sword to him.

To receive a hero's sword from this restaurant owner who used to be a hero in another world yep, it seemed like such a classic scene to him.

When he thought this, some passionate game music began playing in Seiji's mind. He impulsively wanted to lift the longsword high up in the sky! However, he managed to restrain himself.

Natsuya and the others were looking at him. They were all under the impression that he was trying to sense something from within the sword. None of them realized that Seiji was actually currently thinking just like a chuunibyou.

'Let's go fight the demon king all together!'

Although such a scenario was incredibly clich, a classic was still a classic. Classics had their own charisma.

After everyone rested and finished their preparations, the hero Seiji led their expedition yet again.

Once again, they passed through the darkness to find a palace!

This palace was gold and white. It had extravagant carvings and was brightly lit by torches despite the dark surroundings. It was an incredibly opulent sight.

The palace guards standing out front noticed Seiji and the others and immediately ran over.

There were two palace guards who wore light armor and held long spears. They both appeared like normal humans rather than skeletons or zombies.

Seiji reminded his companions to remain vigilant while he silently gripped his weapon tightly.

The two palace guards ran up to them and stopped a few steps away, looking over Seiji's party.

"I recognize them!" Matsutani whispered to Seiji. "Both of them are people that were attending the award ceremony."

People that were attending the award ceremony?

Seiji raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"You're certain about this, Matsutani-senpai?"

"I'm one hundred percent certain. Although I don't know their names, I definitely saw them at the award ceremony!" The pudgy middle-aged man was confident of this.

"May I ask your names?" a palace guard who had short brown hair spoke to them politely.

Something flashed in Seiji's eyes.

"I'm Seigo Harano." Seiji chose to answer.

"Seigo Harano correct?"


The brown-haired guard glanced over at him before looking at everyone else.

Seiji indicated to Nomura and the others that they should give their names.

Nomura, Miyabi, Yuuko, and Maishi all gave their names.

The brown-haired guard looked at the other palace guard and communicated nonverbally with him. They both nodded at each other before looking at Seiji's party again.

"Welcome. His Highness the prince is currently awaiting your arrival." The brown-haired guard smiled and welcomed them.
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