Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 505

Chapter 505: With this team, I can
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

Thanks to Adnan's teachings about how to use the power of order, Shousei Maishi successfully used the power of order to cancel his transformation as a trap character and return to his original form, an office worker wearing a suit.

Imai Yoshida similarly succeeded in canceling his transformation. He transformed from a blue cell phone into his original self, a middle-aged man wearing a jacket and eyeglasses.

Miyabi could have returned to her original form as well. However, Adnan recommended that she maintain her Demon Fox form until the end as this would improve her overall power level.

Right after that, this world began to completely collapse.

Everyone heard a tremendous thunderous explosion at this moment. They saw many dimensional tears appearing in the banquet hall!

The blonde curly-haired prince waved his hand and wiped away the dimensional tears. He then lifted his hands and made an action that appeared like he was ripping something in midair.

*Crack crack crack* The center of the banquet hall's extravagant ceiling slowly tore apart to reveal a large black void hole. There were numerous red dots of light swirling around in this hole.

"Now, I need to completely concentrate on casting the spell that will allow me to return to my original world I'll be counting on all of you to protect me," he stated sincerely to everyone. He then pointed towards Miyabi and the other authors.

Miyabi and the other authors immediately began to glow red as they received the final remnants of the power of order that Adnan possessed in this world.

Then, Adnan glanced over at Seiji one final time before he closed his eyes.

A black light then began emitting from Adnan's body that formed into a faint line which gradually started reaching for the void hole in the ceiling.


The banquet hall door was busted open, numerous skeletons rushing in at once!

Miyabi was the quickest to react. She waved at the banquet hall door, instantly fixing it with the power of order.

Seiji, Natsuya, and the others defended against the onslaught of skeletons. They were soon able to defeat all the skeletons.

Nomura and the other authors also began working on maintaining the stability of the banquet hall with the power of order.

However, the calmness was only a short respite. Numerous dimensional tears appeared yet again in the banquet hall together with another thunderous explosion!

Miyabi and the others were forced to concentrate on fixing the dimensional tears first. This immediately caused a large number of skeletons to break through the banquet hall door as well as the walls!

Behind the skeletons were armored zombie knights as well as zombie girls wearing school uniforms!

Seiji, Hitaka, and Ranathe three Spirit-branded Retainersacted as the vanguard on the frontlines. Shika, Matsutani, and the ghost child Ya-chan acted as the midline support for the frontline. Natsuya acted in the rear by herself, supporting everyone.

With two reliable warriors like Hitaka and Rana supporting him, as well as Shika and Natsuya backing him up, Seiji felt that battling here went incredibly smoothly.

First, they focused on decreasing the number of skeleton mobs, which were the weakest and most numerous. Then, they slew the zombie girls, and finally defeated the zombie knights. Seiji's team was as unstoppable as a flowing river!

'I can reach Challenger rank with such a team behind me!

'Cough, I should stop getting sidetracked.'

This was only the second wave of enemy monsters. The most dangerous stuff would definitely come after.

A new enemy troop type appeared in the third wave of enemy monsters: magic crossbow-wielding zombie soldiers! These enemies evidently came from Nomura's story setting.

These soldiers posed little threat by themselves. However, they were incredibly numerous and quite dangerous in large numbers when they all focused fire. They became the top priority to eliminate.

A battle-hammer-wielding minotaur zombie boss monster appeared in the fourth wave of enemy monsters! This was one of the guests in the Moon Bunny Eatery: the strongest Beastman in that world.

This minotaur zombie wielded its battle hammer with astonishing might and attack power! However, its speed was relatively slow and its movements easily predictable. Seiji and Rana teamed up and managed to defeat it with just the two of them.

The fifth wave of enemy monsters contained large amounts of enemy zombie knights that were riding skeleton horses! They posed a threat due to their high-speed charges, but were otherwise actually quite easy to deal with.

The sixth wave of enemy monsters contained a small magical mecha as a boss monster! This magic mecha was equipped with all sorts of magic spells and weapons. It possessed both great attack and defense power.

Seiji and Hitaka combined to slice off its left and right legs. Natsuya cast a powerful attack spell after it was immobilized to explode the magic mecha apart.

The seventh wave contained a zombie elf wielding a longbow, a zombie warrior wielding a greatsword, a zombie samurai wielding a katana, and a zombie mage wielding a mage staff! All of these were characters that appeared as Moon Bunny Eatery's guests! They were all powerful warriors in that story.

Seiji faced the zombie warrior, Hitaka faced the samurai, Rana faced the elf archer, while Shika, Matsutani, and Ya-chan combined their efforts to kill off the mage first. The three then helped out Rana, Hitaka, and Seiji, speedily defeating these bosses!

The eighth wave contained a large magic mecha, a bone dragon, and countless zombie girls

The ninth wave contained three bone dragons, a large amount of magic crossbow zombie soldiers, and a large amount of zombie knights

The tenth wave contained two large magic mechas, as well as large amounts of magic crossbow soldiers, knights, zombie girls, and seven or eight customers from the Moon Bunny Eatery

The eleventh wave

Seiji and the others got stuck in endless battles.

Meanwhile, Miyabi and the other authors felt that they were about to reach their limit.

The world's collapse became more and more severe. The power of order they were using was growing weaker by the second. They were no longer able to take care of all the dimensional tears, and dangerous dimensional tears kept accumulating in number.

If the number of dimensional tears surpassed a certain limit, the entire banquet hall would instantly collapse, and everyone here would be swallowed up by chaos!

However, Adnan still hadn't successfully left yet.

Miyabi looked towards the blonde curly-haired prince to see that he was almost entirely covered in black mist now. The light connecting him to the void hole in the ceiling was so powerful that it even seemed solid it seemed like he was almost completely ready.

But, they still might not be able to hold out for long enough!

Just as she was worrying so, Miyabi suddenly sensed that the power of order suddenly lost one of its pillars of support.

Yuuko Hashimoto had collapsed.

She had been seriously injured earlier during the search for Shousei Maishi, so now, she was the first one unable to withstand the mental burden anymore as she spent herself entirely and collapsed!

"Hashimoto-san!" Nomura shouted.

There was no response.

Maishi, who was the closest to where Yuuko collapsed, reflexively wanted to go and check on her condition.

"Don't be distracted by anything! Continue stabilizing this space with the power of order!" Miyabi commanded him. "The most important thing right now is to protect this space!!"

Maishi instantly stopped in his movements, nodded, and went back to focusing on using the power of order.

Since Yuuko had collapsed, that meant even more pressure on the remaining authors.

Miyabi was beginning to feel a headache.

Seiji and the others were too busy dealing with the endless amounts of enemy monsters to come help them. And even if they did have the free time, they didn't have the ability of the power of order that the authors did in this world, which was the only ability that could fix the dimensional tears.

Not long after, Yoshida was no longer able to bear the mental burden and collapsed as well.

Following him was Nomura. He said "I'm sorry" before being the third to collapse.

Miyabi felt her head beginning to pound with intense pain. Her vision became hazy as well.

She gritted her teeth and did her best to hang on, fixing the dimensional tears. A moment later, she saw Maishi suddenly kneel on the ground before collapsing as well.

Miyabi was now the only author with the power of order still standing.

Her headache became even fiercer, and her entire body was now trembling.

"Goodbye, cat onee-san"

The ghost child Ya-chan who was currently fighting on the frontlines turned around to look back at her and said goodbye with a smile before it transformed into a mist that disappeared.

Seiji saw this and hurriedly turned to look behind him. He saw that apart from Miyabi, everyone else from the authors' defense line had collapsed!

It also seemed evident that Miyabi was at her limits.

'Is this no good? Am I going to have to load?'

Just as he began to think this, he suddenly heard Prince Adnan speak up, "Thank you all everyone from another world"

The black mist enveloping the blonde curly-haired prince suddenly evaporated and revealed a middle school boy insteadShoutarou Rinura.

At the exact same time, the magic walls sealing off the portal back to Seiji's world vanished.

Mission complete!

It was now time to retreat.

"Natsuya!" Seiji glanced towards the president who was also looking in his direction. Both of them nodded at each other.

This was the time to use their ultimate ability.

[Mana Exchange]to power both of them up!

Their Mana became deeply interconnected through this, further increasing both their power levels.

Seiji felt himself heating up inside as if something was boiling. This burning sensation wiped away all his fatigue, replacing the fatigue with a seemingly endless amount of power!

The power showed in his physical appearance. His golden form became even more extravagant, and mystical spell formations appeared all around him that kept glittering. Golden trails followed after him wherever he moved, making it seem like Seiji had grown a pair of golden wings.

As for Natsuya, she was enveloped in a dark-red light containing all sorts of tiny spell formations and complex runes. It appeared as if she had put on an extravagant mage robe.

Natsuya speedily uttered an incantation and made a seal to cast a large-scale AOE attack spell...

Spell of Destruction, "Infinity Edge"!

Three circular spell formations appeared and began shooting large amounts of red mystical blades. It was as if a red thunderstorm had descended upon all the monsters in the banquet hall!

Most monsters were instantly destroyed by this powerful AOE attack spell. However, a few powerful ones were able to survive.

Seiji attacked the remaining monsters, transforming into a high speed, high attack streak of golden light that could barely be seen flashing between the monsters. He slew all the remaining monsters!

With the mage providing AOE magic and the warrior providing melee finishing blows, just the two of them managed to suppress all the enemy monsters.

"Now! Take Nomura-san and the others back to reality!"
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