Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 509

Chapter 509: You can do anything you want~
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

This sounded rather like an exaggeration just to scare them, but it was impossible to ignore the possibility.

"Apart from this possibility, there's also the fact that ever since the New Year's, the Night of One Hundred Demons and all the related mystical incidents haven't stopped occurring at all. They even seem to be increasing in magnitude which is why I've been thinking, Sensei, rather than just leaving your mysterious power as is, how about trying to use it? This way, you'll have the power to fight back if you're ever in danger." Seiji looked at Mayuzumi. "I recommend that you should try to summon something suitable with your mysterious power, such as a 'Honey Candy Girl' character who's on the side of good. Try to have your summoned characters fight for you and protect you, just like that time in Reo-chan's soul realm. While it may be risky to try summoning like this, it's even riskier to sit around and do nothing. Becoming stronger is the only correct course of action. At least, that's my personal opinion." Seiji honestly told her what he was thinking.

Mayuzumi remained silent upon hearing this.

Saki looked at her silent friend and wanted to say something. However, the moment that she was about to speak, Mayuzumi spoke up first.

"I might have already summoned a character from 'Honey Candy Girl,'" the mangaka spoke in a soft voice.

Saki and Seiji were both astonished to hear this.

"You've already done such a summoning?" Seiji was quite surprised.

"Yeah not long ago, I seem to have seen 'Idelia' when I woke up in the middle of the night," Mayuzumi stated.

Idelia was one of the main characters of "Honey Candy Girl". She was a highly popular half-demon girl who had the powers of snow and ice!

"At the time, I only saw her standing at the window and looking at me. She smiled before disappearing. Since I only saw her for a short instant, I wasn't quite certain Still, I did keep thinking about it from time to time. I really felt like it wasn't a mistaken impression."

Seiji and Saki both didn't know how to respond to this.

"Sensei, in that case, why don't you seriously try summoning her now?" Seiji asked.

Mayuzumi nodded in agreement.

She then closed her eyes and slowly opened them again several seconds later. There was now a sharp glint in her eyes as she acted as if she was holding a pen and speedily began drawing in midair.

She was concentrating on drawing her character as she envisioned.

Seiji felt as if he was watching her cast a spell when seeing Peach-sensei like this.

After the mangaka finished drawing her character on the pretend paper in midair, she slowly took the character drawing and imagined it coming to life.

"Come, Lia."

There was a sudden flash of light!

A blue mist suddenly appeared with a faint figure inside it. The mist then transformed into a starry burst of light that illuminated a silver-haired beautiful girl who wore a blue-white ancient style dress, white silk stockings, and a blue butterfly hair accessory.

'She really appeared!?'

Both Seiji and Saki widened their eyes in surprise.

Idelia an exact same version of one of the main characters from 'Honey Candy Girl' appeared right before them!

Even Mayuzumi herself was astonished. She didn't expect to succeed on the first try!

The silver-haired girl opened her sky blue eyes and smiled at the three of them.


Her sonorous voice sounded almost ethereal.

Seiji and Mayuzumi managed to confirm that this Idelia was simply an NPC spirit without her own intelligence or will just like the 'Honey Candy Girl' characters that they saw back in Reo's soul realm.

"It seems that Sensei unknowingly became an Awakened with the power to bring your characters to life," Seiji exclaimed.

With this, Mayuzumi counted as an Awakened as well. Seiji explained what the Awakened were as well as what she needed to watch out for.

"At any rate, it's good that you now have this power. Please try practicing your power appropriately in moderation, so that you can use this power to protect yourself when you need to," Seiji told her.

The mangaka nodded.

Meanwhile, the editor was still busy being astonished. Saki was completely unable to take her eyes off of Idelia who had now become an actual physical existence.

"I want to try touching her. Is that okay?" Saki asked.

"Sure," Mayuzumi responded.

And so, Saki slowly reached out and lightly touched Idelia on the shoulder.

"She feels so real." Saki couldn't help but let out a soft sigh as she felt the soft sensation of flesh.

'Any normal person who sees Idelia would likely think that she's just an incredibly high-level cosplayer,' Seiji thought to himself. He figured that she could become an internet sensation if anyone took a few pictures of her and placed them online.

"Sensei, it wouldn't happen that you'd want to take some pictures and put them on the internet, would it?" He decided to be nosy and ask about it.

"Eh?" The mangaka blinked in surprise. "Is that a bad idea?"

"Of course it's a bad idea! I just told you that the Awakened need to keep a low profile."

"Heehee, I know, I know. I was just joking." Mayuzumi smiled.

"Please try not to attract any attention."

Seiji then took another look at Idelia.

"Do you want a personal picture for yourself?" Mayuzumi asked him.

"Yes." Seiji admitted the honest truth.

After all, this was a popular character from "Honey Candy Girl" who had been given life by the creator herself! Since he was a fan, of course he would want several pictures no, several dozen pictures!

At this moment, the silver-haired girl turned towards him, smiled sweetly, and spoke in a cute manner, "You can do anything you want~"

The otaku Seiji received a heavy cannon attack from this!

At this moment, various desires welled up within him. He almost lost himself to his instinctive desires, but barely managed to restrain himself.

"Sensei, you must have controlled her into saying that, didn't you?"

Mayuzumi covered her mouth and giggled without saying anything.

'I knew it.' Seiji's cheeks twitched at this.

And then, he took out his cell phone and took all the pictures he wanted.

Mayuzumi then attempted to summon other characters from 'Honey Candy Girl'. However, all her attempts at summoning ended up failing. It appeared that she was currently only able to summon Idelia.

After staying over for a while, Seiji felt that it was time to leave. He reminded Mayuzumi and Saki to contact him if anything at all happened.

Saki was quite interested in Idelia and said that she would stay the night at Mayuzumi's apartment, to **** all she wanted er, to observe the situation.

What exactly would happen when an editor, mangaka, and their own created character spent a night together?

Seiji imagined various things as he returned home.

"What did you talk about with Yui nee-san?"

Seiji was immediately asked such a question by Hana when she contacted him and told him to have a video chat with her.

Seiji explained the contents of his conversation with Yui.

The cat-eared hat girl fell silent upon hearing this.

"I intend to do as Yui said. I shall gather Spirit-branded Retainers, create my own team, and become a faction of my own that has the capability of fighting against her," Seiji told Hana. "I shall work on this immediately after the duel against Akatsuki Mitarai."

"So, in a roundabout way, aren't you still doing exactly what I suggested before?" Hana pouted.

"I suppose, but now that I had such a discussion with Yui, it's become easier to do so." Seiji smiled.

"Hmph!" The cat-eared hat girl snorted in a classical tsundere fashion.

"At any rate, please take good care of me in the future, my dear vice-commander."

"What did you just call me?"

"Vice-commander." Seiji chuckled. "Although I now have the goal of creating my own team of Spirit-branded Retainers, I still don't exactly know how to go about doing it. I can only count on you, my dear younger sister."

Hana didn't respond to this for quite a while.

"I can see things clearly now. Even if you now have a title such as Awakened or Neo Human or whatever, you're still foundationally a scumbag. You're just different from before in the type of scumbag that you are," Hana spoke as if she was a sage that could see through everything.

"Eh? Why are you suddenly saying something like this?"

"Think about it yourself!"

"I don't understand is there a problem with asking you to be my vice-commander? I need your teachings, and I need your support. This is a position that can only be left to you," Seiji stated sincerely.

When Hana heard him saying "can only be left to you" with such incredible sincerity, she felt a strange sensation welling up with her chest. She was filled with frustration for reasons unbeknownst to herself.

'Damn it! This wretched harem protagonist bastard!!'
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