Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 511

Chapter 511: I detect the scent of something improper
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

"Yeah, I agree that something seems off."

Mika nodded in agreement after Seiji told her his opinion.

"Not only does this game require one's real name, it can't even be directly downloaded. Only by a player's recommendation and obtaining a recommendation code can this game be downloaded. Not only that, each player is limited to recommending this game only once. Not only that, it's also possible to fail when trying to apply for an account. If you fail, you must wait three days in order to try applying again."

"That sounds even stranger could the company be intentionally using these strange signup methods in order to draw attention?" Seiji rubbed his chin in contemplation.

That would be for the best. Seiji was worried about whether something mystical was behind this game, such as this game actually being a dangerous invention that some crazed professor made in order to attempt at bringing his already dead daughter back to life.

"Chiaki thinks that's what it is, but I still think it's rather strange, which is why I don't dare to play it too much."

"It's normal to be on guard against unfamiliar things. That's how it should be."

"Yeah but even though that's what I think, Anna is truly charismatic. Whenever I play with her, I'll unknowingly lose track of the time." Mika looked at her cell phone again.

"Have you recommended anyone else already?" Seiji inquired. He now wanted to download this game and take a closer look.

"I already recommended someone else. Same with Chiaki."

Mika told him that their classmates had given her and Chiaki the recommendation code for downloading this game. Then, both her and Chiaki gave a recommendation code to other classmates that also got interested in this game.

Seiji now understood the situation as he looked towards Chiaki.

Chiaki was still addicted to the game and had that same foolish expression on her face.

Seiji took out his cell phone and took a picture of her foolish manner to commemorate this rare sight before he called out to her.

"No matter how fun the game is, don't get too addicted to it," he warned her seriously.

"I know, Big Bro Seiji~" Chiaki pouted. "I just started playing, and I think it's quite interesting, which is why I'm having too much fun to stop for now. I won't truly become a NEET or anything like that."

Seiji felt as if Chiaki was planting a flag for herself here.

"It's fine as long as you can control yourself. If you really get too addicted, I'm going to have to educate you."

"How are you intending to train me?"

"First, I'll tie you up, and then no wait, that's not it! I said educate, not train!" Seiji almost fell for her wordplay trap. "I shall give you the iron fist of justice, and then delete your game account."

"That's terrible! You'd actually dare to kill my wife? That's so cruel!" Chiaki clutched her cell phone and shivered.

"Stop saying something like an otaku would! I'm the otaku here!" Seiji told her in a serious manner.

Mika was rendered speechless.

The Anna in Mika's cell phone smiled and spoke up, "Things sound quite lively out there."

The double pigtailed girl looked at her and tapped on the "Temporarily leave" option.

"You must be about to go to school with your friends," the white lace dress girl said goodbye gently as the screen turned dark. "Be careful on your way, Mika."

Seiji, Mika, Chiaki, and Kaede whom they met along the way all went to Genhana High School together.

"Two nights ago, I participated in Thunderbolt Literature's Newcomer Author Awards ceremony" Seiji told them about the incident that occurred there.

Mika and the others were astonished to learn that he had experienced yet another mystical adventure.

"Several hundred people got involved this time. This might have ended up really badly." Seiji sighed.

Everyone fell silent for a moment.

"Mystical incidents might end up becoming incredible disasters or tragedies, which is why you all need to pay attention to anything that seems off around you, such as that cell phone game that the two of you are playing," Seiji told Mika and Chiaki. "If that 'Anna' is just a cell phone game, that's fine, but what if there's actually something hidden within it? If something happens later, perhaps both of you will be dragged into it. That's no laughing matter."

Mika and Chiaki exchanged awkward glances with each other.

"So, your opinion is that we should give up on playing this game?"

"I think it'll be best if you stop playing it until we find out exactly what it is. Still, both of you have played it for several days already with no apparent negative consequences. Perhaps I'm just thinking too much into it." Seiji looked at them. "I'll speak to Natsuya about this game, and if possible, have her look into it. If you want to play it and have fun, that's fine. Just make sure to not get too addicted."

He then looked towards Kaede.

"Juumonji-sensei, you should pay attention as well. Please tell me if any students come to you because they feel unwell after playing this 'Anna' cell phone game for too much."

"Sure thing, Seiji." Kaede smiled and nodded.

Both Mika and Chiaki's expressions froze over slightly to hear Kaede addressing Seiji in such an intimate fashion.

They both turned their heads to look at the blonde health teacher/infirmary nurse before both turning to look at the handsome youth.

"I detect the scent of something improper." Chiaki started acting like a famous detective. "Inspector Mika, what do you make of this?"

"I believe that a crime has occurred, Detective Chiaki." Mika began narrowing her eyes.

"Crime, the hell!" Seiji felt rather awkward about this. "She merely called me by name."

"That's not something to be described with the word 'merely'. The fact that she's changed the way she addresses you means that something special happened between you! My deduction is that something improper between teacher and student must have occurred!" Chiaki adjusted some imaginary eyeglasses.

"Not at all! Nothing improper occurred whatsoever. I'm innocent!" Seiji averted his gaze.

"Your guilty expression has already betrayed you! You must have done something Juumonji-sensei, please give us a victim's statement!" Chiaki turned towards Kaede.

"I wasn't a victim, but I can give you a statement if you like." Kaede had a wide grin. "That was an unforgettable night"

"Sensei!" Seiji had an expression of "Please don't mess around with me like that."

Inspector Mika was now giving off an aura as if she was transforming into her evil side!

"I really didn't do anything. It was just that something happened at the Juumonji Family's residence, so I helped out a little, causing my relationship to become closer to Sensei," Seiji explained.

"I don't think that's all that occurred. The prime suspect is withholding many important details." Something flashed in Chiaki's eyes.

"The details aren't important. Please don't mind!"

"They're quite important to me. After all, that was my first time"


The commotion caused by this lasted for quite a while.

Kaede finally chuckled and stopped intentionally fooling around.

"It's just as Seiji said. He helped my family, which helped to improve our relationship." Kaede smiled as she explained. "Nothing improper happened, even though I wanted something like that to happen. He simply refused to cooperate"

"As for the specifics of what happened, please leave that to your imagination."

Chiaki didn't pursue the matter anymore after hearing this.

After all, with her intelligence that was on the level of a famous detective's, she already guessed the general situation that must have occurred.

Mika had a complex expression as she glared at Seiji for a while before averting her gaze.

Seiji could only smile wryly.

When Seiji arrived at the president's residence, he mentioned the suspicious cell phone game named "Anna" to Natsuya.

Natsuya agreed to investigate it later when she had the spare time.

"The duel equipment that Haruta-san er, your younger sister is providing for you has arrived. I had it placed in your room," Natsuya told Seiji.

His dueling equipment!

Seiji was rather curious just what equipment Hana would provide to him.

He immediately went to his room in Natsuya's residence and found a silver briefcase inside.

The briefcase was sealed. There appeared to be no physical way to open it up.

Seiji sent a message to Hana, and she responded almost instantly. She told him the magical way to open it along with the corresponding password.

He then put the briefcase on the floor and injected Mana into the handle.

A black spell formation instantly appeared on the briefcase, showing a number pad.

Seiji entered the correct password into the numpad with his other hand.

The spell formation faded and the silver briefcase automatically opened. A large humanoid model slowly rose up from the black spell formation inside the briefcase. This model was wearing an entire set of equipment!
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