Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 528

Chapter 528: Too fierce
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

Did Natsuya see incorrectly?

Natsuya was certain that she saw Shika smiling for a brief instant.

As for what that smile exactly meant, she was uncertain. Although Shika's smile made Natsuya feel uncomfortable, she felt more astonishment.

"What's the matter, Natsuya?" Seiji noticed the change of expression that went over Natsuya's face.

"It's nothing" Natsuya decided against pursuing the matter and retracted her gaze.

Seiji, Shika, and Natsuya then went to the spellcasting room together.

Shika walked to the center of the Yin Yang diagram on the floor and looked towards Seiji.

Seiji exchanged glances with her.

Both of them smiled gently. It was evident that they were on the same wavelength.

Natsuya, who observed this, felt even more uncomfortable now.

They began the ceremony.

"Now, please answer me. What is your name?"

"Shika Kagura."

"Are you willing to accept, with the Spirits of Heaven, the Souls of the Earth, the Azure Dragon of the East, the White Tiger of the West, the Vermillion Bird of the South, the Black Turtle of the North, and the Yellow Dragon of the Center as your witnesses, and sign a contract with me?"

"I am." Although something flashed in Shika's eyes, she responded calmly with a voice that contained deep emotions.

"Then, with my blood as the contract, and my seal as the catalyst, I shall summon a spirit from the heavens and earth upon your body, to become your strength and fight for my cause"

Seiji uttered the incantation and cast the spell for a spirit summoning.

A powerful existence which possessed the power of ice magic approached Shika and the two of them instantly started combining.

"Spirit, descend! I summon thee as a Spirit-branded Retainer!! I decree it so!"

The ice magic wielding existence entered Shika's body!

At this moment, Seiji felt as if he heard a song in the distance, which felt icy yet passionate. It seemed as if he could see a scene of nothing but snow before him. When he turned to look, there was a smiling blue-haired, white-clothed girl.

"I've finally met you" she spoke some faint words.

Seiji felt as if he received a heavy impact! Countless scenes flashed through his mind at high speed, together with countless sounds. Then, he felt a fierce dizziness overtaking him as if he transformed into pure chaos


Natsuya's voice helped him to regain his senses.

His head was still rather dizzy, and he discovered that he was half kneeling with one knee on the ground.

'What just happened?' Seiji was mystified.

"What happened to you?" Natsuya asked out of concern.

She just witnessed him trembling and then kneeling as if he was under some sort of attack. However, she noticed nothing unusual even with her Astral Vision.

"I suddenly felt dizzy." Seiji rubbed his head.

Could it be that something went wrong with the contracting ceremony!? Seiji hurriedly looked over to his adopted sister to see that she had her eyes closed and was standing there quietly.

"Shika-chan!" Seiji stood up and rushed over.

Shika slowly opened her eyes and looked at him.

"Are you alright?" Seiji was quite worried.

Shika didn't respond. However, her white face was speedily becoming redder.


She uttered a seductive sound while collapsing in his arms!

Seiji was rendered speechless.

It looked like the expected occurrence happened yet againthe side effect of being strengthened by his Mana!

Shika hugged him tightly and rubbed her face against him while moaning. She seemed just like a cat trying to act spoiled.

Previously, he had arranged with Natsuya to have her take care of Shika when she inevitably underwent this situation. However, Shika currently seemed like she had no intentions of letting go of him.

And so, Seiji could only bear with Natsuya's icy gaze as he hugged his adopted younger sister who had gone strange while waiting for her to calm down.

Natsuya didn't want to watch this situation at all. However, she felt as if she would somehow lose if she walked away right now, so she stood where she was and watched them icily.

Seiji felt that his adopted younger sister who was under this "Mana infusion" condition was quite hot as she lay in his arms. Meanwhile, Natsuya's gaze upon his back felt freezing.

Was he experiencing a trial of ice and fire?

Seiji felt like this was a "sour yet pleasing" sensation. He had no idea what expression was currently on his face.

Some time later, Shika returned to normal.

She slowly let go of him and shyly lowered her head.

"Are you alright?" Seiji carefully inquired.

"I'm fine" Shika responded softly.

"Seiji, you said that you were feeling somewhat dizzy earlier. How are you feeling now?" Natsuya asked him a question.

"I feel fine now." Seiji turned towards her while rubbing his head. "I no longer feel dizzy at all."

"What exactly did you feel just earlier?"

"My head suddenly started throbbing, and I discovered that I was kneeling when I returned to my senses."

"It might be that your Mana is slightly unsteady." Natsuya glanced over him. "Although I can't find anything wrong with you, just in case, you should go to the hospital later for a checkup."

Seiji nodded and then turned to look at his adopted younger sister.

Shika raised her face, revealing her red cheeks and eyes that contained a flirtatious expression. She was faintly giving off an alluring feminine scent.

It was just as if she had experienced No, no! What was he thinking of! All he did just now was to strengthen her with his Mana, nothing apart from that at all!

Seiji forcefully stopped his own fantasies.

"Shika-chan, what spirit did you receive?" he asked his adopted younger sister.

"Snow Girl."

"As expected, Snow Girl again."

"Her name is Yukirai."

"Yukirai" Seiji felt an indescribable subtle emotion within him upon hearing this name. "Who gave her this name?"

"She didn't say," Shika responded.

A Snow Girl spirit named Yukirai Seiji felt like this should be important, but didn't know why it would be important to him.

Forget it, he decided to leave this topic alone.

"So, the contracting ritual was a success thank you for becoming my Spirit-branded Retainer, Shika-chan." Seiji smiled.

"I'm grateful to you for accepting me as your Spirit-branded Retainer, Brother Seiji."

Shika smiled back, revealing a gentle and incredibly beautiful expression containing her deep emotions.

Later that night, when Seiji figured Shika was probably on her bed already, he opened up his system and checked the [Spirit-branded Retainer Contract] option in his system.

His system now indicated that [Shika Kagura] was [Contracted] to him. She now fulfilled the requirements for the [Connectivity Contract].

By signing this [Connectivity Contract] in his system, the amount of Spiritual Power that Shika drained from him for the contract would be reduced to 10 points only. Not only that, she would receive greater power and growth potential compared to the normal Yin Yang Master contract, along with awakening new skills!

There were many benefits. He felt that he had to use it.

Although Seiji felt that Shika would definitely be strengthened by this additional contract, he was worried that she would feel an even stronger abnormal sensation, just like when she underwent the contracting ceremony.

This was why he only started on this after Shika returned to her room and Seiji figured she was probably resting in bed.

"I'm sorry, Shika-chan. I hope you can bear with this for a little while."

Seiji felt apologetic as he chose [Confirm] in his system and signed a [Connectivity Contract] with her!

The next moment, Shika who was in her room received a sudden impact!

"Mmmm~~~" She was unable to control herself and began moaning.

This was the third time already.

The first time was during the contracting ceremony, the second time was when she was taking a shower, and this was the third time and it felt stronger than the first two times combined!!

Shika stuffed a corner of her blanket into her mouth in an effort to stop herself from shouting out loudly. However, the warm feeling coursing through her body became more and more stimulating. Her body was numb, as if something electric was running through her. Shika's indescribable sensation of comfort kept increasing

'No don't it's too fierce'

That was all she could think of before her mind gradually went blank. She didn't know where she was anymore, or what she was doing. She simply felt like she was continuing to fly upwards, floating, soaring, ascending entering some venerated realm that was filled with light.

'This feels too amazing'

Shika, who had reached the pinnacle of comfort, faintly perceived something in this unknown realm
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