Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 538

Chapter 538: Indeed, I am insane
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

Everyone fell silent after Kazufuru's outburst.

Kazufuru stood up without waiting for Natsuya and the others to say anything and silently walked out of the student council room of his own volition.

He stopped thinking about anything entirely and let his mind stay blank. He wandered around aimlessly as he walked out of Genhana High School and onto the streets.

The sky was cloudy and the wind was chilly. It was evident that it was about to rain. Everyone still out on the street moved at a brisk pace, not wanting to be caught in the rain.

Kazufuru, however, walked around rather slowly with a hollow expression. Only when icy-cold raindrops fell upon him did he regain his senses.

Even though the cold rain was drenching him, he still didn't quicken his pace. He continued walking slowly until he entered a nearby coffee caf.

Kazufuru found a table to sit down at. A server brought him a cup of hot water and a small towel.

Kazufuru wiped himself using the towel and ordered a cup of coffee. He then sat there quietly.

Once the coffee arrived, Kazufuru didn't even touch it. Instead, he merely continued to sit there in silence.

"Hey bro, what's the matter?" A gray-jacketed man sat down across from him. "Why do you have such a grim expression that's even darker than the weather?"

Kazufuru glanced at the gray-jacketed man and then chose to ignore him.

"My guess is that you're having love troubles." The gray-jacketed man smiled.

Kazufuru began to frown.

"Your love rival is more handsome than you are, taller, better at sports, has higher grades, and also richer than you, am I right?" the gray-jacketed man continued speaking.

"You've always worked so hard, wanting to get closer to the girl that you like. However, she doesn't spare even a single glance for you and has ignored all of your efforts, am I right?

"It's almost Valentine's Day, and that girl is preparing her homemade love chocolate for your love rival, while she only intends to give you some cheap friend chocolate just like she gives to all her other classmates, am I right?"

The gray-jacketed man asked three "am I right?" questions in quick succession. Although he was asking, he didn't seem doubtful of the answers at all. He sounded quite confident that he was right.

Kazufuru's frown grew even deeper.

"None of your business!" he growled in a low voice.

"It seems that I'm on the mark." The gray-jacketed man chuckled. "Indeed, it's none of my business, as I'm simply a random person passing by. There's plenty of men out there with experiences just like yours, bro. I can find people like you anywhere. I'm not so bored that I chat all of you up. I'm simply talking to you because you're rather special, bro."

Kazufuru icily glanced at the gray-jacketed man.

"I have a new product here that I'd like to find a suitable person to test out for me. I just happened to see someone like you who has the talent to use it, bro. I suppose this is fate." The gray-jacketed man reached into his pocket and brought out a small wooden box and placed it on the table. "This product has the ability to help the user kill whomever he hates."

"Haha." Kazufuru chuckled condescendingly in an icy manner.

"It would seem that you don't believe me. That's fine. After all, anyone like me that comes to chat up someone with love troubles like you probably sounds like a scammer." The gray-jacketed man smiled. "However, I'm no scammer. First of all, I don't want any money. I'll give you this item for free. Also, after I give you this item, you can't tell anyone about this, otherwise you'll die. Not only that, you'll die within five days if you don't use this item. Finally, I'm going to erase part of your memories, so that you only remember this conversation you had with me but forget what I looked like, along with where and when you met me."

Kazufuru's expression froze over slightly before it became even more condescending.

"You're not a scammer, you're just insane." He chuckled coldly.

"You're absolutely right. Indeed, I am insane." The gray-jacketed man smiled and nodded. "Now, let me tell you how to use this item. It's quite simple. All you have to do is be within four meters of the person you hate. Look at him for four seconds, and have killing intent in your mind while saying 'Kill' four times to yourself out loud. The only thing you need to note is that you can't have others see you doing this."

The gray-jacketed man then opened the wooden box.

Kazufuru saw a green crystal inside the box. This green crystal had constantly moving blood-red runes etched upon it and was flashing abnormally.

Just as he widened his eyes in surprise, the gray-jacketed man flicked his fingers and caused Kazufuru's mouth to be opened by an invisible force. Then, this strange green crystal flew straight into his mouth and entered his stomach!


'What the hell is this!?'

That was Kazufuru's final thought before he fell unconscious.


Kazufuru suddenly woke up back in his own bed at home.

He felt like his chest was burning up, as if he had been branded. It was incredibly painful!

He wanted to scream; he wanted to get out of bed. However, he was completely unable to move.


Kazufuru really wanted to scream for help, but he was only able to make a low groaning sound.

His eyes were hazy and tearing up.

A sharp pain caused him to be unable to think about anything at all. He felt as if he was dying, and almost wanted to die to escape from the pain. However, his consciousness remained frustratingly clear throughout the process.

Luckily, the pain lasted only for a while before it soon disappeared. He was able to move his body again.

"What just happened"

The excellent student regained the ability to think and recalled the conversation he had just earlier. He recalled eating no, that his body was invaded by something strange!

Not only that, he couldn't even remember what the man looked like, when this conversation happened, and where it happened!!

What time was it now?

Kazufuru pulled out his cell phone and checked the time to see that it was 2:00 A.M. on Tuesday morning!

The last memory he had was that he sullenly left the student council room on Monday afternoon.

As for what happened after that and what he experienced, he had zero recollection.

Just like what the person in the conversation told him his memories had been erased!

Kazufuru began to panic.

That man was no ordinary person. He must have been a Spiritual Ability user!

Kazufuru never expected to meet such a person. He never believed in Spiritual Ability users' existence before this!!!

Kazufuru had participated in discussing this topic at school before. However, he only viewed it as a pop culture phenomenon, and was only talking about it to follow the trend. He was someone who never believed in demons or Spiritual Ability users and so on.

Yet, this time, he unmistakably came across such a mystical incident!

Kazufuru began to panic and feel fear.

'What should I do?

'I need to call the police No, calling the police will probably be useless. Not only that, that person said that I'd die if I told anyone!

'I can't tell anyone I can't ask for help and I'll die if I don't use this thing within five days

'If I want to live, I don't have any other choice. I have to use this thing within me, to kill!'

Kazufuru began envisioning Seigo Harano in his mind.

'Do I hate him?

'Of course I hate him!

'If it wasn't for him, none of this would have happened!!

'I should kill Seigo Harano so that I can live. This will be fine. There's no problems!'

An icy gaze appeared in the excellent student's eyes.

'Using something magical like this to kill someone won't possibly be solved by the police. Nobody will know that I did it!

'And in the end, I was forced into it!!

'I'm only doing this so that I can live the real criminal is that man. I'm not in the wrong! I'm not committing any crime!!'

Kazufuru even felt somewhat joyous as he thought about this. It was as if his pent-up emotions were finally being vented.

He didn't even know what his current expression was anymore.

If only he looked in a mirror right now, he probably would have found himself unfamiliar and scary. After all, his expression was basically...

Just like that of a demon's.
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