Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 54

"Ex-girlfriend, you say?"

Seiji sat opposite from Chiaki; he was currently seated in a reversed chair, supporting his chin with both hands as he stared directly at her.

"Thats right, ex-girlfriend." Chiaki sighed.

"What type of ex-girlfriend?"

"Probably Exactly the type that youre thinking about."

"Ah, so you swung that way!"

"Well, accurately speaking, Im actually bisexual." Chiaki also propped up her face with her hands and suddenly revealed a sultry expression: "By the way, Ive never had an ex-boyfriend~"

Seiji was rendered speechless by her abrupt display of emotion.

Mikas face slowly began to redden.

"C Chiaki, honestly"

"Oh my, was it too much stimulation for our innocent and lovely Mika?" Chiaki chuckled as she looked towards her friends direction. "Thats exactly why I never told you Well, of course it was also because I didnt want to talk about it."

"I have a premonition; a strong prediction that the following content may be mid-level restricted, or maybe even powerful high-level restricted access content," Seiji said in a mock-serious tone. "So, Mika, go ahead and leave first! Dont mind me; Ill stay behind and take the hit for you Come, Chiaki! Give me your best shot!"

"Seigo no, Seiji, your face is distorting!" Mika coldly glanced at the boy who was currently acting slightly idiotic and showing a hint of anticipation for the upcoming steamy topic.

"Haha, its nothing like that. Its only low-level restricted content; as I was still purer back then, I didnt do anything too overboard." Chiaki rubbed her cheek in embarrassment.

She really did do it with a girl before!?

Seiji and Mika both felt like they suffered a serious impact before Seiji began cackling, while Mikas blush deepened even more.

"While I was in middle school, I was at Shimizu Middle School, which was a supposed high-class girls school that prided itself on its dormitories, discipline, and high grades." Chiaki recalled her past. "When I first began attending there, I was already a rather boyish girl. I didnt want to change myself even in that environment, no matter how the teachers lectured me. Perhaps because it was during my rebellious phase, I turned even more boyish. I was very popular with the girls, so I pretended I was like an actual boy and attempted to get close to them, and doing some certain things with them."

"Could you add some more details about the last part?"


The idiotic boy was forced to close his mouth with a slap to the face.

"That may have been the best time of my life! Middle school girls are so soft and delicious~"


The idiotic girl was also suppressed with a smack.

Judge Mika placed both hands on her hips as she viciously glared at both of her friends.

"Talk only about the important things."

"Yes, maam" Chiaki rubbed her head where she was smacked.

"At any rate, back then, I was basically a girl acting like a boy. In fact, I was a bit of a playboy: I dated various cute girls, doing this and that, and lost myself in their admiration and flirtation."

What an envious lifestyle! Seiji kept his mouth tightly shut, but he shouted a comment inside his heart.

If it wasnt for the fact that Chiaki was a girl, this type of experience would probably stir intense feelings of jealousy within many boys.

But unless you were a girl, you wouldnt be able to go to a girls school Although that wasnt always necessarily the case

"And so, I became a second-year middle school student. But thats when I met her."

Seiji returned to his senses since Chiaki continued to tell her story.

"She was different from the other girls around me She was exceedingly beautiful and gave others a quiet impression. She wasnt particularly friendly with me, nor did she dislike me. She had a few friends she would converse with, but she also often read books by herself. She I dont know when, but she became a special existence to me."

Chiaki looked outside the window as she muttered; it was obvious that she was lost in her recollections.

Seiji and Mika exchanged glances and allowed Chiaki to continue uninterrupted.

"After discovering that I had completely fallen in love with her, I began trying my best to vie for her love. This was obviously a difficult process, since towards me no, towards everybody, there was a type of distance she kept from us all. I stopped all my interactions with every girl I was intimate with and concentrated fully on her; I tried every method I could think of, but I was rejected on every instance. This situation persisted until my third year in middle school."

Chiaki paused and slowly stood up, without taking her gaze from the scenery outside the window.

"Due to my constant advances, her attitude did soften towards me, but even so, I failed to see any hope with her. I didnt have any ideas how I should progress, so I thought that perhaps being able to befriend her would be a good result. However, on one night"

Chiakis face had a complex, contradictory expression that seemed like a half-smile, half-frown and was happy yet lonely.

"After that night... the relationship between us changed. Even though I wondered what happened to her, I was happier at being able to finally get closer to her. We became lovers, and when I said that out in public, she didnt deny it either. We stuck together for a long, long time, and made many pleasant memories. Until our graduation approached."

Chiakis expression turned downcast.

"I thought that wed be able to continue going to the same high school together and have more fun times. But, she told me many things. Afterwards, I was disconsolate, and I wept uncontrollably. She also shed many, many tears, but her attitude remained resolute. And so we broke up. She didnt go to the high school attached to that school, and as if I was escaping, I transferred schools as well."

Chiaki finally stopped gazing out the window, instead fixing her gaze on her two good friends once again.

"I never changed my cell phone number I probably should have changed it and deleted her number. But, just earlier I received a phone call from her."

The tomboy forced herself to laugh and hid her melancholy expression.

"What do you think? Its not much of a story, right?"

Mikas face was bright red, and she was evidently lost for words.

"Indeed, its not much of a story You skipped over all the juicy parts! Wakaba-sensei, youre skimping on the word count!"

"Oh my, Im so sorry! The final edition is still in the writing process, so please wait a little longer~"

"Please tell me the expected publication date!"

"Oh, in approximately 100 years or so."

"Thats way too late!" Seiji clutched his head.

Mika silently watched the two of them playing around.

"So, what do you intend to do about the second season?" Seiji suddenly stopped joking around and asked in a serious tone.

"Mm It doesnt count as a second season. I think at the very most it will only be a special extra episode." Chiaki tilted her head. "Honestly, even now I dont know what I should do about her."

Her tone was simultaneously self-deprecating and helpless.

"The phone call was most likely about wanting to meet you again or something like that." Seiji observed her expression and advised solemnly, "Then go and meet her! If things go well, you can get back together again; if not, you can just treat it as meeting an old friend."

"You make it sound so easy" Chiaki pouted.

This was the first time that shed ever used such an expression, and it was actually quite cute.

"Then you dont want to go?"

"I didnt say that either"

Seiji tugged at his lips.

"Fine then; just stay conflicted! When youre done deciding, let me know. I still need to go to work, so see you later!"

"Youre so heartless! Abandoning me at such a time; have you forgotten about all those marvelous days and nights we spent together?" Chiaki complained jokingly.

"I havent spent any evenings together with you! Dont say it like we have a relationship that could be easily misunderstood!"

After commenting forcefully as always, Seiji turned around and waved.

"Sorry guys, but I really do need to go work now; the highest-level person is waiting for me."

Although Seijis words didnt contain any falsehoods, Mika and Chiaki naturally assumed he was referring to the confectionery store owner. They would never have imagined that he was talking about a mafia boss.

The two beauties watched Seiji leave the classroom.

"Sheesh That Seiji, always joking around." Mika sighed.

"Hes trying his best in his own way to help my melancholia dissipate." Chiakis lips arced upwards: "Im quite thankful to him; its really comforting to have him by our sides."

"Chiaki" Mika glanced at her friend and was forced to admit that if it had just been the two of them, the atmosphere wouldnt have been this relaxed.

Indeed, she was still unable to follow their leads.

Perhaps she should seriously try to study forceful retorts and casual jokes? The pigtailed girl was soon trapped in this line of thought.

Chiaki continued to stare in the direction Seiji left from as her eyes glistened with an indescribable light. After a while, she finally squinted warily at Mika.

"Mika, I need to apologize to you beforehand."


"Because I want Seiji to become my boyfriend."

Mika couldnt comprehend what she had just heard.

A few seconds later.

"Eh? EHHH" Her panicked shouting resounded throughout the entire classroom.

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