Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 541

Chapter 541: Just act like a proper victor
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

Seigo who was usually so blindingly handsome already was actually such a flashy golden existence?

Kazufuru was unable to think any further as his body started rampaging out of control again, swinging his claw towards Seigo!

Seiji jumped up and dodged the attack, counterattacking with a whirlwind kick in midair! His kick landing on the demon's body caused a loud cracking sound.

Doubtlessly, no ordinary person would be able to resist such a demon. Yet, for Seiji, this monster didn't even count as very strong.

The demon roared as it continuously waved its claws. Seiji calmly dodged the attacks and counterattacked, with each and every hit causing tons of damage!

Moments later, the demon was defeated.


The demon's horns started glowing blindingly as it roared!

Green crystals popped out of a red mist and rushed towards the demon's horns.

The demon's horns absorbed the red mist, causing the gigantic demon's injuries to swiftly start healing!

A sharp glint appeared in Seiji's eyes as he rushed forward and transformed into a golden light as he jumped onto the demon's horns, intending to destroy them.

However, the demon roared and exploded with dark-red mist all around it, sending out a powerful shock wave!

Seiji was sent blasting away. He was blown roughly seven to eight meters away before backflipping and landing on the ground.

The dark-red mist wrapped around the demon's body and formed a barrier. Its injuries were fully healed, and it stood up with a stronger aura than before.

"Gragh!!!" it shouted deafeningly while continuing a vicious onslaught against Seiji!

The demon's attacks all included shock waves with a large area of effect. Seiji was unable to dodge these shock waves.

Meanwhile, Seiji's counterattacks were all obstructed by the demon's barrier and were no longer as effective.

"Harano-san" Kazufuru's remaining consciousness was just like a candle flickering in the wind.

He wanted to be saved, but it appeared that saving him would be quite difficult.

He bore with the pain while watching his classmate fight for him. Kazufuru suddenly felt incredibly tired.

'Why not just give up?

'Why not just die? That will be the easiest. After all, death is simply eternal rest.


'Stop being so foolish!

'I don't want to die! I can't die!! I have to live!!!

'Seigo Harano who's trying to help me hasn't even lost yet, so what's with me giving up first!? That would be too humiliating!!

'I, Kazufuru Ooike, am not someone who's only at such a level!!!'

The excellent student retorted against his own thoughts and forced his consciousness to keep struggling.

The demon's movements suddenly slowed.

"Now!" Seiji saw this as an opportunity to cast a spell he had prepared.

Mystical blade, "White Lotus"!

A powerful white light instantly gathered in his hand and formed the shape of a longsword! It gave off a holy aura.

This was a spell that he learned just recently, which was capable of materializing a spiritual sword as a weapon. Or, it could be used as an enchantment on a physical sword to increase its power. This spell also had cleansing properties, and would be super effective against certain types of enemies such as the large demon currently before him.

Seiji jumped up into the air and sliced!

There was a golden flash with successive white arcs that sliced through the barrier and cut off one of the demon's horns!!


The dark-red mist barrier instantly collapsed and the large demon roared in pain. It collapsed for the second time.

Seiji took this opportunity to cancel the spiritual sword and went forward with his fists instead.

"Ora ora ora ora ora!"

Seiji viciously beat the monster into complete submission!!

Kazufuru didn't even know what to say or think at this.

Seiji then immediately created a seal and cast [Evolved Cleansing].

A golden spell formation appeared together with a blinding light that dispelled the thick mist!

Kazufuru felt his pain rapidly disappearing as the sensation of his physical body gradually returned to him, while his consciousness also started getting hazy

Kazufuru opened his eyes.

He discovered that he was lying on the dojo's floor with Seigo Harano sitting beside him. Seigo was looking at a green crystal in his hand.

"That's" Kazufuru recognized this crystal as the abnormal object which invaded his body!

"You're awake now, Ooike-san." Seiji looked towards the excellent student. "How do you currently feel?"

Kazufuru sat up and silently tried feeling what condition his body was in.

"I feel fine nothing seems off.

"That's good, since that means the curse was successfully dispelled from you." Seiji indicated the crystal-like object in his hand. "This is the cursed item that was within you."

Kazufuru checked the crystal and saw that it was cracked and that the moving blood-red runes were no longer present.

"What exactly is this?"

"I'm not sure, either. At any rate, it's a cursed item that can transform someone into a monster." Seiji paused for a moment. "Now that it's been dispelled, there's nothing more that you need to be afraid of. Could you tell me how this item entered your body in the first place?"

Kazufuru fell silent for a moment.

"I don't recall specifically when, where, or what person cursed me. I only remember what he told me" Kazufuru explained what he remembered.

Seiji attentively listened to Kazufuru and silently thought to himself.

Kazufuru looked at Seiji.

"Harano-san, what about yourself?"


"Are you alright? Were you injured?"

Seiji blinked in surprise and smiled.

"I'm fine. No need to worry."

Kazufuru took a long glance at Seiji.

"That's good, then" He averted his gaze and continued in a soft voice, "Thank you for saving me."

"No need for thanks. I simply did what I could," Seiji responded.

Kazufuru wanted to say something more, but didn't know what to say. He could only remain silent.

They both remained silent for quite a while.

"You should return home, Ooike-san." Seiji stood up. "Return home and have a good rest, and enjoy Valentine's Day tomorrow."

"It's almost like an insult hear that I should enjoy Valentine's Day when it's coming from you." Kazufuru stood up as well.

"I didn't mean it as an insult."

"I know. Still, that's what it sounded like from my perspective."

"What should I have said then?"

"There's no need to worry about me. Just act like a proper victor."

Kazufuru's calm words were an admittance of defeat.

'You're actually really cool, Seigo Harano.

'You're cool and handsome. It's only natural that you would become a winner in life.

'There's no need for you to worry about a loser's feelings of inferiority or jealousy, because none of it has to do with you.

'On Valentine's Day you should just enjoy your life as a victor.

'Happy Valentine's Day, Harano-san.

'I'll pay back this favor I owe you for saving my life but I have no idea how to pay you back, so I won't tell you out loud. You'll probably just say that there's no need, anyways.

'If I ever have the chance, I'll definitely pay back this favor I owe you! Not for your sake, but for my own pride.

'I'm a loser and an idiot. But no matter what, I shall live on in my own way,' Kazufuru thought to himself.

The two of them separated after leaving the Juumonji residence.

'Kazufuru Ooike met with a killing curse, which is far unluckier than simply catching a cold but this will also help him to mature.' That was what Seiji believed.

He could tell that the student council secretary had a different look in his eyes compared to before. Kazufuru had changed for the better.

Seiji felt that Kazufuru would become someone even more outstanding and popular in the future.

But no matter what, Seiji was destined to never become friends with him.

The foundational reason for that was...

"Good evening, Natsuya."

"Good evening, Seiji."

"There's something I'd like to tell you about in person. Is it alright to come over right now?"

"Of course."

Seiji hung up the call after a short and simple conversation and headed to her residence.
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