Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 542

Chapter 542: Valentines Day
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

Seiji arrived at Natsuya's residence and met with her to explain the incident that befell Kazufuru.

"This is the item I retrieved after dispelling the curse more accurately speaking, Yomi's power helped to forcefully restore this item." Seiji placed the green crystal on the table.

It was mostly thanks to the female spirit Yomi that he had been able to dispel the curse and successfully obtain this crystal.

"I suspect that this crystal has to do with the 'Messengers'. This is highly likely to be one of their new 'products' after producing the 'Bliss' drug," Seiji stated seriously.

Natsuya carefully looked over the green crystal.

"I can't tell anything about it. It will have to undergo an analysis."

"Will Ooike-kun get involved in this again?"

"After the analysis is complete, I'll see what things are like before deciding whether or not to report about this to my family."

Seiji nodded.

"The person who gave this item to Ooike-san said that he needed Ooike-san to 'test out' this product for him. In that case, he's likely to come looking for Ooike-san again to confirm the results."

"I'll send someone to watch over Ooike-kun in a bit."

"Ooike-san's memories are the best clue, but it's unlikely for them to recover. Besides, even if he does recover his memories, it's questionable whether that man was using his real appearance."


Both Seiji and Natsuya fell silent.

Seiji felt that there was nothing more to say, so he said goodbye and left.

Natsuya sat there blankly for quite a while after sending him off.

Their discussion just now was about an important matter. However, what she kept thinking about more than that when faced with him was the matter of tomorrow.

When she thought about what she wanted to do, the student council president's heartbeat increased and her face flushed slightly red.

"I shouldn't do such a thing but what Houjou-san said is correct as well"

Her own feelings clashed with her maid's advice, causing her inner turmoil.

To do, or not to do? This important question troubled her for the entire night.

Friday, Valentine's Day.

Not long after Seiji woke up, he received his first batch of chocolate.

"Brother for you." Shika's face was faintly red as she handed him an exquisite heart-shaped box with both her hands.

This was quite an impactful scene that had Seiji standing still in surprise for quite a while.

He accepted the box of chocolates and spoke with sincerity, "Thank you I shall enjoy them."

Shika's face became even redder upon hearing this. She averted her gaze.

'My first box of chocolates from my adopted younger sister. Wonderful!' Seiji felt lucky to be alive.

He would be quite satisfied even if this was the only chocolate he received today.

But, that was impossible, because he soon received a second batch of chocolate.

"Harano onii-san, for you!" Little Reo handed him a small box of chocolate with sparkles in her eyes. "I didn't buy this, I made it together with my friend."

"Thank you. I'll gratefully accept." Seiji smiled.

After they finished eating breakfast together, Mika, Chiaki, and Kaede all came visiting at his apartment.

"Here's my wonderful handmade chocolate as a tribute to the Harem King!" Chiaki handed him a box of chocolates using an exaggeratedly respectful pose.

"Thank you, I'll take them." Seiji politely accepted.

"You're actually not retorting!?" The cool tomboy was astonished.

Seiji felt that it would be quite troublesome to be retorting like a day such as Valentine's Day. He faced everything calmly.

"Seiji for you." Mika handed him a box as her face flushed red.

"Thank you, Mika." Seiji gently accepted her box and felt her intentions.

"This is from me." Kaede smiled and handed him a box of chocolates as well. "If you come over to my room tonight, I'll have an additional present just for you~"

"Just chocolate will be enough, thank you." Seiji did his best to withstand the flirting.

"Sensei, can I come over to receive the additional present in his stead?" Chiaki raised her hand and asked a question as if she was in class.

"No. But, I'll treat you like a proper guest if you come over, Wakaba-san." Kaede maintained her warm smile.

"I'll definitely come over!" Chiaki's eyes lit up.

Mika and Seiji were rendered speechless.

Everyone then headed to Genhana High School together.

The sky was quite dark and the wind was chilly. Yet, just this cold wind alone was insufficient to wipe away the passion that people were feeling today.

While putting his shoes away in his shoe locker at school, Seiji discovered chocolate from some girls he didn't know. Not only that, not surprisingly, Chiaki received chocolate from girls as welleven more than he did!

They both received chocolate from girls while on their way to class as well.

Once they reached the classroom, even more female students now surrounded Chiaki.

Seiji now had a much deeper understanding of Chiaki Wakaba's overwhelming popularity among girls after seeing such a scene.

'And you called me a Harem King? You're the true Harem King!' Seiji inwardly commented in his mind.

Although Chiaki was obviously more popular than he was, their male classmates were still mostly glaring at Seiji with obvious jealousy and complaints.

If this was a certain fictional school, Seiji felt that there would be a certain scary FFF cult 1 where all the members wore black robes and wielded sickles and torches appearing.

Although he already expected something like this, Seiji was still feeling quite impacted from the situation today.

"Seigo please accept this." Kaho also came over with a red face and handed him a circle-shaped box of chocolates.

"Thank you, Miyamoto-sensei." Seiji smiled and accepted.

"Don't call me sensei" Kaho's face grew even redder, making her appear really cute.

Now that she had gotten much thinner, not only did girls pay attention to her, boys were noticing her as well. Her popularity was growing daily.

Seiji felt the glares on him becoming even sharper. That was the best evidence.

With some more time passing, Kaho Miyamoto's physical appearance would finish foundationally changing. She might even become the most eye-catching girl in the class.

Because of her breasts!

There was a saying that formerly fat girls would have very large breasts after becoming thinner. Seiji didn't know if this saying was 100% correct, but he was now seeing a living example.

Kaho indeed got much thinner. However, her breasts didn't reduce in size at all. As a result, her breasts seemed much bigger than before in comparison, which drew many eyes to her body.

Once she finished losing weight, she would definitely become a super beauty with gigantic breasts! As long as she wore some slightly sexy clothes, she would easily become a virgin killer.

Seiji suddenly recalled that he had once coincidentally met a beautiful girl with ridiculous I-cup breasts at the grocery store, which left him with a deep impression He felt that the thinner version of Kaho quite physically resembled that girl.

At any rate, Seiji was happy for Kaho becoming more mature than before and looked forward to seeing what she would become in the future.

Class time.

Some girls from other classes kept coming over to Seiji's class to give him chocolate. Seiji knew none of these girls.

The only girl from another class that he already knew was a certain purple-haired girl. Her giving him chocolate attracted more attention than any other girl did.

Yukari walked directly into Year 1, Class 5's classroom. She walked straight up to Seiji with everyone watching and directly handed him a box.

"Here's my love chocolate. Please accept it, Milord," Yukari spoke in a cute voice as her face flushed somewhat red.

This instantly caused a commotion in the classroom.

"Thank you" Seiji received quite an impact and his expression revealed that he was rather shaken.

"This chocolate contains my heartfelt feelings. You have to eat it all without leaving a single speck behind," Yukari spoke in a clear voice that everyone could hear.

"I will" Seiji answered reflexively.

The commotion increased in volume!

Yukari was quite satisfied with this result. She turned around and left before her face could turn any redder.

"She declared her love in public as expected of the Princess." Chiaki watched the purple-haired girl leave.

Mika didn't know what to say.
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