Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 543

Chapter 543: Just incredible
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

The Princess from Class 3 gave her love chocolate in public to Seigo Harano, causing the boys' jealousy of him to reach a peak.

Kazufuru Ooike maintained his calm while watching all the other boys making a commotion. After all, he already figured last night that something like this would happen today.

He even began to think if Natsuya Yoruhana would do something similar as well.

If she did something similar to the Princess from Class 3, that wouldn't merely cause a commotion in their class, it would become a commotion in the entire grade no, probably the entire school.

Lunch break.

Rion, Kotomi, and Hoshi all came looking for Seiji.

"This is for you, junior." The twin sisters had sweet smiles and handed an exquisite heart-shaped box to him together while speaking in cute voices.

"Thank you, Senpais." Seiji withstood the attack and gratefully accepted.

"Senpai, for you." The beautiful boy had a smile as he handed an exquisite circular box to Seiji and spoke in a soft voice.

"Thank you, junior"

Wait! Something was wrong here!!

"Hoshi, why are you giving me chocolate!?" Seiji managed to stop himself from accepting in time.

"Because I made it together with my sisters, so I'm giving some to Senpai together with them." Hoshi smiled.

"This logic doesn't work with me! Please allow me to refuse."


"Boys shouldn't be giving chocolate to other boys!"

"Your way of thinking is outdated, Seigo. Nowadays, it's fine for boys to give each other chocolate as well," Chiaki told him in a serious tone.

"What?" Seiji was astonished to hear this.

"I gave some chocolate to the other boys in my class, and they all accepted happily." Hoshi blinked.

'That's because they don't view you as a boy Whoops, it's rude of me to think that.'

Could it be that this was really becoming the norm?

Seiji immediately took out his cell phone and checked this topic on the internet.

He discovered that it was really true!

Boys were indeed beginning to give friend chocolate to other boys. Although it was only a minority, it was also indeed happening.

Seiji's worldview was being overturned!

Since this was indeed happening, should he accept?

He still felt that something wasn't quite right about this but he couldn't simply refuse this sign of friendship from his junior who was also his teammate.

"It seems that my way of thinking is indeed outdated I'll accept this properly then. Thank you, Hoshi." Seiji accepted Hoshi's chocolate this time.

The beautiful boy smiled happily.

Rion and Kotomi also smiled upon witnessing this scene. So did Chiaki.

Mika was the only one who didn't smile at this beautiful atmosphere. She faintly felt that Seiji had fallen into a trap. However, she was unable to identify the problem, and felt rather confused.

Seiji received a phone call when lunch break was almost over.

The call was from Miyabi Ishihara.

"Harano-san, do you have some free time to come over to the library?"


Before Seiji even finished another word, Miyabi hung up on him.

He was somewhat mystified.

Seiji decided to head over to the school library.

He saw Miyabi before he even reached the library.

This student librarian was wearing eyeglasses and a scarf today. When she walked up to him, she silently handed Seiji a plain and square box.

Seiji thanked her and accepted the box. Miyabi walked right past him afterwards without saying a single word.

'She gave me chocolate without even saying anything she has her own unique personality as well,' Seiji thought to himself.

Later that afternoon, during class.

The dark clouds outside had now begun to rain, making it even colder than earlier.

Seiji looked outside the window and watched the rain. He felt as if the world had quieted down.

Wait a moment, this wasn't because he had gotten too absorbed in watching the rain, it was because things had truly gotten quiet!

Seiji noticed that something was off and turned around to find that Natsuya was quietly standing by his side.

Seiji instantly paused in surprise.

All the other members of Class 5 were even more surprised than he was to see the scion visiting their classroom. The same could be said for all the other students that saw her in the hallways Everyone was as if time had frozen as they all froze solid where they were and watched this scene in astonishment.

Natsuya Yoruhana.

This name, this student council president was well known as a beautiful girl and the scion of an illustrious family. She was famous throughout the entirety of Genhana High School.

For someone as beautiful and high in status as her to come here with a heart-shaped box in her hand and silently look at a certain boy This scene caused all the students to doubt their eyes!

There were only three people present that expected this scene.

'She really did come.' Kazufuru inwardly sighed.

Personally witnessing her come for Seigo Harano did make him feel somewhat uncomfortable, but it also helped him to finally completely let go of the idea of obtaining Natsuya as his girlfriend.

Last night, he already admitted his defeat. And now, he had confirmed one hundred percent just what Natsuya herself felt about Seigo as well. This was fine with him.

Mika and Chiaki also long since knew that Natsuya was romantically interested in Seiji. But even so, personally witnessing this scene still gave them quite an impact.

'After the Princess, the Empress came as well Just incredible.' Chiaki inwardly sighed as something flashed in her eyes.

Mika was even feeling like she was having difficulty breathing. The pressure she currently felt was completely on another scale from when Yukari came to their classroom.

This opponent's level had far surpassed all limits, and it was impossible to face her These words that Chiaki said before felt as if they had come real.

At that time, Mika said that she didn't want to give up. Even now, she had the same feelings. But just how was she supposed to defeat this person in love?

Was it even possible for her to win? Mika couldn't help but think this, but she instinctively forbade herself from thinking along these lines any further.

"Seigo" Natsuya called out Seiji's alias while her face flushed red. "This is for you."

She slowly handed the heart-shaped chocolate box in her hands to him.

"Thank you Natsuya." Seiji's heart was quite impacted by this scene as he accepted the chocolate. He reflexively addressed her by name.

"You need to eat all of it."

"Yeah I definitely will."

The two of them took long glances at each other before averting their gazes in unison.

"I'm going now."

"Okay take care."

Natsuya turned around and left while walking at a brisk pace. Her face was completely red, and she couldn't help but cover her face with her hand.

Seiji felt like his face was burning up as well. He also covered his face with his hand.

Just what idol movie did this scene come out of!!?

Almost all the students who witnessed this scene were shouting this inside their hearts.

This scene seemed too beautiful and too moving to them, causing all of them to think the exact same thing.

Seigo Harano and Natsuya Yoruhana just when did the two of them develop their relationship to such a degree!?

This was far too astonishing. All the girls widened their eyes in surprise, while the boys' jealousy was elevated even further, turning into powerful curiosity (desire to gossip)!!!

"Just now did you see that?"

"I did I didn't see wrongly, did I? That was Natsuya Yoruhana, right?"

"That's right, that was student council president Natsuya Yoruhana! There's no mistake!!"

"She just gave Harano-san some chocolate and called him directly by name!"

"That didn't seem like friend chocolate was that love chocolate?"

"President Yoruhana's love chocolate! Heavens"

"Just who exactly is Seigo Harano!?"

The sounds of discussion could be heard everywhere inside and outside of the classroom. The gossip spread quickly like an unstoppable tide.

Without a doubt, this was the biggest event to happen today on Valentine's Day at Genhana High School!

"Harano-san, what are your current feelings?" Chiaki made a pose like she was a reporter with a microphone as she interviewed Seiji.

"I don't know"

"If you had to say a few words to everyone at school, what would you say?"

"I don't want to say anything."

"Everyone is currently paying a great deal of attention to you. Please give a clear explanation. You shouldn't be remaining silent!"

"Please allow me to maintain my silence."

"Is it really alright to simply let the public gossip as I please?"

"It'll happen regardless of what I say." Seiji sighed.
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