Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 548

Chapter 548: Bloodwine Ritual
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

"It seems that you've resolved yourself," Aoran remarked as he retracted his gaze after observing Seiji for quite a while. "Ah, such is youth," he exclaimed to himself as he picked up his cup and sipped on some tea.

Seiji didn't respond to this.

"The Yoruhana Family won't take any action against you, Haruta-san," Aoran continued speaking. "All we can do is to forcefully make Natsuya keep her distance from you. We understand that this isn't really a good option. Still, the Yoruhana Family has its own interests to look out for.

"We don't have any direct responsibility for the Mitarai Family young master's death. There's no need for us to give any explanation. Still, we need to show a certain attitude in order to help them save face. Still, there's no fixed method necessary for showing our attitude. If you can do a little something for the Yoruhana Family, we can certainly allow you to be together with Natsuya.

"Allow me to clearly state that this is not a threat. Even if you don't do anything for us, the Yoruhana Family won't completely cut Natsuya off from you. After all, you've showed great potential And disregarding the family's opinion of you, I personally actually really think well of you." Aoran smiled slightly.

"What do you need me to do for the Yoruhana Family?" Seiji asked directly.

"Do you know about the 'Challenger's Bloodwine?'" Aoran responded with a question.

The Challenger's Bloodwine

Seiji blinked and recalled what this was.

Before the New Year's, after Akatsuki arrived at his apartment, he had asked Natsuya about a "method to greatly improve his power level with only a short period of time." She had told him...

"This is a huge battle amongst a large number of Spiritual Ability users that all sign contracts where the losers will pay a small amount of 'Spirit Blood' which will then be used to create a mystical wine that only the final victor is allowed to consume which will vastly improve their power level."

"That's right." Aoran nodded. "It's good that you know already. The process of creating the Challenger's Bloodwine is called the 'Bloodwine Ritual.' The first ever public Bloodwine Ritual was originally scheduled to take place in January of this year. However, due to all the circumstances that happened right after New Year's, the Kurosaki and Himiki Families that are hosting this event ended up delaying this tournament. Currently, they're planning to begin the Bloodwine Ritual tournament at the beginning of March, two weeks from now. They're actually going to begin sending out invitations to participate in or watch this tournament starting tomorrow."

"In order to attract participants, the Kurosaki and Himiki Families even prepared some additional prizes for the final victor. Amongst the prizes is something that our Yoruhana Family greatly desires."

"So, the Yoruhana Family would like for me to participate in this tournament and win, then give that prize to them?" Something flashed in Seiji's eyes.

"Yes. Still, as I said just now, this isn't a threat, nor is it an order. It's simply something we'd like to see." Aoran smiled. "If you participate in this tournament and just happen to win, and you're willing to give this item over to the Yoruhana Family, we're willing to pay you an appropriate sum of money. Or, we can exchange for it by giving you a mystical item of similar value. We won't ask for it for free."

"As long as I can do such a thing, the Yoruhana Family won't interfere with my and Natsuya's relationship, is that right?" Seiji looked directly at Aoran.

"Yes, I promise on my name," Aoran confirmed. "If you're able to do this."

'If you can't, then I apologize.'

Seiji felt as if he could hear Aoran saying this.

The Challenger's Bloodwine and the Bloodwine Ritual He never expected that he would actually have to get involved in this after the Akatsuki incident.

Seiji thought back to what he already knew about this tournament.

It would definitely be quite difficult for him to become the final victor standing at the end. Would he be able to do it with his current strength?

At the very least, he had to try!

"How do I obtain the right to participate?" Seiji inquired calmly.

'He's able to make a decision in such a short amount of time, and it doesn't seem like it's a rash, impulsive action. He's truly resolved himself' Aoran was actually quite appreciative of Seiji. He now concretely understood better why his younger sister liked Seiji so much.

"Anyone that receives a tournament invitation is allowed to participate. You're also allowed to apply to join the tournament of your own volition. As for the specifics, we can only wait for the Kurosaki and Himiki Families to announce the tournament's details tomorrow."

Seiji nodded.

They ended their conversation there. Seiji said goodbye and left.

"That's what happened."

Chiaki, who was currently in Mika's room, confessed what she had just agreed to with Natsuya.

"I apologize, Mika. I've joined the enemy's team, teehee~"

Mika was rendered speechless.

Although she really wanted to comment, what she heard was so astonishing that it caused the double-pigtailed girl to go into a stupor.

"Chiaki everything you said just now was true?" She couldn't help but ask after some time passed.

"Yes." The tomboy nodded.

"How could it be that President Yoruhana would actually agree to such a thing"

"Why wouldn't she?"

"Because President, she's"

"Did you want to say that because Natsuya Yoruhana is quite excellent, so she wouldn't permit such a thing like me becoming Seiji's mistress?"

Mika nodded.

"That's your own misunderstanding. Excellent doesn't mean a strong desire to possess someone else. Instead, from a certain standpoint, it could even be the opposite." Chiaki pretended to adjust a pair of eyeglasses that didn't exist while speaking seriously.

Mika was obviously shaken.

Chiaki wanted to say something after seeing her best friend have such an expression. However, she didn't say anything in the end.

Both of them fell silent for quite a while.

"Is it that it's really impossible to defeat the President after all?" Mika muttered to herself.

"Although I'd like to console you, to be honest, that's what I think as well." Chiaki shrugged. "If President Yoruhana strongly desired to keep Seiji to herself, then it would actually be possible to defeat her. However, she showed no such greed at all. Not only is Natsuya Yoruhana the girl that Seiji currently likes the most, she's also the most perfect match for him. There's almost no flaws at all. In fact, it's precisely because she's such a perfect match that Seiji would like her so much, if you think about it. If I was Seiji, I would definitely not let go of the opportunity to be with a girl like her, no matter what."

Once again, Mika was rendered speechless.

"You should think for yourself what you'd like to do in the future, Mika."


"I truly apologize. This is just the type of person I am." Chiaki flashed a smile.

Mika was quite familiar with Chiaki's smile. However, at this moment, Mika felt almost like Chiaki's smile was that of a stranger's.

The tomboy left Mika's residence.

The double-pigtailed girl collapsed onto her own bed.

She didn't feel defeated inside.

Nor did she feel any hope. In fact, she was clueless about what she should do in the future.

Everything felt empty inside.

Mika flipped herself to look at the ceiling. She stopped thinking about anything at all and allowed her head to go completely blank.

Even so, a certain name still naturally popped up in her mind.


Later that night, Natsuya arrived at Seiji's apartment.

"You're really going to join that tournament?"


"It's really dangerous."

"I know, but it's also an excellent opportunity to learn more and become stronger." Seiji chuckled. "Don't you know that a fighting tournament is a young man's romance?"

No matter if it was in manga, anime, or stories, fighting tournament scenes were always a classic.

If Dragonball was a classic example of a shonen manga, then a fighting tournament would be the classic example of a scene in such a classical manga. Sometimes, just a fighting tournament alone could breathe life into the entire story!

Cough, he was getting sidetracked.

At any rate, Seiji was quite excited about the fighting tournament known as the Bloodwine Ritual.

Natsuya looked over at Seiji.

She knew that he was speaking the truth. But still, the foundational reason for him entering this tournament was because of herself.

He had resolved himself, just as he told her this morning.

"Be careful. Make sure not to force yourself," Natsuya could only instruct him in such a manner.

"I will," Seiji promised.

They both fell silent for a moment.

Natsuya kept directly looking at him, which made Seiji feel rather awkward. He averted his gaze.

He was about to speak up and say something when he heard a gentle voice.

"Seiji, I'd like to come into your room. Is that alright?"

Come into his room?

Seiji paused in surprise.

Did he really hear that correctly?
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