Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 55

After leaving school, Seiji walked to the construction site from yesterday and boarded a car owned by the Juumonji group.

When he reached their residence, he entered Michirou Juumonjis study again and began to recount the story that he had prepared to Michirou, in order to enable the Juumonji group to understand the current situation. Seiji made sure not to reveal too many details.

As Michirou Juumonji expressed his gratitude, Seiji took the opportunity to request his assistance, and it didnt take much considering on Michirous part for him to readily agree.

This was doubtlessly the best outcome.

In fact, the proceedings were uncannily smooth. This gave Seiji a peculiar feeling about the whole scenario.

Michirou Juumonji was a mafia boss, and even though he treated Seiji politely, it should have been obvious that there was something more behind this request. Seiji didnt expect Michirou to acquiesce so easily.

Although Seiji considered it strange, he didnt display anything untoward on his face. At any rate, as long as Michirou agreed, Seiji considered his mission successful.

Afterwards, Michirou invited Seiji to stay for dinner, but Seiji refused, saying he was busy.

Surprisingly, yet again, Michirou didnt insist; all he did was speak a sentence filled with deep meaning as they parted ways.

"In the future, I hope that Haruta-sama will take excellent care of my daughter and son, and give them lots of advice."

Seiji failed to grasp the profound meaning behind this sentence.

Forget about it; it was fine as long as Michirou agreed to provide his assistance.

"President, the Juumonji group has agreed to help us."

Seiji called the president to make a report while he walked towards the confectionery shop.

"There were no problems; everything went really well Although the mafia bosss attitude was slightly strange, it shouldnt be anything of concern. Ill accept your gratitude. I didnt really do anything all that amazing; just take it as me repaying your favor."

Lets just leave it at that. Seiji relaxedly hung up his cell phone.

On the other side of the call, Natsuya, who was still in the student council room, was the complete opposite of relaxed.

The extremely difficult problem she previously faced now had a hope of being resolved due to the boy who had just called her. As long as she was able to quickly mass-produce as many talismans as possible to enhance her detection spell, shed be able catch the enemys Spirit-branded Retainer efficiently!

"I owe him a huge favor"

The lady scion with sleek, long black hair was seated in the chair reserved for the student council president. She currently wore a different type of frustrated expression.

Although Seiji Haruta acted like it wasnt a big deal to him, and perhaps it wasnt that difficult for him, Natsuya regarded his assistance with this matter a huge favor for her.

If it wasnt for Seijis help, and the current situation persisted, Natsuya would be forced to use her last resort plan. Except from that, she didnt have any other methods left. And even if she used her final trump card, there was still a chance of failure.

If the present situation developed without changing, the end result could have devastating consequences for Natsuya and her two Spiritual Retainers, Hitaka and Rana The ending was so horrifying that Natsuya didnt even dare to consider it.

So, no matter how Seiji Haruta viewed this affair, this definitely wasnt a small favor at all in Natsuya Yoruhanas eyes.

Giving him money would be the most direct method, but the lady scion with sleek, long black hair felt like that would be insulting to him.

If Seiji Haruta had wanted money, he probably would have asked for it already with his direct personality. However, he hadnt asked for money nor had he requested for anything else, which meant that he was truly helping her out of friendship.

Natsuya wanted to repay his sincerity with her own.

So that was why she was now faced with a difficult problem.

Ever since her birth, Natsuya Yoruhana, a beautiful, brilliant scion and the Genhana High School Student Council President, had never even once had the experience of showing her true self to a boy!

How should she display her appreciation to a boy whod given her so much help? She wanted to give a gift that wasnt clich; one that would make him delighted in addition to showing her gratitude and sincerity Giving such a heartfelt gift was something shed never even had to think about before!

"Hitaka, tell mehow should I return his favor?" After being frustrated with this problem for a while, she sought the advice of the red-haired girl beside her.

Hitaka Shuho regarded Natsuya with a blank gaze.

Fine! My friend and Spirit-branded Retainer is even less experienced than me in this topic! Im really an idiot for attempting to ask her, Natsuya commented inwardly.

But she really didnt know what to do Should she just send him a pile of otaku goods as a gift?

In the end, this was the best idea that she could come up with.

Forget about it; lets think it over later. Right now the most important thing is creating as many talismans as possible!

Finally, Natsuya chose to avoid her problem for the time being.

After finishing his work shift, Seiji returned home.

He didnt see Hoshi Amami at work today, but Seiji didnt put any thought into it, since he figured theyd meet again sooner or later anyways.

In his apartment, after grinding [write a diary] and [draw] like usual, Seiji put on his mask and opened his live-stream.

"Cat-loving Flying Fish" instantly joined his stream.

She instantly greeted him with a long string of angry and condescending emoticons.

Seiji chuckled.

"Where did you disappear to last night!? Idiot streamer! Stupid streamer!" A long comment, flashing with vivid colors, appeared on Seijis computer screen.

"Its too long to explain. I had quite an eventful day yesterday, with various situations popping up at school, before I ended up getting invited to a mafia bosss home for a discussion, and finally, I was stuck in some fierce battles; I didnt have any spare time at all!"

Yep, I didnt lie at all! The fierce battles are referring to the all-nighter of games I played together with Hisashi Juumonji. Im such an honest person, Seiji inwardly flattered himself.

"Youre just making it all up!!!"

He was once again peppered with a stream of vividly colored exclamation marks, combined with another long line of angry and condescending emojis.

Sigh, why is it that nobody these days believes the truth on the internet?

Seiji pretended to act hurt.

"Im not lyingwhy dont you believe me?"

"Whod believe that!? Hmph, you probably forgot the time while playing games together with someone and accidentally pulled an all-nighter!"

The bright words flying across his screen saw through half of the truth.

"My apologies, but youre completely wrong, beautiful Flying Fish" Seiji shook his finger at his webcam and acted cold and haughty.

"I didnt forget the time, nor was it an accident. It was I got to know a new rich otaku friend and intentionally stayed over at his place for an all-nighter!"

He revealed his secret.

"Go to hell!"

An endless stream of colorful comments and countless emoticons drowned his entire screen.

Seiji laughed out loud.

Ever since he began live-streaming, itd been one week since he met this cute spectator of his.

Hed already become internet friends with her.

Apart from live-streaming, they also chatted occasionally on other messaging devices. Although they didnt communicate frequently, Seiji felt like they were quite compatible with each other.

He wasnt certain if she felt the same way, but judging by her words, it seemed highly likely.

If this was in real life, they could become even closer friends, but this was the internet.

She didnt seem to intend to become any closer than this to him, and Seiji cooperated by doing the same, so they just casually chatted about their hobbies, the news, and whatever struck their fancies.

At any rate, she was a pretty good internet friend, but in the end, she was only an internet friend.

Hmm Only?

To be honest, Seiji had already considered another possibility.

Perhaps this girl behind the screen was actually a person that the original Seiji knew!

Because they were remarkably compatible with each other!

Ever since that song "Snail and Sparrow," any old songs, movies, comics, animes, games, and everything from their childhoodswhatever they liked and hatedthe reasons for liking and hating every detail seemed to be the same.

It was almost as if they were childhood playmates who had been separated and coincidentally met again on the internet after growing up.

In the teeming sea of people out there, meeting someone with the exact same interests as you wasnt impossible.

But, wasnt it also likely that the two of them actually knew each other, grew up in the same environment at the same time, and played together? They saw and liked the same things together and hated the same things together Wasnt that a possibility as well?

Which of the two possibilities was a greater one?

Hey, Cat-loving Flying Fish, do we actually know each other? Could I ask your name in real life? Seiji thought to himself.

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