Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 555

Chapter 555: This is the final form!
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

"That sounds rather scary."

"Well, it is a powerful technique, after all. If you don't like that name, how about 'Dimension Shattering Jade?'?"

"Dimension Shattering Jade" Mika blinked as she thought about it. "I like this name much better!"

And so, Seiji succeeded in getting her to accept a Naruto-style technique name.

"Seiji, what's the name of the technique you just used?"

"Demon Suppression Bell. It's a large-scale spell that's rather difficult to cast," Seiji answered.

"It looked really cool and powerful!" Mika praised his spell.

"I think that your Dimension Shattering Jade is far more powerful."

"Why's that?"

"Because I don't think anything can withstand it."

To use a game analogy, Seiji felt that Mika's Dimension Shattering Jade attack was a high-level space magic type of spell. Anything with a low amount of magic resistance would be instantly vaporized something like this.

Just with this one spell, Mika's attack power would be S rank!

Her dark-red mist's defense power was decent as well, but only defense wasn't good enough against enemy attacks. She also needed to learn how to dodge attacks.

"Mika, can you try using your power to increase your movement speed?"


"Increasing your speed so that you can dodge enemy attacks in time is quite important," Seiji told her seriously. "You can't just tank all damage thrown at you."

"Yeah I'll try."

Mika controlled her mist and wrapped it around her feet.

"I don't feel like there's any change"

Mika tried running, but ended up slipping from her amazingly high speed!

"Eeekk!!" the silver-haired girl shouted in astonishment.

Seiji watched her slide about seven or eight meters before she finally lost her balance and crashed into the ground!

"Mika!" He hurriedly ran over to her.

"I'm fine that didn't even hurt."

Mika indicated that there was no need to worry. She then looked at the mist that protected her with something flashing in her eyes.

"Try it again."

Mika stood back up and controlled the mist so that it only covered her legs and feet before she tried to slide as if she was ice skating.


She instantly slid quite far.

This time, Mika maintained her balance. She moved her feet and greatly increased her speed!

After she slid more than thirty meters at high speed, she turned around in a beautiful arc and whooshed back past Seiji!

Her silver hair flowed as it seemed like she transformed into the wind itself.

"Just like this!" Mika smiled.

She opened her arms, imitating the female ice skaters she'd seen before that did this on television. She then twirled around elegantly, and even lifted her leg as if she was about to dance.

Seiji watched her performance with astonishment.

*Whoosh~~ Whoosh~~ Whoosh~~*

Soon, Mika's movements seemed as if she was an experienced figure skater who had practiced for many years no, she was even faster than a professional figure skater! And she could even do high-speed twists and jumps that broke the laws of physics!!

This was all thanks to the mist that supported her.

Thanks to her supernatural abilities, Mika gained more and more confidence as she skated. After another jump and continuous twist that no ordinary human would be able to accomplish, she jumped up into the air!

She turned around three and a half times in midair before landing steadily on the ground, making a pose as if she was a soaring bird!

Full marks!!

Seiji couldn't help but clap his hands.

He didn't know anything about figure skating, but felt that Mika's current appearance was just as beautiful as the professional figure skaters he'd seen before on TV. Especially, there was the fact that her full breasts kept jiggling as she skated no, no, what was he thinking!

The silver-haired girl currently wasn't wearing a bra. Even though she was enveloped in mist, the shaking of her chest was still quite obvious. Seiji did his very best to stop paying attention to it.

Mika enjoyed herself even more when she saw that Seiji was clapping.

After skating another half a circle, she jumped up again, and completed five full turns in midair!

She then landed steadily on the ground and jumped up again, performing six turns this time! Her next jump had her performing a full seven turns!!

After she continuously jumped and turned in midair, the dark-red mist around the silver-haired girl suddenly gathered together and formed into the shape of a cape. The mist even kept changing form together with her movements. Sometimes it appeared like extravagant clothing, while at other times it appeared like wings the dark-red mist was ethereal and fantastical in its beauty!

Seiji was astonished by this sight.

The "caped" silver-haired beautiful girl was incredibly beautiful as she "skated". She easily performed the most complex of tricks and was so pretty that it all seemed unreal.

'This is her final form!'

Seiji couldn't help but think this.

This "cape" was the true form that Mashiro's power should be taking, not some loose mist!

Not only was this form more beautiful, it could also protect and strengthen the host's body, which seemed more reasonable No, wait, it wasn't truly a "cape", he should refer to it as "clothing"!!

If Mika didn't wear any clothing at all, and simply wore clothing formed from her mist powers that would be perfect!

Seiji felt that would truly be the most complete form of this power.

But that would be rather problematic, as not wearing any normal clothing at all would be quite challenging for a normal person's worldview. Not to mention, if Mika used too much of her energy, that would lessen the effects of her "clothing" which would end up revealing her body. It would be analogous to suffering clothing damage every time she was injured.

He suddenly recalled a famous action game from his past life, where the main character was a beautiful, sexy mature girl. The form-fitting clothes she wore were actually constructed out of her own magic hair, and if she used up too much of her Mana, then basically whenever she cast her ultimate spell, she would become naked. This was a wondrous character that would rather attract gentlemanly players.

Seiji tried substituting the silver-haired version of Mika for that game character it seemed quite excellent to him!

Just imagining it was truly wonderful. But, that was something he could only allow to stay within the realm of fiction. While it was a wonderful gentlemanly concept for there to be clothing damage in games, it was a bit too much to have the same setting for reality.

At this moment, the silver-haired girl glided back and stopped in front of him.

"Wonderfully done, Mika," Seiji gave his sincere praise. "I think this is how your power really should be." He glanced over at her "cape".

"I feel so as well." Mika also looked at her own "cape". "This appearance looks better than the mist from earlier."

"Does maintaining this form have any energy cost associated with it?"


"That's good, then while we might not have known how to call this power in the past, I just thought of a name for it. How about calling this power 'Mashiro's Clothes'?" Seiji rcommended.

"Mashiro's Clothes a beautiful name." Something flashed in Mika's eyes as she reached out and gently stroked the "cape".

The "cape" Mashiro's Clothes fluttered twice as if it was responding.

Upon seeing this scene, Seiji recalled yet another fictional character from his original worlda surgeon who lost the use of both his hands and turned to cultivating powers to protect the world instead. This surgeon possessed a red cape that could move by itself as if it was a pet.

The cape could support and protect its master, as well as act cute that was Seiji's first thought after watching that movie. As for the movie itself, it didn't actually leave that much of a deep impression on Seiji.

"Was that Mashiro responding to you?"

"She's still asleep I think that was only her unconscious reaction."

"Did your high-speed movement cost a lot of energy just now?"

"Not much at all. Very little, actually."

"That's good, then. In the future, try to use speed to dodge any attacks coming at you," Seiji told her. "No matter what type of attack it is, it's better to dodge it rather than to defend against it. Defense is only for impossible or highly difficult to avoid attacks. That's what I believe."

Mika nodded in understanding.

"Oh, and one more thing Your skating performance just now was so beautiful. I was stunned by the sight," Seiji praised her awkwardly.

Mika's face flushed red upon hearing this.

"If you liked seeing it I can skate some more just for you."
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