Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 558

Chapter 558: I find it quite difficult to counter this reason for attacking me
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

"I apologize, there's just too much I don't know. I don't wish to join." Seiji remained highly on guard as he gave a clear answer.

Although he was quite interested in the Soul World faction, joining them just like this didn't seem wise to him. Besides, he was unsure if these two individuals really were a part of Soul World or not.

"I see I feel that you and the person behind you both have quite a lot of potential. It's a pity that you don't wish to join us." The dog-head girl indicated her regret.

"Thank you for your appreciation and praise."

"Now then, I should help you to leave this place but first, I need to ask you to promise not to tell anyone else about what happened here."

"We shall keep your secret," Seiji promised.

"Very good." The dog-head girl was just about to do something when there was the sharp sound of a sword being drawn.

The minotaur boy had unsheathed his sword.

"Don't think that just because you won't tell me if you're a couple that I'll simply let you go," he spoke in a low tone directly to Seiji.

"Minotaur boy"

"I'm being serious here. I really want to hit someone right now."

He didn't seem to be joking even in the slightest. However, Seiji also didn't feel any true enmity or malevolence emanating from him.

"Just why is it that you wish to fight me, Mister minotaur?" Seiji wondered out loud about this.

"Of course, because I don't like the way you look!"

"Did I do something wrong? Or do we actually know each other?"

The minotaur boy fell silent for a moment.

"I don't know you, and you don't know me," he spoke in a low tone. "You're ridiculously handsome, and have such a beautiful girl by your side. You look just like a winner in life. I simply can't stand it, which is why I want to beat you up. That's all there is to it."

Seiji was rendered speechless.

He found it really hard to counter this reason for wanting to attack him.

"That's all? Ha." The dog-head girl chuckled.

The minotaur boy turned towards her and seemingly glared.

'Is there some past history here?' Seiji wondered to himself upon seeing this.

But as long as they didn't say anything, it was impossible for him to know.

"Although I'm still feeling rather confused, I can somewhat understand what you're feeling, Mister minotaur the past me was also at the stage of being envious of handsome guys." Seiji clutched his sword tightly. "If you really wish to fight, I'll accompany you in doing so."

"Leader" Mika revealed a worried expression.

"There's no need to worry, Miss knight. I shall rein in the minotaur boy," the dog-head girl told Mika before glancing over at her companion. "But even if I don't rein him in, he probably wouldn't dare to actually kill him for real."

"Shut up, dog-head girl!" The minotaur boy's voice sounded rather angered.

The dog-head girl shrugged and didn't say anything else.

The minotaur boy glanced over at Seiji again and took a step towards where they just came from.

Seiji followed after him.

Mika and the dog-head girl followed after them.

The four arrived at the wide clearing where the mysterious duo had just fought against the turtle monster.

Seiji and the minotaur boy stood across from and faced each other.

"I'm going to beat you up until I've had enough fun. Resolve yourself," the minotaur boy stated as he unsheathed his sword.

Seiji faced him silently while raising his own shield and sword, getting ready for combat.

This person was probably no, definitely incredibly strong!

Before the minotaur boy even finished unsheathing his spiritual sword, Seiji could sense an incredibly powerful, almost physical imposing aura!! It was as if an incomparably huge rock was hurtling directly at him after falling off of a cliff.

Even though on the surface this minotaur boy didn't appear as if he could compare to Seiji's previous opponents, such as Akatsuki Mitarai or the Shutendoji-possessed Okubo Yoshiaki, the feeling he gave off was that this minotaur boy was far stronger than these previous opponents!

The moment Seiji realized this, he cast [Evolved Body-strengthening technique] on himself and transformed into his golden form.

The minotaur boy calmly raised his blade and gray runes appeared on his wrists and ankles as he stepped forward and rushed towards Seiji!

Seiji read the attack and wanted to block the attack with his shield before countering with a sword swing.


He indeed managed to block the minotaur boy's rushing sword slice.

Yet, the next instant, he received a heavy blow to his stomach! He was sent flying backwards.

Seiji was quite mystified about what happened.

Before he could even understand what was going on, he took another heavy blow to his back! He suddenly crashed into the ground.

"Leader!" Mika shouted out in worry.

She witnessed the minotaur boy's first rush attack being blocked by Seiji before he changed tactics at an incredibly high speed and knocked Seiji away using the hilt of his sword! The minotaur boy then rushed up to Seiji and hit Seiji in the back using the back of his sword!!

The minotaur boy's movements and techniques gave off the feeling of great experience. His moves would be impossible to see clearly for anyone without mystical perception.

"Stand up," the minotaur boy stated in a low voice as he walked away a few steps and sheathed his sword.

Seiji crawled up and felt that the two places he was hit were aching faintly The minotaur boy had carefully controlled the strength of his attacks so that they would definitely hurt, but not leave serious injuries.

'I'm fine,' Seiji indicated to Mika using his eyes.

At this time, the minotaur boy turned around to face him again. The minotaur boy placed his left hand on the scabbard and his right hand on the sword hilt. It seemed that he was gathering his power.

'A sword-drawing technique!?'

Seiji instantly cast [Evolved Mana Shield] on himself and raised his shield in preparation to defend himself.

The next second, the minotaur boy suddenly rushed over and unsheathed his sword in an attack!


Seiji successfully blocked this attack.

But that wasn't all as the second attack was the critical one!


Seiji used his longsword to block his opponent's sword scabbard that came slicing in from the left.

He succeeded in blocking this as well No, wait!

Seiji tried to adjust his posture, but was already too late, The minotaur boy used his sword to flick away his shield, and flashed close to him...


Seiji's shield was broken through by the vicious rush and he was knocked back through the air! He then took another heavy blow to the back, and smashed into the ground once more.

"Stand back up," the minotaur boy told him yet again as he sheathed his sword.

This time, upon crawling up, Seiji began his own proactive attack!

However, the minotaur boy easily countered his attacks and sent him flying then smashing into the ground for the third time in a row.

"Stand up."

Seiji grit his teeth and crawled back up again

This wasn't a difference in strength, this was a difference in power levels!

Seiji deeply understood this after he was knocked over dozens of times without being able to land a single hit on the minotaur boy.

Against such a powerful opponent, he would only stand a chance if he pulled out all his trump cards.

However, this wasn't a real fight where he had everything on the line. There was no need for Seiji to go to such an extent.

The minotaur boy still didn't seem to have any enmity or malevolence towards him. Seiji had no idea what he was thinking.

"I'm going to beat you up until I've had enough fun," the minotaur boy had said.

Although his bruises somewhat ached, that was all the damage Seiji took. With such a degree of beating, getting knocked over another couple dozen times wouldn't be a problem at all with his spell-strengthened body. He would be able to heal himself easily with healing magic afterwards.

He could simply treat this as a lesson from a veteran fighter and keep taking the beating until his opponent was tired.

In fact, he really did learn from this beatdown.


Seiji glanced over at Mika who was watching him and saw how worried her expression was. He gripped his sword more tightly.

Since a girl who was in love with him was watching, how could he let it end so humiliatingly!

There was no need for him to actually win. He simply wanted to at least get a decent counterattack in.

"Mister minotaur, allow me to address you as Senpai." Seiji looked right at his opponent. "Thanks to Senpai's teachings, I've learned many things But now, I'm going to use a slightly dangerous technique. Please prepare yourself."

"Heh" The minotaur boy responded with a cold chuckle.

"A slightly dangerous technique? What will that be like?" The dog-head girl was curious.

Mika opened her mouth and wanted to say something but stopped herself in the end. She silently watched her love interest.

A sharp glint appeared in Seiji's eyes as he lifted his longsword.
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