Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 56

Theres a legendary cat known as "Schrodingers cat."

The simple explanation about it was that unless a subjective observer made an observation, the result would be uncertain.

Although it sounded fantastical, it was actually high-level theoretical quantum physics, and that was the subtlest part about it.

Schrodingers cat was comparable with Cat-loving Flying Fishs current situation.

After her personal observations, she still couldnt decipher if the person across the screen from her was, as she imagined, a person she previously knew.

The boy with the silver mask that shed only known for one week was one of the strangest live-streamers shes ever seen, as he was satisfied with her as his only spectator for the entire week

At first, she simply thought that this boy was cute and funny, then she discovered that they had many common interests; but now, she was beginning to suspect something.

Ever since that "Snail and Sparrow" song, there were so many small details that they were coincidentally complementary on.

In the teeming sea of people out there, meeting someone with the exact same interests as you wasnt impossible. But, wasnt it also likely that the two of them actually knew each other?

Cat-loving Flying Fish was having the exact same thought as Seiji. She couldnt figure out which of the two possibilities seemed more likely.

She thought about it from the angle of some sort of plot to ensnare her as well, thinking that perhaps this boy was targeting her for some reason, but the more she thought about it and the more she chatted with him, she believed this scenario wasnt the case.

But it still wasnt impossible, since if a scammer was serious about it, such a plot seemed possible.

That was the reason behind her current indecisiveness.

Cat-loving Flying Fish was hesitating whether or not she should confirm his identity.

If he really was a perfect stranger who coincidentally had the same interests, then it was fine, and they could continue being friends and improve their relationship.

But what if he was someone she knew, or a boy that was targeting her to capture her heart, or he had some other nefarious intention?

For the first, depending on who he was, it could have various outcomes. If he was specifically targeting her, then it would be as if she had poked a bubbleit would pop, and he would disappear.

She genuinely enjoyed chatting with him and enjoyed hearing him sing and watching him dance, even though he was nothing special.

But the moment she tried to confirm his identity, everything might change.

Schrodingers cat.

Her internet username "Cat-loving Flying Fish" didnt have anything to do with the legendary Schrodingers cat whose concept was even in this parallel world, but she didnt expect that such a situation much like Schrodingers cat would arise.

The state of life or death of the cat would be decided by an observer.

And the relationship between her and him would be decided by her observations.

She couldnt bring herself to observe anymore and confirm his identity.

Nobody had ever truly observed Schrodingers cat before, so even now, nobody knew if that cat was living or dead.

She could copy that.

If everything would end if she observed the result, then all she had to do was remain passive.

Although she wouldnt be able to improve her relationship with him if she couldnt confirm his identity, that didnt really matter. It was just an internet friendship to begin with; there was no need to make it any deeper.

Yep, this will be fine.

Cat-loving Flying Fish decided to continue raising this cat.

Well, forget it. I wont think too much into it.

Simultaneously, from across the screen, Seiji also made the same decision to give up on asking her name and identity after some hesitation.

Sometimes, leaving a bit of mystery would be more romantic.

The two of them made the exact same decision without even discussing it.

"My apologies. Im so sorry for leaving you alone last night, beautiful Flying Fish But now its time for my singing performance. Milady, which song would you like to hear tonight?"

Seiji grinned widely as he talked to the computer screen.

The next day.

Kaho Miyamoto quietly got out of her bed, put on some clothes comfortable to exercise in, washed her face, and was about to go out for her morning jog.

However, she saw her older sister at the door.

Karen Miyamoto.

With sleek brown hair tied in a ponytail, a beautiful oval-shaped face, thin and dainty eyelashes, soft and gentle orange-colored eyes, a small birthmark that just happened to be at the corner of her right eye, and attractive luscious lips that were gently smiling, Karen Miyamoto was a beauty that embodied the ideal of a Yamato Nadeshiko.

But for the opposite gender, the first thing they would notice about her wasnt her serene beauty, but rather what was underneath her own workout clothesthe two bulging mounds that her clothing completely failed to conceal!

Her large breast size was just too obvious; even if all she did was stand there with her arms folded, it would still make her breasts stand out like a pair of ripe fruits!

"Good morning, Kaho."

Seeing her beautiful sister smile and wave towards her, Kahos shoulders instantly drooped.

Kaho loved her older sister, but the thing she hated the most in the world was standing by her sisters side!

Not only was her older sister beautiful, Karen had a gentle yet resolute personality and was skilled at just about everything.

Karen was skilled at housework and helping their parents out at work. She was a good athlete, had high grades, and she was even adept at making friends; in conclusion, Karen Miyamoto was perfect in everything.

Kaho Miyamoto could only pale in comparisoneven though she was actually decent at everything, she would only seem like an idiot when compared to her sister.

When they were still little, Kaho would always stick by her sisters side. However, thanks to constant comparisons with her sister, cruel reality attacked Kahos heart, distancing her from her sister and changing her into a loner obsessed with otaku things. She stopped caring about her personal appearance and finally turned into a fat otaku girl.

During this process, her parents lectured her countless times about learning from her older sister, being as hard-working as her older sister, and living like her older sister It was so annoying!!!

Kaho was aware that her parents were right, and she also knew that her sister didnt do anything wrong, but she was so annoyed at everything that she didnt want to listen or build a closer relationship with her sister.

Her parents attempts at persuasion and her sisters gentle demeanor would only cause her to feel pain and frustration, even if she was clear that her family didnt do anything wrong, and it was her who was in the wrong.

But those were her feelings.

She shut herself in, just like a tiny animal living in a dark corner, and continued to eke out an existence by herself.

Until that day.

"Yes, youre rather fat and somewhat disgusting."

"But so what?"

"Im already used to someone thats 100 times more disgusting than you are. Im talking about myself."

"I didnt expect to become this handsomeI only intended to lose some weight."

"Please let it remain a secret for me."

"Because youre the same type as me."

That impossibly handsome boy had been reaching out to with his hand while smiling in the brilliant sunshine.

"Will you be my friend, Miyamoto-san?"

That moment was like a beautiful fantasy to her.

It had been just like a dream, but it was all real!

She was the only one whod ever learned of the boys secret.

Neither the bright and shiny pigtailed girl nor the charismatic tomboy that were always by his side knew this about him!

This was something that belonged only to her; it was her personal experience, a dreamlike reality.

She wanted to hold onto that hand of his.

But she couldnt.

She felt like shed contaminate him if she impulsively touched that boy who was shining so brightly after hed finally managed to break free from his dark past following his great effort to change himself.

Even if he didnt really mind.

Especially because he didnt mind.

She wanted to change herself!

She wanted to hard at losing weight, learn how to put on makeup, buy some new clothes, and become prettier.

Change herself to the degree where hed be rather surprised, before appearing in front of him, saying: "Look at me, Ive become beautiful!"

Hed definitely laugh at her saying how silly she was, but hed probably be mentally praising her at the same time.

Thats when shed finally be able to happily reach her hand out to him and say"Please be friends with me!"

"Honestly, did you reject me the first time because you wanted to do this?"

Hed probably say that while laughing and taking her hand.

"You shocked meIve lost to you, Miyamoto-san"

With that fantasy in mind, and convinced that she could make it a reality, Kaho Miyamoto was currently working hard towards her goal.

In the past week, shed been secretly exercising and decreasing her food intake appropriately.

The change was clearly noticeable. In just one week, shed lost more weight than she expected, which gave her more confidence that she could succeed.

However it was only natural that shed be found out.

Kaho sighed; it was evident her older sister was intentionally waiting for her there.

"Good morning, Sister What are you waiting here for?"

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