Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 563

Chapter 563: Im just such a terrible person...
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

After seeing such a smile and hearing these words, Seiji received a huge impact. His heartbeat quickened and he couldn't help but avoid her gaze.

Seiji took a sip of tea and forced himself to calm down and control his own emotions before he spoke up, "Chiaki, you know what type of person I am, right?"


"In order to prevent any mistaken impressions, I'm going to explain just who I am for you," he stated in a low voice. "I'm simply an otaku who does what he wants and likes to do. I'm not an incredible person."


"Even though I have some extraordinary powers. I'm still foundationally an ordinary person with an ordinary person's desires."


"I want to have a harem! I want to have many beautiful girls all to myself, and peacefully and wonderfully live with all of them, having a fortunate and blissful life!"


"Although logic and reason tells me that's no good, that it shouldn't be, that it's impossible, but that's what I truly desire inside my heart! And I can't change this part about me!"


"Mika, Natsuya, and you have all agreed to be in a harem. I'm actually incredibly happy inside! Happy to the point where just imagining it will make me feel like I'm still floating up to cloud nine; it's an addicting feeling!!"


"Right now, I'm actually using the final shreds of my logic to barely maintain my sense of reason! I'm almost at the tipping point where I'm about to let my desires loose and transform into a scumbag man! No, wait, I'm actually already a scumbag man, starting right from the instant I accepted Mika and her willingness to be in a harem! On the surface, I said that I was only coming over here to have a discussion with you, but I still secretly hoped that something might happen if I came over! Even I hate how I am like this that's still just how I am, damn it!!!"

Seiji didn't even know what he was saying anymore. His internal thoughts were in such turmoil as if a flood had broken through a dam.

Chiaki smiled as she looked at him. She wasn't surprised at all.

This was because he was simply such a person. She knew all of this already.

Seiji Haruta was a good person and a hero, as well as an otaku and an ordinary person.

That was why she felt so much for him.

Chiaki wasn't sure just what it was that she felt. At any rate, she knew that she was in love with such a him.

Mika was as well.

Natsuya Yoruhana was as well.

A purely good person, a pure hero, a pure otaku, or a pure ordinary person wouldn't have been liked by any of the three of them. The person that they liked was Seiji Haruta! This completely unique, charismatic, yet also clumsy super handsome otaku.

"My sense of reason is telling me that I should forcefully fix the way you think so that you become more 'normal' and stop foolishly wanting to be a mistress. Yet, my desire is preventing me from doing so." Seiji sighed.

"I like you, Chiaki. I like talking to you, I like seeing your face, I like having you by my side, I like to see you perform, I like going out shopping with you, I like having contact with you I like being together with you. I've never imagined developing an intimate relationship with you before, but hearing that you're willing to be in such a relationship with me, I feel like it's incredibly difficult for me to refuse you In fact, I'm already beginning to imagine such a harem life already.

"I'm just such a terrible person terrible to the point where if I was someone else, I would surely want to beat myself up right now! But This is just how I like you as well it's to the extent where I don't care even if I turn into a terrible scumbag of a man. The only one who can stop me right now is you.

"That's why For the last time truly the last time Let me ask you one final time, are you really sure that this is fine!?"

Seiji looked back towards her and used the final remnants of his will to restrain his desire as he asked.

"Yep." Chiaki looked at him and still responded using a single word as she replied in the affirmative.

Not only that, she even approached and hugged him.

"I won't regret this," she whispered into his ear.

Seiji's sense of logic and reason collapsed!

He could imagine the sound of it snapping, as his willpower was crushed under a torrential flood!!

When he returned to his senses, he discovered that he was already hugging and kissing Chiaki!

"Mmm~~" Chiaki passionately and seductively responded to his kiss.

'Ahh I don't care anymore'

Seiji closed his eyes and stopped thinking about anything at all as he allowed his mind to go blank. He lost himself in her sweet, sweet, lips.

After a long time, they finally separated from each other.

"Whew~ That was amazing" Chiaki licked her lips. Her entire face was red and she had a demonically seductive look in her eyes.

One of her hands started moving downwards. It was unknown whether this was conscious or unconscious. However, she was stopped from doing so by Seiji.

"Let's just leave things at thatIf I do any more, Shika-chan will slice me to pieces." Seiji smield wryly.

"Kagura-san" Chiaki looked at the bit mark left behind on his neck.

She'd noticed this immediately the moment she saw him.

"If it wasn't for her obstructing, I'd be able to go all the way with you?"

"No, that's not what I mean." Seiji let go of her. "I just feel like we should take things slowly After all, we haven't even dated each other or anything like that."

"I prefer to move directly to home plate," Chiaki stated as something flashed in her eyes.

"Take better care of yourself!"

"You tasted amazing. I got addicted instantly."

"Stop saying lines that sound like they came right out of an ero game!"

"The taste down there is surely even better. Please allow me to enjoy it."

"Don't suddenly turn into a sex-crazed character!"

Chiaki giggled in response to Seiji's retorts.

Seiji felt rather helpless, pitying, and pained, seeing how she was

Was this truly alright?

He wanted to ask yet again, but he was unable to bring himself to ask.

This was her choice, and he had indicated his acceptance of her choice already.

This way, he was solidly turning into a scumbag a pure harem protagonist bastard.

Seiji could only inwardly sigh.

He deeply realized that in the end, he was simply an otaku who had ugly desires.

He thought about what Hana called him in the past and now felt that it was impossible to counter what she said.

In that case, he might as well openly and magnificently admit it!

No being a scumbag wasn't something magnificent at all.

In that case, he might as well openly and shamelessly admit it!

Now that Seiji came to this resolution about his own improper path, transforming from a NEET into a handsome guy and then falling into depravity to become a scumbag man, he entered an entirely new path for his life.

His goal was to create an extravagantly large harem the likes of which had never seen before!

"Hey, don't just randomly add narration for me!"

"I wasn't being random. That was what the expression in your eyes told me."

"My eyes said no such thing!"

"Isn't it fine to make that into your goal?"

"Of course not! Although I'm already a scumbag man, I don't want to be the scummiest."

"The scummiest man in all of history. That sounds somewhat cool as well."

"How is that cool in any way!!"

'If I really tried making that into my goal, I would probably get in over my head and be sliced to death by angry women,' Seiji commented in his mind.

Honestly, he already braved such risk.

"I should be going back now Good night, Chiaki."

"Because Kagura-san is waiting for you, right?" Chiaki smiled. "I can teach you how to deal with Kagura-san, you know."

"How to deal with her" Seiji recalled what he heard about Chiaki's promise to Natsuya.

"Kagura-san is actually incredibly easy to deal with, as long as it's you should I tell you the method?" The silver-haired girl smiled rather mysteriously.
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