Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 564

Chapter 564: I must protect Brother
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

"No need."

Seiji felt that it would be best for him to not hear this at least for now.

Seeing him like this, Chiaki didn't insist. She happily said good night and watched him leave.

Seiji returned home to see that Shika had stayed up to wait for his return as expected.

He sat down across from his adopted younger sister and looked at her.

Shika looked back at him.

They exchanged glances Seiji felt as if everything he wanted to say had been seen through by her already.

Then, what should he say? What did Shika need to hear most, and what did he really want to express most right now?

Seiji decided to bring out his shameless resolve from earlier!

"Shika-chan just now, I accepted Chiaki, just like how I accepted Mika. The current me is now unmistakably a scumbag man. And precisely because of it, no matter what you think of me, I'm still going to stick by you!"

As for the promise he made to her before about not getting a girlfriend, he already apologized previously when he told Shika about the matter with Mika. Apologizing once again wouldn't be meaningful.

Saying anything else would be unnecessary. The most foundational intention he wanted to express was the same as beforehe wanted to be together and never separate from her!

Shika glanced at him as something flashed in her eyes.

Seiji faced her directly while feeling nervous inside.

The adopted siblings exchanged glances with each other in silence.

"Brother wants a harem, is that right?" Shika broke the silence and was the first to speak.


"Then Brother should go ahead and do as he wishes."

"You don't object?"

"Why should I object?"

Shika's counter question made Seiji not even know how to respond.

"Previously, not wanting Brother to have a girlfriend was just my selfishness Brother having a girlfriend, or multiple girlfriends, is all Brother's freedom."


"Brother is an excellent boy. Having many girlfriends is only natural," Shika stated seriously. "But Brother is also an idiot that's easy to take advantage of."

Seiji was rendered speechless.

"So as your adopted younger sister and Spirit-branded Retainer, I must protect Brother, and eliminate and stop any women that aren't good enough to get close to you!" Something glinted in Shika's eyes.

Seiji felt like he'd heard something similar from her before in the past. His cheeks twitched.

"Mika Uehara and Chiaki Wakaba. For the time being, there's no problem with either of them being your girlfriends. Still, there needs to be time for observation, and you shouldn't get too intimate right away."

"I was originally planning on taking things slow to begin with"

"That's good, then."

What was with Shika acting like she was now his harem manager?

Hana refused to become his harem manager, while Shika voluntarily took on this job of her own volition?

His blood-related younger sister and adopted younger sister both seemed to overreact to him in exactly opposite ways. Just what was with this situation!? Seiji commented in his mind.

Judging from Shika's expression, telling her not to do this wasn't something she would listen to.

Forget it he figured that no harm could come of it, so he might as well let her do as she wished.

The next day saw wonderful weather with white clouds everywhere.

Mika had yet to return to her normal form.

"While I was sleeping, I heard Mashiro's voice in my dream I feel that I should be able to return to normal after some more time passes."

"Let's just wait a while longer, then," Seiji told her.

"Since it's still going to take some time, why not just go shopping for some clothes that are a better fit for this form of yours!" Chiaki made a recommendation.

Mika looked towards Seiji for his advice.

"I don't think that you should go outside looking like this, because Spiritual Ability users might notice your powers." Seiji pointed at her Mashiro's Clothes. "Also, there's the possibility that you'll suddenly return to your normal self while outside."

"But it feels like such a waste for you not to go outside and show off now that you've gained such a beautiful form." Chiaki reached out to caress Mika's face.

"I'll listen to Seiji." Mika knocked away Chiaki's hand. "I don't want to attract attention."

"Then, let's just stay inside and have fun being intimate for an entire day~" Chiaki hugged Mika and looked at Seiji seductively.

"I have something to do today"

"What something could you possibly have to do that's more important than enjoying the two young and beautiful girls in front of you?" Chiaki softly started kneading Mika's breasts. Mika was surprised by this sudden attack and couldn't help but moan.

This scene was quite impactful against Seiji. His mental defenses took a huge hit.

"Chiaki!" Mika's face blushed red.

"Heehee, I've long since known just where exactly you're sensitive, and how to make you really feel things, my cute little Mika-chan~"

The way Chiaki kept rubbing Mika while saying such things made her seem like a depraved horny middle-aged man.

"No that's don't touch there ahh~"

Mika moaned out loud again and became angered. She used her Mashiro's Clothes to suddenly whisk the harasser away.

*Smack!* Chiaki was tossed onto the bed.

"So violent but this seems pretty nice as well."

"Stop acting like a pervert!"

After commenting, Mika glanced at Seiji before looking back at Chiaki again.

"You two did you"

"That's right! I joined Seiji's harem as well, thanks to you." Chiaki smiled and sat back up while smiling rather devilishly. "Let us become truly intimate sisters, Mika-chan~"

Mika was rendered speechless.

Although she was mentally prepared, seeing her best friend suddenly start acting like this still felt rather strange!

"I feel almost as if you're the one who started a harem here, not me." Seiji's cheeks twitched as he looked at Chiaki.

"Looking at it from another angle, I suppose you're right, teehee~" Chiaki made a cute pose.

"Teehee, the hell!!" Seiji and Mika retorted simultaneously.

Even if their relationship changed, her personality wouldn't change no, Chiaki actually became even more carefree.

At this moment, Seiji's cell phone rang.

The caller ID indicated that the call was from Yui Haruta!

"Good morning, Sister Yui."

"Good morning, Seiji," a cold-sounding female voice spoke on the other end. "Are you currently at your apartment? Are you free?"

"I am at my apartment and I'm free."

"Good. I'm coming over in ten minutes. There's something I need to tell you."


Yui hung up the call right there.

'She's coming over right here in ten minutes!?' Seiji revealed a rather strange expression.

"What's the matter, Seiji?" Mika was concerned due to his change in expression.

"Sister Yui Yui Haruta said that she's coming over right here in ten minutes," Seiji replied.

After two seconds of silence.

"Eh!!??" Mika and Chiaki widened their eyes in surprise.

They had both seen Yui Haruta before. Previously, when they were shopping at the high-class shopping center, the "coincidental" meeting had given them a deep impression.

The Spirit Raising Talisman that Mika used to store Mashiro in was a present from Yui.

Seiji's goal in establishing a Spirit-branded Retainer team was to duel against Yui and her Spirit-branded Retainers!

This beautiful and powerful Yin Yang Master scion who was even higher level than Natsuya Yoruhana was about to arrive here in just ten minutes!?

"Why is she coming over here?" Mika asked after she recovered from her surprise.

"She just said that she had something to tell me. I don't know what it's specifically about."

Seiji mulled it over.

"It might have to do with what I was planning to do today."

"What were you planning to do today?" Chiaki inquired.

Seiji explained the situation.

"Bloodwine Ritual the name sounds quite ominous," Chiaki commented.

Mika nodded in understanding.

"Actually, it's just like a fighting tournament. Still, there are indeed uncertain factors and an element of risk." Seiji shrugged. "After all, this is the first ever public test-run of the tournament."

"Your sister contacting you at this time is about you participating?"

"Yeah It might also be that she wants me to not participate."

He would only know once she arrived.

And no matter what, the fact that Yui was coming to meet him personally was something Seiji was quite wondering about.

Was there something really important that she had to tell him personally?

While Seiji was thinking, Chiaki communicated nonverbally with Mika using her eyes.

Mika paused for a moment before she realized what Chiaki was trying to say.

"Seiji could we meet your older sister together with you?" she asked softly.
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