Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 567

Chapter 567: I like you the most
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

Natsuya learned that Seiji had come over to visit.

However, she didn't feel like seeing him right now. Instead, she really wanted to run away from her residence right now.

Because she felt really awkward!

Chiaki Wakaba called her and apologetically told her that their agreement was now known by Seiji

Natsuya paused in surprise for a good moment upon hearing Chiaki's explanation. Then, she was overcome by a gigantic wave of embarrassment! It was to the point where she jumped onto her bed and rolled in her blankets for several minutes.

After the peak of her embarrassment faded, what remained was anger and complaints towards Chiaki Wakaba and Mika Uehara. Yet there was no use crying over spilled milk, and complaining about them wouldn't help the situation at all.

'How should I face him now' Natsuya was currently feeling quite awkward.

After learning that Seiji and Shika were going to come over in order to practice cultivation, not only did she not want to see him, she even felt like running away from here getting as far away as possible!

Seiji was feeling quite awkward right now as well.

After he accepted Mika and Chiaki, he didn't know how he should face the student council president right now.

The person who made the "deal" was Chiaki, not Natsuya. It was impossible for even Chiaki to tell just exactly what Natsuya had been thinking.

All Seiji could do was resolve himself to be as shameless as possible while heading over to Natsuya's residence.

When he arrived, Natsuya didn't come out to greet him.

'Should I go see her at such a time?' Seiji was unsure.

He told Shika to go practice cultivation first while he remained in the main hall and sat down on the chair while making a contemplative pose.

"What's the matter, junior?" Mai asked him what was going on upon seeing him like this.

"I'm currently contemplating a very important problem."

"What problem?"

Seiji looked towards his maid senpai.

"If I say it out loud, I might be killed."

'By you, Houjou-senpai.'

Mai blinked upon hearing this. "You can't even tell Milady?"

'The problem has to do with your lady!'

"Yeah but I don't know how to say it."

"Just say it directly. As long as it's something related to you, if you explain it properly, Milady will definitely understand." Mai smiled.

Seiji was rendered speechless.

If only she knew the specifics of the situation, she would definitely never smile so gently while telling him this.

Still, he felt encouraged.

"I apologize to you, Senpai."

"Why are you apologizing?"

"You'll find out in the future."

Seiji stood up.

Although he still didn't know how to face things, he would have to do so eventually. He felt it would be better to explain things as early as possible.

Seiji firmed his resolution to the maximum before he stepped forward.

Natsuya heard the sound of familiar footsteps.

'He's here he's here what to do what to do what to do' She instantly started panicking!

When she regained her senses, she discovered that she had already locked her room and was currently hiding under her blanket, wrapping herself tightly.

A knock sounded on her door.

Natsuya hid herself under her blankets and didn't make a single sound, pretending that she wasn't there!

The small remaining remnant of logic and reason within her knew that she was acting foolishly. Still, she found it impossible to face him right now, which was why she unconsciously chose an ostrich's approach.

Seiji continued to knock and didn't receive a response. He tried to open the door but found that her room was locked.

This was the best evidence that Natsuya was inside but didn't want to show herself.

He felt that she was probably angry.

"Natsuya I already signed the contract to enter the Bloodwine Ritual tournament." After glancing at Natsuya's closed door for a while, he spoke up in a clear voice, "I shall do my very best to obtain victory no matter how you currently see me, what I want to do won't change.

"Because I like you!"

Under the situation where he already had Mika and Chiaki, this was doubtlessly something that only a scumbag man would say.

But, these were his real feelings.

He really liked her and wanted to be together with her. These were his actual and important feelings.

No matter what happened in the future, he still wanted to at least transmit his feelings.

"I like you the most Natsuya"

After he spoke the words in his heart in as serious a tone as possible, Seiji stopped looking at Natsuya's door and turned around to leave.

Natsuya was stunned to hear this.

Her mind kept replaying the words she just heard. Her heartbeat rapidly increased. Her face started burning up, and her body heated up as well

After slightly regaining her senses, she couldn't help herself and started to frenziedly roll around on her bed again!

'I can't take this!!!!

'I feel like my body's on fire! This is too stimulating!!

"Wahh ennnnnn~~~~~~"

The student council president kept making strange noises and endlessly rolled around on her bed, as if she really had gone insane or something strange had possessed her.

After she finally calmed down a little, thinking back on what she'd just heard caused a foolish smile to appear on her face. Then, she couldn't help but roll around again, and this cycle kept repeating itself.

Only after an unknown period of time passed did she finally barely manage to stop this cycle which would have ruined her image had anyone seen it.

"Likes me the most ehehe" Natsuya buried her face in her pillow and reveled in her current emotions.

'It's good that I didn't meet him face to face.'

If he had confessed his love for her to her face, she definitely would have lost control of herself!

Or would it actually have been better for her to lose control?

The student council president tried imagining the scene and started rolling around again. She was completely unable to stop her body from heating up!!

Even she herself was feeling like she was becoming quite strange although she was already becoming a little strange, today was when she became the strangest.

She wanted to see him, but also didn't dare to see him. She was afraid that she would become even stranger, and that her image in front of him would be ruined.

'I'll go to see him after I've completely calmed down' Although that was what she wanted, Natsuya was still unable to suppress the feelings in her heart.

"Ahh awoo ~~~~ Seiji~~~~"

Seiji felt as if he heard something strange calling him.

He paused for a moment in the middle of practicing a spell.

Seiji glanced all around him and confirmed that nobody was there. It must have been an auditory hallucination.

He wanted to learn as many useful spells as possible before the tournament started in order to win. Even if he had a tremendously powerful ability like saving and loading, it would still be impossible for him to win if his overall power level wasn't high enough.

Sixty-four teams for a total of one hundred and twenty-eight participants what type of opponents would he be facing?

Every team would be a two-person team. However, the teams weren't only limited to Yin Yang Masters and Spirit-branded Retainers. There would be other Spiritual Ability user teams, such as ninjas and so on.

Thinking of ninjas, Seiji recalled Matsutani.

Although he had witnessed this chubby middle-aged former ninja in action, he had never fought against Matsutani. Although he wanted to have a practice bout against him Matsutani was now an author and no longer an active ninja. Asking Matsutani for a practice match felt rather impolite to Seiji.

No with that chubby middle-aged Matsutani's personality, Seiji felt like he would agree but tack on a gentlemanly condition, such as making Shika be his story's model, wearing ecchi clothing, posing provocatively, and so on.

He would never allow such a thing!!

Just imagining it caused killing intent to flash through Seiji's mind.

'Shika belongs only to me whoops, I meant that I absolutely can't allow my adopted younger sister to partake in such gentlemanly activities!'

He would have to ask Hana about information on his potential opponents. Seiji decided to contact Hana later when he returned.

Seiji got rid of all idle thoughts and concentrated fully on his spell practice.

Some time later, his cell phone rang.

The caller ID indicated that the call was from Natsuya!

Seiji instantly picked up the call.


"Seiji" He heard her gentle voice.

This was followed by silence.

"Um Did you hear what I said in front of your room?" Seiji tried asking this question.

"Yes I did," Natsuya responded softly.

"That's good, then" Seiji's face heated up as he recalled what he just said. He felt quite nervous inside.

This was followed by silence yet again.

Seiji could hear his own heartbeat and even feel time itself as each second passed by.

He wanted to say something, but didn't know what to say. He could only wait.

After an unknown period of time, Natsuya finally spoke up again.

"Seiji come to my room."
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