Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 570

Chapter 570: That was actually the source!?
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

Escalating the relationship to the final level was something incredibly alluring. Still, as Seiji said previously, he wanted to take things slowly.

This was not only to respect the girls, it was also the final method to prevent himself from becoming even more depraved.

If he truly let all his desires run rampant, Seiji felt like he would become a beast instead of a scumbag man.

'That seems pretty nice as well.

'No no, stop! This type of thinking is super dangerous, bastard!!'

"I should leave now. If we continue, I won't be able to stand it any longer"


"Natsuya, I shall do my very best. My priority will be to obtain victory in the Bloodwine Ritual tournament so that the Yoruhana Family will approve of me!" Seiji spoke adamantly.

"Okay I believe in you," Natsuya told him sincerely.

Seiji slowly let go of her.

Natsuya instantly felt a sense of loneliness after she left his embrace. Her body moved on its own as she went up to kiss him again.

Seiji smiled after tasting the student council president's sweet lips once again. He then left Natsuya's room.

Natsuya was incredibly sexy. It was quite difficult for him to restrain himself. Things would truly become R-18 if he didn't leave right then and there.

Mika had a question in her mind.

It was quite evident why Chiaki would make such a "deal" with President Yoruhana. It was just like Chiaki's style, so there was nothing weird about that. However, what exactly was Chiaki's "method" to deal with Shika?

President Yoruhana was unable to come up with any, yet Chiaki came up with one? Upon closer consideration, didn't this seem quite strange? Shouldn't the student council president have just as much understanding of Shika as Chiaki did?

Mika was quite clear on how perceptive an individual that Chiaki was. But, President Yoruhana was quite amazing as well!

Mika was unable to figure out the critical piece of the puzzle. Since she was curious, she asked Chiaki directly.

Chiaki smiled mysteriously upon hearing this question.

"Pretty good of you to think things through to here, Mika. Although I wanted to keep things a secret, you made everything far more successful than I expected, helping me to achieve my goal much earlier than I had thought, so I'll tell you as thanks. I don't have any particular method to deal with Kagura-chan."

"Eh?" Mika paused in surprise to hear this.

"I have no idea how Kagura-chan views President Yoruhana. No matter how perceptive I am, it's still impossible for me to see through to the nature of a girl who almost never talks." Chiaki shrugged. "That's why I don't have any method at all to help President Yoruhana deal with Kagura-chan."

Mika was rendered speechless.

"Although I lied to President Yoruhana, I indeed had confidence in myself when making that deal. This isn't fake at all. Otherwise, the president probably would have seen through me." Chiaki smiled.

Mika was now mystified.

Chiaki had just stated that she lied and there was no method. Yet, she was also saying that she was confident? What was with this?

If this was a manga, Mika's head would have been covered in question marks right now.

"Actually, you could have arrived at the truth if you reasoned this out a little more." Chiaki seemed as if she was a kind teacher who was teaching a clumsy disciple. "Just a little more, really."

Just a little more Mika did her best to think about it. Suddenly, she received a flash of inspiration and arrived at an answer!

"It must be Kagura-chan" Mika muttered. "You going to find the president wasn't your own idea. Instead, Kagura-chan asked you to go to the president am I right?"

It all made sense to Mika now. Chiaki having no method but still having confidence meant that Shika Kagura must have been behind everything!

"Wrong, but also right," Chiaki replied while chuckling. "You're really close to the answer now. You're just off by a tiny bit."

Off by a tiny bit Mika glanced over at Chiaki. Then, she finally arrived at the truth.

"You must have first went to contact Kagura-chan and talked to her before volunteering to go and talk to the president Am I right this time?"

"Ding-dong!" Chiaki's smile became even more brilliant. "On one hand, I went to find President Yoruhana to propose a deal. On the other hand, I also represented Kagura-chan in testing out the president! This way, no matter what the end result was, I would still benefit!"

Once again, Mika was rendered speechless.

"Actually, I just wanted to shake up the status quo and try to secure my own position but I never expected that you, Mika, instantly managed to conquer Seiji, which also helped me to achieve my objective," Chiaki spoke sincerely. "You truly did a good job."

Mika felt rather complex inside to hear this praise again.

Now, the truth behind Chiaki's "method" was clear.

Then, what about the truth behind the "deal?"

"Representing Kagura-chan in testing the president why do such a thing? What did you discuss with Kagura-chan?" Mika asked this directly.

"I told Kagura-chan that with how things were, Seiji would likely end up together with President Yoruhana, and asked what she thought about it. She told me she wanted to know whether or not the president would accept Seiji having a harem, because this was Seiji's fetish."

Mika was rendered absolutely speechless this time.

"'The great majority of the adult doujinshi that Brother Seiji purchased last time were all about harems'that's a direct quote from Kagura-chan. I asked if she looked through all of them, and she didn't reply, so I suppose that's a tacit admittance, heehee" Chiaki giggled quite joyously.

Adult doujinshi Mika felt rather helpless.

That was actually the source of this whole incident!?

Seiji never would have imagined in his wildest dreams that the true origin of the "deal" was Shika rather than Chiaki.

Shika wanted to know whether or not Natsuya would accept being in a harem. And as for why she wanted to know such a thing, that was because she learned Seiji's fetish from sneaking peeks at his adult doujinshi collection.

Well, perhaps the true source of the matter was Seiji himself!

Judging from the result, because he purchased so much harem adult doujinshi, he actually succeeded in truly obtaining a harem this was unbelievable!!

It was as if a harem doujinshi's plot had occurred in real life.

Mika, Chiaki, and Natsuya he instantly now had three beautiful girlfriends just like that. He truly became a scumbag male lead in a harem story.

Apart from feeling blissful, he also felt pressured.

He wanted to love and protect them all. He wanted to do his best to make them all lead fortunate lives. For that purpose, he had to become stronger in all areas!

In order to obtain victory in the upcoming tournament, he now needed to focus on his cultivation. Yet he couldn't forget about the girls just in order to practice.

He still needed to attend school like normal and hang out with Mika and Chiaki.

In his free time while cultivating, he would also hang out with Natsuya.

When thinking about his beautiful future no, he was already leading a beautiful life in the present!

Seiji was filled with motivation. He felt as if he could instantly cultivate to become the strongest!

Of course, that would be impossible. He would have to take things one step at a time.

When it was almost dinnertime, Seiji and Shika stopped their cultivation practice and returned to their apartment.

"Welcome back~~ Would you like to eat first? Or take a shower? Or would you like to eat me?"

Chiaki opened the door to greet them while pretending to be a newlywed bride.

Seiji was shocked to see this unexpected embarrassing scene and could only stare at Chiaki.

Chiaki was currently smiling while wearing an apron and making a pose. Her face slightly reddened after Seiji stared at her for a while.

"Why aren't you making any retorts?"

"Because you're so cute," Seiji reflexively praised her.

Chiaki's face got even redder.

Although she used an embarrassment attack against Seiji, she received an unexpected counterattack that caused her to show off a shy expression.

Her current appearance was incredibly moving. Seiji even wanted to take a picture.

Shika, watching all this, was unable to take it anymore and spoke up, "Please allow me to enter."

Chiaki stepped aside to allow them to enter.

Seiji entered to see that Nozomi and Kaede were currently cooking while Mika and Reo were playing a video game together in the living room.

"It'll be hot pot for dinner tonight, Haruta-kun." Nozomi smiled at him in greeting.

Seiji blinked to see the abundant food prepared for dinner.

"Let me do something to help"

"No need. Just wait over by the side." Chiaki indicated for him to go to the living room.

Seiji could only wait in the living room as he observed the fierce fighting between Mika and Reo in the video game. Shika sat quietly by his side and slowly edged closer to him.

Not long after, dinner began.

Everyone sat around the table and enjoyed the hot pot together, chatting and laughing in a warm and joyous atmosphere.

Winter's chill was ending, while spring's warmth had already arrived.
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