Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 571

Chapter 571: I want you to feed me with your mouth~
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

Later that night, Seiji contacted Hana and asked her about the Bloodwine Ritual tournament.

"Don't die."

The cat-eared hat girl fell silent for a while, saying nothing else apart from that.

She also directly agreed to help him gather information about the other tournament participants.

Seiji didn't mention anything about the harem, because he could already imagine Hana's likely reaction he decided to conceal the harem from her for the time being.

The next morning.

He received a call from Mika. Apparently, she had finally returned to her normal state.

Seiji immediately headed next door to check her situation. She had indeed returned to her normal self, and Mashiro also now possessed a complete human form!

That Spiritual Creature's former egg shape had now become a little girl. She was wearing a dark-red dress and was much larger than before. She now seemed like a very beautiful little angel.


Mashiro still chirped cutely and smiled as she jumped towards Seiji.

Seiji reflexively hugged her and felt her body's warmth and softness. There was no difference from a human's.


Mashiro rubbed her face against his chest and had a joyous expression.

Seiji smiled to see how intimate she was acting with him. He reached out and gently patted her on the head.

The silver-winged loli was evidently delighted with this as the wings on her back started fluttering slightly.

Mika also smiled upon seeing this scene.

"Do you feel that anything about your body is uncomfortable?" Seiji asked Mika.

"Not at all." Mika shook her head.

"That's good, then."

Seiji then looked towards Mashiro.

"Mashiro-chan, you protected Mika. Wonderful job."


The silver-winged loli was incredibly delighted to be praised. She revealed a brilliant smile.

Seiji returned home after confirming that Mika and Mashiro were both alright.

After that was going to school just as normal.

Kaede felt like something was wrong.

The atmosphere between Seiji, Mika, and Chiaki had subtly changed.

Everything appeared the same as usual. However, Kaede perceived that something had already changed.

This made her feel quite anxious. She really wanted to know what was going on.

During class in the morning, Kaede sent a text message to the person who she felt was most likely would tell her what was going on.

After class, that person arrived in the infirmary.

"As expected, Juumonji-sensei saw through us." Chiaki smiled. "I knew that we wouldn't be able to fool you."

"I can't say that I saw through anything, I could only feel it." Kaede looked at Chiaki. "What exactly happened? Could you tell me, Wakaba-san?"

"If I couldn't tell you, I wouldn't have come here." Chiaki shrugged. "Even if I don't say anything, Sensei would have noticed sooner or later as for why we're hiding things now, that's because we don't want to give Seiji too much pressure."


"That's right. Sensei will understand immediately once I tell you."

"You don't need to tell me if it will give Seiji more pressure."

"It's not that he'll be pressured if Sensei knows what happened. Instead, it's that the actions you're likely to take may give him pressure if you knew what happened." Chiaki grinned. "Sensei, if you choose to leave Seiji after learning what happened, nothing will come of it, and it's your freedom to choose. But, Sensei, if you learn what happened, and want to take action instead of leaving him, that will give him more pressure. That's why I hope that Sensei will first promise me that you can keep this matter a secret and not take action for the time being if you choose to stay by Seiji's side."

Something flashed in Kaede's eyes. A few seconds later, she nodded.

"I promise."

After receiving this verbal guarantee, the tomboy nudged over and whispered something into the blonde nurse's ear.

Kaede instantly widened her eyes.

After Chiaki finished her explanation, she smiled once more at Kaede before turning around to leave.

'A harem I see.'

Kaede's expression returned to normal after she finally digested what she just heard.

She quickly understood what Chiaki meant by saying that Seiji would be "pressured."

Seiji felt guilty about having started a harem. Although he had resolved himself, he would still feel mentally pressured.

This pressure would need time to help him ease his mentality. Keeping this a secret and not taking action for the time being Chiaki's request was to give him some time.

As for leaving Seiji's side Kaede didn't even consider it.

She had already resolved herself long ago to be a mistress if necessary. Seiji starting a harem was actually a good thing for her.

'Once he feels less pressured, it'll be my turn.' The blonde teacher's mouth arced upwards slightly as she looked outside a window.

Lunch break.

Seiji ate lunch together with Mika and Chiaki, just like usual.

"Seiji, we've already confirmed our relationship. Shouldn't we do something intimate?" Chiaki spoke up.

"What do you want to do?"

"I want you to feed me with your mouth~"

"Denied." Seiji instantly rejected this.

Feeding someone else with his mouth in public at high school? That seemed far too much like high-level idiocy!

Still, normal feeding was okay.

He picked up some barbequed meat with his chopsticks and brought it to Chiaki's mouth. "I can feed you like this."

"Tsk, such a conservative man."

"You're the one who's too free-spirited do you want it or not?"

Chiaki glanced at him rather seductively and opened her mouth, making "Ahn~" sounds as she swallowed the meat. After swallowing the meat, she then licked her lips with her tongue.

"This is such a thick taste~"

"Stop intentionally making this seem like an R-18 scene!"

Seiji recalled what it felt like to kiss her as he witnessed her actions. He was slightly shaken inside.

"Seiji I want the same as well," Mika said softly.

Seiji picked up another piece of barbequed meat with his chopsticks and raised it over to Mika's lips.

Mika's face reddened slightly as she opened her mouth and ate the meat. She revealed a satisfied expression.

'So cute!' Seiji thought to himself.

He then saw Mika handing him a piece of fried egg as her face reddened.

Seiji opened his mouth and ate it as he smiled.

"So sweet~ This would be even better with a kiss~" Chiaki added some narration.

"I didn't think that at all."

"Tsk, such a boring man."

"You're the one who's too exciting." Seiji gave her another piece of meat.

Chiaki happily accepted the feeding.

The three of them kept feeding each other as they ate lunch and enjoyed themselves.

The other students seeing this scene felt that they were quite intimate with each other. Still, none of them even thought that this was actually a harem.

Or, perhaps it should be said that the three of them eating together was long since treated as a harem by the other students, so they wouldn't think too much into things now.

However, a certain person also noticed this scene and remembered it in her mind.

After school.

Mika returned to the Uehara apartments, Chiaki was busy with her drama club activities, and Seiji went to the student council president's residence to practice cultivation.

He was greeted by a smiling Mai.

"Junior, I want to talk to you about something." While the maid's face was smiling, her eyes were icy cold.

"What is it about?" Seiji had an ominous premonition.

"Ever since yesterday, something's been wrong with Milady. And today at lunch, I saw you, Uehara-san, and Wakaba-san eating lunch together in quite the intimate fashion" A sharp glint flashed in Mai's eyes. "Please, could you explain what all this is about?"

Seiji felt as if he could envision a black aura emanating from her right now!

"This it's a long story"

"I've already prepared tea to serve you with. Please enjoy it slowly so that you can tell your story properly." Mai smiled quite gently.

'If you don't explain yourself, die.'

Seiji could clearly hear this sentence underneath.

The killer maid who stated before that she would remove any pests that got in her master's way was being quite serious.
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