Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 572

Chapter 572: I definitely wont use such a thing!
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

Seiji obediently sat down, sipped some tea, and began his explanation.

Mai silently listened to him speak. The expression on her face gradually became more complex.

She now understood the problem he had been considering yesterday along with why he had apologized to her.

Logically speaking, she should be scolding him right now. Yet, he had evidently resolved himself, so scolding him would be meaningless.

Still, some things needed to be said out loud.

"Did you take things all the way with Milady?"

"I didn't!"

"What about Uehara and Wakaba-san?"

"I didn't go all the way with them, either."

The maid took a deep look at him.

"That's good, then. It would seem that you still have at least some self-restraint."

Seiji could only smile wryly upon hearing this.

"It's so sudden and quick how you started a harem just as inconceivable as how you stayed in your room for one day and somehow became a Yin Yang Master," Mai assessed.

"I feel the same way." Seiji sighed.

Although it had already happened, it still didn't feel completely real to him.

"To be honest, it would seem more real to me if I woke up and found out that this was all a dream."

"Junior no, Seiji Haruta-sama, are you actually a god?"

"Let's not go with this joke again please, Senpai."

"I'm being quite serious." Mai had a serious expression. "You're actually not human at all. Instead, you're some abnormal existence with a mysterious power Right now, I'm truly feeling like this could be possible."

Seiji was rendered speechless.

They both fell silent for a moment.

"I went a little overboard. Just treat it as a joke of mine." Mai averted her gaze. "Milady and Uehara and Wakaba-san all like you so much and are willing to be together with you in such a manner. You need to absolutely treasure their feelings and not do wrong by them."

"Of course." Seiji nodded seriously.

"If you do wrong by Milady and hurt her feelings to the point where she's painfully heartbroken, I'll be killing you even if you are a god." The maid turned back to look at him with a sharp glint in her eyes.

"I shall do my very best to make Natsuya as fortunate as possible," Seiji replied resolutely. "Still, I really am no god, so it's possible that I'll make mistakes. At such a time, please remind me of my mistakes, Senpai." Seiji continued to smile.

"My service fee is quite expensive."

"I'm willing to pay any price."

"Even though you're clearly a poor man."

"I can pay you in installments."

"I never said that you could do that." Mai smiled.

She looked over him and wanted to say something else. But, she also felt like there wasn't anything else to say.

He had done something rather unreasonable. But, he hadn't lost himself unreasonably in reveling in this situation. He truly treasured all three girls and brought all his resolution.

As for what would happen to them all after this Mai decided to simply observe for the time being.

Oh, right, there was one more thing she needed to tell him.

"In the future, I shall be addressing you as Young Master Haruta."

"Why's that?"

"It would be rather rude of me to address Milady's boyfriend as junior. Also, I'm also about to graduate from high school, so I'll no longer be your school senior."

"I don't think that it should matter." Seiji tilted his head slightly.

"You don't like it? Young Master Haruta~" Mai spoke in a cute and subservient manner.

Seiji received an impact from this!

His beautiful senior who was currently wearing maid attire and pretending to act cute caused Seiji to take a powerful direct hit.

"No it's not that I don't like it, I don't feel accustomed to it, and it's a little embarrassing"

"Should I call address you like this a few more times so that you can quickly get accustomed to it, Young Master~?"

"No there's no need, you can just address me normally like how you did before!" Seiji felt like he was unable to take it anymore.

Mai chuckled happily.

"Understood. I shall use a normal tone of voice in the future, Young Master."

"About that title"

"I'm not going to change it. Unless I could call you something like 'Grandfather' instead, is that what you prefer?"

And so, new titles were unlocked from the maid. Congratulations.

Natsuya returned to her residence after finishing the student council's affairs.

"Young Master Haruta is currently in the underground practice field." Mai greeted her lady with such a report.

"Young Master?"

"I changed my way of addressing him because he's now Milady's boyfriend."

Natsuya's expression froze over.

"Mai nee-san you know already?"

"Yes. Young Master Haruta told me about it."

"What do you feel about it?"

"Even if I oppose this, would Milady immediately stop this current relationship?" Mai countered with a question.

Natsuya averted her gaze and didn't answer.

"My impression can't be said to be good or bad basically, I neither support nor oppose this," Mai continued.

"Mai nee-san"

"If Milady believes that her own decision is correct, then persist down this path. If Milady regrets her decision at any time, then simply end this relationship No matter what, I'm on Milady's side." The maid smiled.

Something shone in Natsuya's eyes.

"I want to be together with him I'm absolutely certain of this," she muttered to herself while placing her hand on her chest.

"Then be with him as much as you like and follow your heart's desire. Go and act spoiled to him."

"Act spoiled"

"He's already your boyfriend, so there's nothing wrong with acting spoiled to him. The only thing you need to pay attention to is not to cross certain boundaries. I'm saying that you shouldn't sleep with him!" Mai told her seriously.

Natsuya's face instantly reddened.

"I, I, I haven't thought of anything like that at all!!"

Even an idiot would be able to tell that she was lying.

Seeing her Natsuya's face had gone completely red and a seductive look instantly appeared in her eyes, Mai instantly concluded that Natsuya must have imagined such a scenario already. In fact, it was likely that she had even mentally prepared herself for such a thing happening.

She was truly lovesick.

The maid suddenly felt a greater sense of respect for Seiji who had been able to maintain some reason.

It must have been quite difficult for him to restrain himself in front of the sexy student council president who was already willing to go all the way with him. Yet, he still managed to restrain himself, which was something incredible.

No a boy who couldn't restrain his desires and started a harem shouldn't be praised like that.

But, even though he started a harem, he restrained himself. Wasn't that amazing in its own? Right?

Mai felt conflicted about this.

At any rate, the current student council president in this condition was far too alluring. Telling her to act spoiled would be no different from asking a fox to guard the chickens! But, not allowing her to do so and making it so that Natsuya's desires built up would be no good as well.

Mai thought of an excellent idea to take care of the issue.

"Please allow me to watch over the situation whenever Milady wishes to be intimate with Young Master Haruta." Mai arrived at this flash of inspiration.

"No!" Natsuya instantly rejected this idea as her face reddened.

"Please rest assured. I shall eliminate all traces of my presence entirely. Neither of you will even know that I'm there."

"That's much better not! It's not an issue of presence! No means no!"

"Then please allow me to surveil the situation with hidden cameras."

"It's the same with cameras, no!!"

"Milady, it's necessary to sacrifice some privacy for the sake of safety!" Mai had a serious tone.

"Don't use an argument typically used for national security here! I refuse!!" Natsuya rejected this to the end.

"If you're really not willing to abandon some privacy, I can only use an ancient method."

"An ancient method?"

"A chastity belt!" Mai started smiling. "This will help to protect your privacy together with being able to obstruct things that shouldn't be done. Chastity belts are one of the greatest inventions passed down to today from ancient times."

Natsuya was rendered absolutely speechless.

"Milady, what model and color would you prefer? If you rush order online right now, you should be able to receive it by tomorrow. Just bear with things for tonight at least."

"Mai nee-san"

"The rush ordered chastity belt will only be for temporary usage. In order to ensure comfort and a proper fit, a custom one will need to be ordered as well. That will require taking your measurements."

"Mai nee-san!"

Natsuya's face reddened completely when faced with her older sister figure of a maid that was smiling so gently. Natsuya was now almost shouting at the top of her lungs.

"I definitely won't use such a thing!!!"
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