Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 573

Chapter 573: Your older sister has the right to know her younger sisters love situation!
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

"Why? Chastity belts are an excellent self-protection tool"

"Stop talking about this! At any rate, I refuse to use one."

Mai blinked upon hearing this. "Then let's have Young Master Haruta wear one."


"Chastity belts have male versions as well. If Milady doesn't wish to use one, let's have Young Master Haruta wear one."

Natsuya was once again rendered speechless.

She imagined various scenes from hearing this, causing her face to become even redder.

"N no! That's no good as well!"

"Why's that?"

"No reason! No need to do anything unnecessary. I we won't do anything like that, so no need to worry, Mai nee-san."

Mai glanced at Natsuya for quite a while.

"Alright I believe in Milady and Young Master Haruta." The maid flashed a gentle smile.

As for whether or not something was concealed behind her smile, only she herself would know.


Kaho Miyamoto was currently in a daze.

Her television screen was playing a popular anime. However, her eyes were unfocused and not paying any attention to the screen.

Only when the ending song started playing did she regain her senses.

Kaho was currently in such a state because she had something on her mind.

Someone completely unexpected gave chocolate to Seigo Harano on Valentine's Day.

Natsuya Yoruhana the highest level beauty in all of Genhana High School, who was also the student council president and the daughter of an illustrious family!

Everyone had been astonished to see her arrival. The moment that she handed Seigo the chocolate, the scene was so beautiful as if it was a scene from an idol movie!

Everyone knew already that Seigo Harano and Natsuya Yoruhana had some type of connection. But, nobody knew the exact nature of the connection. Nor had anyone seen them together in a romantic manner before.

That was why nobody expected that Natsuya Yoruhana would actually give Seigo Harano her chocolate her love chocolate!!!

Everyone present who witnessed this received a huge impact, including Kaho Miyamoto.

Everyone's forceful emotions in wanting to gossip welled up like a tremendous ocean wave! They all wanted to know what was going on.

Seigo Harano remained silent in front of everyone's questions, answering only vaguely before escaping from school. His closest friends, Mika Uehara and Chiaki Wakaba also didn't say anything on this topic.

Today, after being completely surrounded by all the girls in class, Seigo finally said that sometimes he would interact with President Yoruhana outside of class but didn't say a single thing apart from that.

Obviously, this was far too insufficient to satisfy everyone's desire for gossip. The students all had various guesses on what was really going on as they discussed among themselves.

Kaho also quite minded the relationship between President Yoruhana and Seigo. She also minded what Mika and Chiaki thought about all this.

Mika had clearly stated before that she liked Seigo, and even "learned" otaku culture for his sake. Although Chiaki hadn't said something like that before out loud, she probably had such feelings for him as well.

The fact that President Yoruhana gave Seigo her love chocolate how did these two girls view this event?

Kaho silently observed today and saw that Mika and Chiaki appeared to be even more intimate with Seigo than in the past! This made her rather confused.

Regardless of other girls, President Yoruhana was a powerful love rival who should have been impossible to ignore. These two girls hadn't been affected at all?

And, what exactly did Seigo feel for President Yoruhana? Judging from the chocolate scene, he should have been interested in her. Yet today, he was acting even more intimate than before with Mika and Chiaki Kaho didn't understand.

What exactly could have happened between all of them? She was incredibly curious.

She kept wondering and imagining but that was nothing more than her guesses. The only way for her to find out the truth would be to ask.

But, should she even ask?

Asking might make things awkward, and she might not receive a response.

'I shouldn't ask,' Kaho's sense of logic and reason told her.

But, she was truly curious and wanted to know that truth. Her logic struggled against her curiosity.

Familiar footsteps approached her.

Kaho looked at the door to her room. Soon, there was a knock on her door, and then her door was pushed open.

"Kaho, let's drink some tea together."

Karen brought some tea into Kaho's room as she smiled at her younger sister.

"Thank you."

Kaho accepted a teacup and sipped on the fresh hot tea.

"How's your writing going?" Karen asked about her younger sister's affairs.

"It's whatever stop asking me." Kaho averted her gaze.

After the previous doujinshi convention, she had started to write.

Writing wasn't an easy task. Yet, it was already the easiest method she could think of to help her get closer to Seigo and understand him better, no matter if her writing was good or not that was what Kaho thought at the time.

Yet, to her surprise, writing wasn't nearly as difficult as she thought it would be when she seriously started to write. Her writing went surprisingly smoothly.

After she worked up her courage to post her writing on the internet, there wasn't too much negative criticism. She actually received plenty of encouragement.

Kaho became a lot more confident after this and felt like writing was fun. She became interested in it and began to write with passion.

As expected, she started having writer's block, met with negative criticism, and received an impact but she managed to continue writing due to her own interest and beliefs!

The only frustrating part was that her older sister Karen learned that she was writing.

When Karen discovered that her younger sister was writing, it was as if Karen's eyes started glittering.

Karen then became Kaho's number one fan. Every time that Kaho posted a new chapter, Karen would be there to post her review filled with all sorts of praise and encouragement. Karen also angrily attacked any readers that left negative comments Kaho was so embarrassed that she seriously considered changing her author account so that she could get away from her older sister!

But, in the end, she didn't change accounts.

Although she felt rather helpless about her older sister's actions, she was quite moved by Karen's intentions as well. Without realizing it, Karen's constant reviews had already become a source of support for Kaho.

"Then, I'll ask something else. How's progress with the boy you like?" Karen asked with a wide grin.

"There's none! Don't ask this, either." Kaho twisted her head away to resist this topic.

"At least you should tell me about his reaction to you giving him chocolate. Your older sister is curious~"

"I don't have the responsibility of having to satisfy your curiosity."

"Your older sister has the right to know her younger sister's love situation!"

"There's no such right!"

Kaho hadn't mentioned anything regarding Seigo to her older sister.

Yet, Karen had been able to figure out that her younger sister most likely changed herself so much all for the sake of love. It was evident that Kaho had a boy she liked.

Karen was quite curious about what type of person her younger sister was like. However, Kaho kept it a closely guarded secret, so Karen could only extrapolate from the male lead of the story that Kaho was writing.

The male lead in Kaho's story was extremely handsome, loved to help others, open and gentle, and was a bright and sunny otaku Karen felt that this was likely to be an improved version from reality, so the real version was probably more like...

An above average appearance, a nice and gentle personality, and someone who was quite interested in manga and anime otaku culture probably an ordinary boy like that.

Karen really wanted to meet this boy and get to know him. But, her sister was quite resistant, so she didn't know when this little hope of hers would come to fruition.

"I want to talk even more with you about everything, Kaho you can tell anything to your older sister," Karen expressed sincerely.

Kaho fell silent as something flashed in her eyes.

"Sister hypothetically speaking, if you're really curious about something regarding a friend, and really want to ask but don't know if you should ask or not how can you control yourself to stop minding this issue?" Kaho asked in a soft voice.

Karen widened her eyes slightly upon hearing this question.

Both of them fell silent for the time being.
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