Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 574

Chapter 574: I shall smite you in the name of flat chests which are justice!
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

"Kaho are you hinting at me that I'm asking you too many questions?"

"I'm not referring to you. Besides, even if I was talking about you, you probably wouldn't listen."

Karen was rendered speechless.

"Forget it, pretend I didn't say anything." Kaho wanted to retract her words.

Karen blinked while observing her younger sister.

"Let's say that you feel this friend of yours is very important. In that case, paying this question no attention will be impossible. You can only put your feelings deep into your heart and bury them as deeply as possible," she said in a low voice.

Kaho felt something more behind Karen's words and looked at her older sister.

Karen flashed a smile. "I'm sorry that I can't give you a better answer."

"There's no need for you to apologize. I'm just asking randomly."

"I don't feel like it's a random question. Is this friend the boy that you like?"

"Sister, you're asking too much now." Kaho resisted this topic and sipped on some more tea.

Although her younger sister Kaho was still somewhat resisting, things were already much better compared to Kaho's previous iciness at home. Karen felt quite delighted inside.

The time when she worried about her younger sister but could only bury her feelings inside her heart had already passed. As long as she worked hard in the future, they would definitely improve their sisterly relationship even further.

Karen also sipped on some tea. However, her head suddenly felt dizzy and she choked on the tea and started coughing!

Kaho was startled by this. She instantly felt worried at seeing her older sister's obvious discomfort.

After some coughing, Karen felt her dizziness fade and her expression returned to normal.

"What's the matter, Sister?" Kaho asked in worry while handing over a tissue.

"My head suddenly felt dizzy" Karen took the tissue and wiped her mouth.

"Why would that be?"

"I don't know the dizziness came so suddenly."

"Could it be that you have a cold?"

"I don't think so. I'm not feeling any discomfort now."

Kaho looked at her older sister in worry. "You should go to sleep early tonight. See how things are tomorrow."


"I'll cook breakfast tomorrow."

"Thank you, Kaho."

"It's nothing to thank me for."

"Heehee~" Karen giggled as she nudged closer to her younger sister.

"Don't stick so close to me. Don't crush me with your breasts."

The sisters had intimate communication and enjoyed a fun time together.


Kaho didn't come to school today.

The teacher said that Kaho's older sister had gotten sick and needed someone to care for her, so Kaho asked for a day off from school.

So Kaho had an older sister what type of person would she be, Seiji wondered?

"I've heard that Kaho's older sister is a beautiful girl with a ridiculously large chest. Apparently she visited us during the school festival," Chiaki told him.

A beautiful girl with a ridiculously large chest could it be that

Seiji recalled the beautiful girl with divine I-cup breasts that he coincidentally ran into before at the grocery store with Mika. Could it be that this girl was Kaho's older sister?

"Seigo, you're in the big breasts camp, aren't you?" Chiaki suddenly ambushed him with this question.

"That's right, I am no wait!" Seiji only regained his senses after answering reflexively.

"Prepare yourself, you evil big breast lover!" Chiaki made a pose like she was a magical girl.

"Don't call me that!"

"I shall smite you in the name of flat chests which are justice!"

"But you're no representative of the flat chest camp!"

"This attack consists of the accumulated grudges of all flat-chested girls in the world! Big breast ray!!"

"There's definitely something wrong with the name of the attack you're using!" Seiji energetically retorted.

Mika calmly watched her two good friends' typical daily joking around.

"Right now, you were imagining how large of a chest Kaho's older sister must have, am I right?" Chiaki giggled after she stopped joking around.

"Not at all. It was just that I once met a girl who had ridiculously large breasts, and I felt that she somewhat physically resembled Kaho. So, I was wondering if that girl was her older sister," Seiji replied. He then looked towards Mika. "I met her together with Mika."

"I don't really remember this anymore. Seigo, your memory is quite outstanding." Mika slightly narrowed her eyes.


"Of course, he had a deep impression of her because of her very large breasts. As expected of someone in the big breasts camp!" Chiaki saw through to the truth.

Seiji was unable to counter this.

"I've heard that the big breast rating of a man depends on if he's still a virgin or not. After losing his virginity, a man's big breast love rating will greatly decrease."

"What the hell is a big breast love rating supposed to be?"

"Today, Seigo ate lunch together with President Yoruhana. I expect that his big breast love rating will increase by twenty percent."

"Why would it increase!? Stop acting like it's a stock market number!"

"President Yoruhana is the goddess of all big breast lovers in our school. Eating lunch together with her means that your big breast love rating will definitely increase," Chiaki said with a wide grin.

Seiji was once again unable to counter this.

Saying that Natsuya was the goddess of all big breast lovers it was impossible for him to deny this.

Yesterday night, he drank tea and chatted together with Natsuya while taking a break from cultivation. At first, both of them felt rather awkward. But gradually, they started having fun chatting with each other. They discussed the topic of cooking and went from there to agree and meet each other for lunch today.

Mika and Chiaki both told him that they understood he had to go to his appointment to eat with Natsuya.

During lunch break, Seiji took his lunchbox with him to the student council room.

"How do you currently feel, Mika?" Chiaki asked her friend after Seiji left.

"Nothing in particular"

"Just tell me the truth. I won't tell Seigo."

Mika fell silent for a moment.

"I'm not happy" Mika spoke in a low voice.

"You're quite unsatisfied, aren't you?"

"Yeah." The twintailed girl lowered her head. "Even though I've already resolved myself, but I still don't feel good about it."

"That's only natural. I would think that it would be stranger if you could accept such a situation immediately." Chiaki looked at her. "Are you regretting it?"


"Honestly? Not even one little bit?"

"Not even a little." Mika adamantly nodded.

"You're truly amazing."

"You're the one who's amazing, being able to not care at all"

"I have a carefree personality, unlike you." Chiaki chuckled. "Mika, perhaps you'll become someone amazing in the future."

Mika was rendered speechless.

"From my perspective, you're already someone amazing, Chiaki." Mika ended up responding in such a fashion.

"Don't be like that. There's no need to say it out loud even if it's true. I'll get arrogant, teehee~" Chiaki started acting cute.

"Your amazingness includes the ability to make people want to comment on you at all times."

In the student council office.

The handsome boy and beautiful girl sat across from each other with nervous expressions.

"Natsuya come."

"Okay Seiji."

The two of them both pushed their lunchboxes over to the other.

They were going to exchange lunches!

They both personally cooked their own lunches and exchanged them basically, they cooked lunch for each other.

Seiji and Natsuya exchanged glances after exchanging lunchboxes.

"Go ahead and open yours first."

"No why don't you go first?"

They both chuckled after several seconds of silence.

"Let's open them simultaneously."


Seiji opened up Natsuya's lunchbox while filled with expectations. He was greeted by a mysterious black substance just kidding!

It was a classical setting in manga and anime for a noble girl type of character to have astoundingly awful cooking skills to the point of the food being like a substance from another world.

However, this type of setting would almost never be seen in reality, although a normal level of not so good cooking might be possible. Seiji had mentally prepared himself for this possibility beforehand.

Actually, his mental preparation had been unnecessary. The food before him didn't particularly seem like top quality, but it didn't appear terrible, either.

Seiji looked in Natsuya's direction at the same time that Natsuya glanced at him. They exchanged glances for the umpteenth time and both smiled.

"Let's eat!" they spoke simultaneously while raising their chopsticks.
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