Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 58

Between classes.

Seiji walked out of class together with Chiaki and Mika before finding a secluded spot for their discussion.

"Okay, whats up?" Seiji took a relaxed pose as he leaned against the wall.

Chiaki glanced at Mika first before turning to Seiji. She then clasped her hands together and bowed towards him.

"Im begging you, Seigobecome my fake boyfriend!"

"What?" Seiji raised his eyebrows. "Become your fake boyfriend?"

What a classic situation!

This situation usually happened in stories when it was necessary to attend a party or some event with a date, or when refusing to find a marriage partner found by pushy parents, whereas the current situation was...

"Does this have to do with your ex-girlfriend?"

"Thats right!" Chiaki grinned widely. "I want to make her jealous by taking a super-hot boyfriend along with me!"

Seiji was rendered speechless upon hearing her words.

Ok, somebody explain to mewhats going on with this scenario!? Director, theres something wrong with the script again!

"Can I interview you, as youre a les... er, bisexual girl? Just what exactly impels you to take a boyfriend and make her jealous!?"

Seiji could only comment forcefully on this situation without holding back at how strange it all seemed.

"I dont know either, but she said that shes bringing her boyfriend to our reunion, so Im taking one with me as well." Chiakis grin remained, but there was a steely glint in her eyes.

"So she did it first... Hey! Dont refer to boyfriends like theyre items!"

"Is there much of a difference?"

"Theres someone with a malfunctioning brain here!!"

After a period of awkward silence.

"Alright, I understand whats going on now." Seiji sighed in exasperation. "She invited you to a meeting, but she said that shes bringing along her boyfriend, and that you could also bring your boyfriend if you wanted... Something like that?"


Chiaki retracted her arms as she finally let the grin drop from her face, revealing a complex expression.

"I really do want to see her again, but her doing this... I dont care if its real or if she has a fake boyfriend as well; either way, its definitely upsetting. Thats why I need a splendid boyfriend to act as my own shield and sword. Perhaps she didnt intend to hurt my feelings, but theres no doubt that it will definitely hurt me, so Im going to hurt her back!"

Chiaki even repeated the word "hurt" three times in a single sentence. It was quite obvious to see how she viewed the invitation.

"Are you certain that shell be upset at this like you are?"

"I dont know, but Im going to do it regardless."

Chiakis expression was now devoid of any traces of mirth; even the usual relaxed air about her had disappeared. She was being completely serious.

Such an expression made Seiji imagine Chiaki shouting, "Come at me!! Lets just hurt each others feelings some more!!" in a fictitious scenario.

How messy.

Well, it was definitely a plan befitting of Chiakis style.

Going to a meeting by herself, trying to bear the pain in her heart while smiling, and greeting her ex-girlfriend who now has a new boyfriend... Such a garbage scenario wasnt suitable for her personality at all; shed never be able to do that.

As he thought this, Seiji smiled to himself and stood up straight instead of leaning against the wall.

"Okay, Ill do it. Even though Im not sure if Ill properly become a good item for your usage, go ahead and use me as you wish!"

The tall and handsome boy saying such a juicy sentence with laughter in his tonethis alone would cause many a girls heartbeat to quicken.

Mikas face reddened as she listened to their conversation.

Even Chiakis cheeks were tinged with a hint of red.

"Er... Yes, I will." The tomboy averted her gaze slightly as she couldnt bear to look at the shining sun.

Youll definitely become an excellent shield and sword for me, Seiji. Youre just that handsome! Chiaki thought as silence fell for a few seconds.

"When will you be meeting her? And where?" Seiji asked for the specific details.

"I havent discussed it yet... Ill reply to her later and come to an agreement about when and where to meet."

"Oh, Ill be waiting for you to contact me about the details then."

"Okay... Let me know when you have free time. That way I can arrange a time convenient for you."

"Apart from school and work, Im usually free. As for my work schedule this week..." Seiji informed Chiaki of his schedule.

Chiaki nodded after noting down the information.

"Got it... Ill call her tonight and arrange a time to meet. Now, before we go to her meeting, we need to prepare some things."

"Prepare?" Seiji blinked in surprise.

Chiaki chuckled.

"Before we head to the battlefield, we should make sure our equipments top-notch."

Dont say it like were heading to a real battle...

Seiji couldnt bring himself to say it out loud, though. Perhaps to Chiaki, this was indeed a true battleemotionally speaking, at least.

"How do we need to equip ourselves?"

"Our clothes and appearance!" Chiaki became more spirited and energized upon saying this. "Were going to appear our best in front of them! Thats why, Seigo, you need to go shopping with me.

Were going to buy a matching set of couples clothing thatll brilliantly enhance your handsomeness and my beauty!"

The ferocity in her words was almost tangible.

"Oh..." Seiji couldnt resist her fervor. "But... I dont have much money..."

"Ill pay for the costs!" Chiaki bluntly stated before she shifted her gaze to her best friend who was still looking on: "Mika, come with ustell us your objective opinion!"

"Oh..." Mika also fell victim to Chiakis fervor and could only respond in a stupor.

"This is my specialty, heh heh. Allow me to show you guys my true ability as the ace of the drama club!"

Chiaki focused her attention outside the window with a sparkle in her eyes. It seemed almost as if she was shining brightly.

*Clap clap clap.* Seiji couldnt help but clap for her in support.

*Clap clap clap.* Mika followed up with another round of applause.

The two of them felt like as if the tomboy in front of them was currently putting her all into performing on a stage.


Later that evening.

Seiji received a call from Chiaki.

"The battle will occur on Sunday at 8:30 pm. The location will be the White Snow Coffee Cafe in Silver Valley."

"Silver Valley... Ive never been to such a high-class area."

"Well go scout the place out on Saturday night, and well also buy some clothes there!"

"The clothing there must be quite expensive."

"Dont worry, Ill pay. Im actually quite well off, you know~ If youre willing, I could even give you an allowance!"


"Dont reject me so quicklyat least hesitate a little!"

"Itll be bad if I do hesitate!" Seiji retorted decisively.

He heard Chiakis laughter on the other end of the cell phone.

"Im really looking forward to picking clothes together with you... Alright, lets leave it at that; I still need to let Mika know as well."

"Ah, okay." Seiji prepared to hang up.

"Dont you want to know how I persuaded Mika to let you be my boyfriend without her objecting?" Chiaki suddenly asked him an unexpected question.

"Im just a fake boyfriend."

"Even if its fake, a girl will mind."

Chiaki was laying on a luxurious canopy bed while talking to Seiji. She was playing with a cute plush cat doll while chatting lightheartedly on her cell phone.

"I used my deep friendship, intimate hugs, gentle wording, as well as passionate lips to..."

"Stop! I dont need any special sex chat services over the phone!"

Chiakis laughter increased in volume.

"Whats the matter, Seiji? Nobody else could hear anything!"

"Oh, right... the hell! Do you want me to look at the two of you with a strange look in my eyes in the future!?"

"Sure, if it pleases you."

"Thats not what youre supposed to say!!"

Chiaki could vividly imagine Seiji forcefully retorting towards his cell phonethat was just how familiar and clear the scene was to her.

Speaking with him was never tiresome. Even though she knew that it was time to hang up, she felt a little sad about having to go.

"Anyways, thats enough about this topic. Hurry up and let Mika know the time and place. I have something else to do, so Im hanging up."

Ahh, he escaped!

Chiaki pouted as she heard the cell phones beeping after Seiji had hung up.

I wonder if hes noticed the subtle changes in my heart... Chiaki thought to herself. Well, even I dont even know whats going on with myself...

While hugging the round, cute cat plushie, she rolled around on her bed while staring intently at the picture on her cell phones screensaver with something glittering in her eyes.

Her cell phones background picture was a selfie taken together with Seiji and Mika.

In that picture, the handsome boy was in the middle of the two beauties while showing off that gentle, sun-like smile of his which exuded a radiant aura.

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