Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 581

Chapter 581: Harano-kun is such a pervert
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

The red mist blocked the icy fog. However, the white fog froze the red mist as well! This instantly slowed down the large monster's movements.

One more powerful attack was still needed.

Seiji aimed his hand at the monster, gathered his Mana, and speedily prepared his spell...

[Evolved Mana Bullet]!

*Boom!!* A powerful golden bullet of light hit the red mist and exploded with blinding light.

A hole appeared in the red mist barrier from which the white fog poured through. The six-armed monster's giant body was speedily frozen over.


The monster howled in a raspy voice similar to the previous gorilla monster. It did its best to struggle, but was still gradually completely sealed within the ice.

Finally, Shika destroyed the monster by using Ice Shatter.

"Thanks to both of you for your hard work. The next section's numbers and strength will be increased even further. Is that alright?" Kazuko inquired.

Seiji and Shika exchanged glances.

"It should be fine."

"If you think that you can't go on anymore, tell me immediately."


Natsuya patiently waited as she looked at the black crack on the floor.

Although she was acting as backup support in name, what she was really doing was surveillance.

It was unknown what Kazuko Ooike truly was. It was impossible to ascertain if she was trustworthy.

Seiji chose to trust in Kazuko, but he also knew that there would be risks associated with this trust. If it wasn't for Shika adamantly insisting on following him, he would have entered the Domain all by himself.

If something seemed wrong, Natsuya would intervene immediately but she was unsure whether or not she had the power to intervene.

The power of this Domain was equivalent to top-level space magic! It was a frightfully powerful ability.

What exactly was that experiment? Just what type of existence did Kazufuru combine with? These were questions that she really wanted answers to.

If she reported this to her family, her family would definitely respond in some manner.

Natsuya had no intentions of reporting this to her family. This was because Kazufuru was her and Seiji's classmate, but also because Natsuya faintly felt as if her family would suffer severe losses if they made any antagonistic moves against Kazuko.

To be honest, the only reason why she was still able to remain calm when dealing with such a mysterious and powerful existence was mostly because of Seiji.

Although Kazuko was quite mysterious, Natsuya didn't believe that she would be any more ridiculous than Seiji. If something truly happened, Seiji would be able to deal with it she had such a feeling.

Logically speaking, this was blind belief without any basis. Emotionally speaking, this was a feeling of safety she felt from Seiji.

This feeling was born after the duel against Akatsuki.

No matter what it was, Seiji would be able to take care of it. As long as she was by his side, everything would be alright Natsuya herself knew that this feeling of hers had no logic to it. But, she was unable to eliminate this feeling from within her heart.

In the end, she was still a girl a girl in love.

She would feel safe next to the boy she liked, and couldn't help but automatically want to rely on him perhaps not all girls were like this, but Natsuya Yoruhana seemed to foundationally be such a person.

At any rate, Natsuya believed in Seiji, which was why she was able to calmly and patiently wait for him to emerge from the Domain.

Inside the Domain.

"Harano-kun, why do you trust me?"

After clearing out yet another section of monsters, Kazuko suddenly asked this question.

"Hmm?" Seiji looked towards her.

"You should have known already that this would be a dangerous place even before you entered here. And, this entire Domain is under my control." Kazuko looked at him. "As long as I will it, I can easily harm the two of you Why is it that you don't seem to be worried about this at all?"

"Because you don't have any reason to harm us."

"I do have a reason. Kazufuru Ooike used to have a grudge against you."

"You yourself just said 'used to.' He's already put this behind him."

"Perhaps I'll still do something to you due to that past grudge of his Besides, there's also the possibility that everything I told you was a lie. Maybe I'm actually not some new part of his soul and personality at all. Instead, I could be some demon who overtook his body and memories... have you considered that?"

"That may be the case. If that's really true, then I was wrong to believe you." Seiji looked at her. "But, even now, I still believe that I wasn't wrong in my judgement. You're not lying to me."

"So, you actually really believe in your sense of judgement?" Kazuko floated in front of him.

"You could say that, but more foundationally" Seiji paused for a moment. "It's that I want to believe in you."

"Why's that?"

"I don't know how to say it myself. Although I don't understand you at all, I still want to believe in you probably because you're pretty cute."

Kazuko paused in surprise for a moment when she heard him jokingly praising her like that.

Then, she giggled.

"Harano-kun is such a pervert no, I should call you an ecchi idiot!"

Seiji was rendered speechless for a moment.

"Although I don't want to admit it, I find this difficult to counter." Seiji's cheeks twitched.

He couldn't help but recall how Hitaka Shuho had also previously called him "pervert" to his face. This situation seemed rather similar to that one.

The most foundational reason why he didn't have any worries was actually because he possessed the power to save and load. But, that was a secret he didn't want to tell anyone about! In such a situation, it would indeed seem like his actions could only be explained as him being an ecchi idiot

"If you're an ecchi idiot, why'd you refuse the payment I mentioned earlier?"

"No need to mention that. Even if I'm an ecchi idiot, there's various different kinds. I'm a pure gentleman!" Seiji put on a serious expression.

Kazuko's giggling instantly increased in volume.

After she finally finished laughing, she took a closer look at his handsome face.

"I'm really starting to like you. Please be friends with me, Harano-kun."

Seiji responded to this sincere invitation with a smile.

"Please take good care of me in the future, Kazuko-san."

After resting for a while, they continued their conquest.

This was just like playing a dungeon role-playing game. Seiji and Shika continuously cleared out each section of all the demons and kept going downwards.

Finally, they fought against a giant werewolf monster in the school auditorium!

This monster had the ability to change between human and wolf form. Its human form dual-wielded a sword and a battle hammer for vicious attacks, while its werewolf form would exhale powerful breath and rush at them. This monster also had the ability to spawn large amounts of smaller monsters, making it difficult to deal with.

Seiji and Shika had a fierce battle with this monster that pushed them to the brink. Their protective Mana Barriers were shattered countless times.

If either of them had faced this monster alone, they would have definitely been injured against such a powerful opponent. It was possible that the injuries might even be serious.

Yet they were fighting as two, as adopted brother and sister that had excellent tacit cooperation. If one was suppressed, the other would immediately act as backup support. Although this fight seemed quite dangerous, neither was even injured.

And, the two's tacit cooperation increased more and more through this fight. They didn't even need to talk to know what the other would do or wanted to do. They would then act accordingly in unison.

Shika felt that this feeling of being connected in heart and soul was amazing.

As long as she was together with Brother Seiji, even battling would feel fun.

For just an instant, she even wanted this fierce battle to last a little longer.


The enemy monster suddenly spat out thick blood-red breath which rushed at them like a rushing ocean wave. It was unavoidable.

Yet, Shika wasn't afraid at all. That was because the very next instant, her adopted older brother's tall figure appeared before her.

Reversal technique, "Dragon Counterattack"!

Seiji cast his spell with his sword, causing countless tiny spell formations to appear in front of him. These spell formations blocked and received the werewolf monster's powerful breath attack as Seiji twirled his sword and transformed the attack's power into a golden light that formed into a majestic dragon...

"Taste the dragon's blade!" Seiji shouted out Genji from Overwatch's quote as he swung his longsword and used the coolest golden divine dragon to counterattack!!

The dragon soared through the air with imposing majesty.

Shika's eyes lit up at the sight. Kazuko's eyes were glittering as well.


The giant divine dragon completely devoured the werewolf monster! The explosion was as blindingly brilliant as a fireworks display.

'So cool' Both girls were simultaneously awed by the scene.
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