Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 584

Chapter 584: I could also try wearing that for you
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

"I haven't but I suppose I also am." Seiji paused for a moment. "I would have considered inviting her already if it wasn't for my worry regarding how her Domain's demons might have negative influences on the other members. With her ability, it would be much safer for my Knight Order to cultivate in her Domain rather than in a Spirit World."

"Even without the ability to cultivate in her Domain, her personal combat strength alone makes her worthy of an invitation," Natsuya assessed.

"Yeah. Her strength is quite valuable. Even if she can't assist in our cultivation, she's someone worth the effort to recruit. The issue is what we can give her in return."

"She seems to be quite fond of you. Perhaps she'll accept as long as you take her as a girlfriend."

Seiji was rendered speechless.

"Just joking." Natsuya averted her gaze. "But I do feel slightly displeased about your conversation with her." She started pouting slightly.

The jealous student council president was so cute!

Seiji was instantly moved by the sight.

By the time that he regained his senses, he discovered that he was already sitting down next to and hugging her.

Natsuya lay softly in his arms as she started blushing.

'Such a cute mega-beautiful girl is my girlfriend'just realizing this made Seiji feel that he was truly blessed!

"I apologize for making you displeased, I don't have any particular thoughts about her"

"I know," Natsuya replied softly in a kitten-like voice. "But, I still feel a little emotional I'm the one who should apologize."

Seiji couldn't help but pat her on the head and then run his hand through her silky hair. He gently raised her head and approached.

"Ahhh enn"

Tender and soft lips together with such a sweet kiss.

This wondrous sensation was quite addicting no, he was already addicted! Seiji felt like he could do this for the entire day if he didn't restrain himself.

Of course, it was also possible that if they kept kissing, a certain type of censored scene would end up occurring.

Natsuya started out by passively accepting the kiss. But, she then started becoming proactive as she hugged him even tighter and sought even more.

She felt his love being transmitted to her through a wondrous sensation as he responded gently. A gentle warmth was injected into her body, helping to gradually soothe her inner frustrations.

After a long period of time passed, their lips finally separated.

All negative emotions were completely eliminated as her body was filled a feeling of safety and warmth. Natsuya felt that she was truly fortunate.

"Seiji you mentioned that you really like maid attire" Natsuya spoke cutely as her face reddened. "I could also try wearing that for you."

Natsuya in maid attire?

Seiji got all excited just from imagining the scene!

A classic long maid dress or a maid miniskirt's sexiness both seemed to complement her quite well! It would make her charisma level go through the roof!!

And if she also lifted up her skirt and shyly said "Master, please give me your orders~" Ohhhhhhh!!

Just his wild fantasies alone made him feel like he was about to turn into a raging beast!

"That would be quite awesome" Seiji almost wanted to cover his face. He did his very best to not show off any strange expressions.

"Also, a bunny girl outfit would be fine as well" Natsuya's eyes were as clear as water as she had a seductive expression. "A swimsuit or bathrobe is also fine. Just a naked apron would be a little difficult for me."

Ahhhhh!! He was going to transform! He was going to explode!!

He suddenly received an unexpected fierce aerial bombardment! The enemy's attack was far too fearsome! Sergeant Haruta was about to lose the battle!!

Seiji's self-control was seriously shaken.

Just as his sense of reason was about to slide over the brink, a loud *clink!* sound suddenly startled him.

The sound was from Shika Kagura.

The black-haired girl had arrived some unknown period of time ago and was sitting next to them while quietly sipping on some tea. She had just forcefully placed her teacup on the table as she poured more tea for herself while silently looking at the couple in front of her that was emanating fiery waves of passion.

Seiji and Natsuya both froze solid.

The sweet atmosphere instantly cooled down.

Seiji let go of Natsuya while she adjusted her posture. Both of them coughed in unison as they took their teacups and also sipped tea.

This tea was so wonderful

Although such an incident happened, Seiji didn't want to skip an entire day of classes because of it.

Seiji put on his school uniform and went back to Genhana High School. To his surprise, he saw that Kazufuru was there as well.

Even though Kazufuru could have taken a day off, he immediately came back to school after regaining control of his own body. As expected of an excellent student.

"Could we talk for a little while?" Kazufuru walked over to Seiji during lunch break.

"Of course," Seiji agreed.

As Mika, Chiaki, and the other students watched, the two of them exited the classroom together.

"Ooike-san and Harano-san what's going on?"

"Could it be that they actually have a thing for each other?"

"No, it's more like they're finally going to duel! It's all for President Yoruhana!"

"The hell with a duel! Nobody would have even a one percent possibility of defeating the Magic-Devouring Dragon. He's undefeatable."

"Both of them arrived so late today. Did something happen?"

As always, all the spectating students were quite gossipy.

Mika and Chiaki were quite curious as well. But, they didn't need to gossip, because they knew that Seiji would tell them what happened if they asked him afterwards.

"This time Thank you, again."

"No need to be so polite. I actually didn't do very much. Even if I left you alone, you probably could have woken up by yourself."

The two boys were now having a discussion in a quiet corner.

"No, I might have slept for a very long time if it wasn't for you." Kazufuru shook his head. "Even if I only remained asleep for a week, that would have been quite troublesome I'm quite grateful to you and Kagura-san."

Seiji responded with a smile. He then asked, "Could I ask what exactly you think of Kazuko-san?"

"She saved my life I would have died if it wasn't for her, although I don't know if she's a ghost, demon, or something else." Kazufuru sighed. "The price is that she gets to have half of my life. Although it's quite a severe price to pay, I can only accept."

"Although you've accepted it, you don't want to leave things just like this, is that right?"

"Yeah. I want to separate from her and return to a normal life if it's still possible." Kazufuru adjusted his eyeglasses.

This behavior was the exact same as Kazuko's no, it should be that Kazuko's behavior was the same as Kazufuru's.

"Natsuya said that it would be impossible. But, that's only as far as she knows. It might not be impossible at all."

It was currently a "new generation" with all sorts of strange phenomenon occurring. Something that appeared impossible might not actually be impossible at all.

"Kazuko-san feels that it will be fine to simply live together with you with both of you in the same body. But, she's also willing to search for a way to separate. As long as the two of you reach a mutual understanding and work hard together, there will be hope," Seiji spoke sincerely.

"Yeah" Kazufuru nodded.

Both of them then fell silent.

Just as Seiji was considering inviting Kazufuru to eat lunch together for the first time in a long time, something flashed in Kazufuru's eyes as he clenched his fists and apparently came to a decision.

"Harano-san I have a request."


"It's impossible for just myself and her to return me to a normal life," Kazufuru spoke seriously as he looked directly at Seiji. "I'm just an ordinary high school student. And, although Kazuko has special powers, she doesn't have any particular special knowledge. We need companions trustworthy and reliable Spiritual Ability user companions that can help us to achieve our goal. Otherwise, simply relying on ourselves will be like trying to find our way alone through the darkness. It would be way too difficult. That's why, although it's something that really makes me lose face, and even can be called shameless I still want to request of you, Harano-san Please help me once again!!!"

The excellent student lowered his head and bowed at an angle of ninety degrees.

Seiji was astonished to see him requesting in such a formally serious manner.
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