Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 589

Chapter 589: Ive met him
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

"What type of person is he?"

Karen was astonished to hear that her younger sister actually knew a Spiritual Ability user.

"He's a really cool and handsome person" Kaho paused for a moment as her cheeks flushed red. "He's the person that I based my story's male lead on."

Karen widened her eyes upon hearing this.

Wasn't the male lead of her younger sister's story the person that she liked? So this person was actually a Spiritual Ability user!?

Karen's imagined version of this "boy" now had an added layer of mystical elements to him. She suddenly felt that he was far more complex than in Kaho's story.

Kaho felt awkward about this. She didn't want to tell Karen about Seigo because she knew that Karen would instantly realize that Seigo was the male lead of her story she was writing.

"I'll contact him right now."

But, since this was related to demons, she had to take immediate action for her older sister's safety.

Kaho took out her cell phone and dialed Seigo's number.

He picked up rather quickly.

"Good good evening, Seigo."

"Good evening. What's up, Kaho?" his familiar voice spoke up on the other end of the phone.

Just hearing his voice made Kaho feel reassured.

"It's like this, my older sister seems to have met a demon" She explained the situation.

Seiji fell silent for a moment before he spoke up again, "Are the two of you at home right now?"


"Is there a coffee caf or some similar caf near your home?"

"Yeah, there's a coffee caf nearby."

"Could I meet with the two of you there and take a look at your sister's condition?"

"Of course."

"Text me the coffee caf's name and address then. I'll be over as soon as I can."

"Okay Thank you, Seigo."

"No need to be so polite."

They ended the phone call there.

When Kaho put away her cell phone, she saw that Karen's eyes were sparkling while staring at her.

"What is it?"

"He's the boy that you like. There's no mistaking it." Karen had a huge smile as she spoke, "You had such a cute expression just now. You're completely a girl in love."

Kaho's face reddened when she heard this.

"I, I, I didn't have any such strange expression at all! Stop making things up, Sister!!"

Karen's eyes sparkled even more and became gentler upon seeing her younger sister's expression.

Karen reached over to pat Kaho on the head.

"Why are you patting my head?"

"Because you're so cute, Kaho-chan~"

"Don't call me like that, and don't touch me!" Kaho resisted against this.

It was nice that her older sister was spirited again, but wasn't this recovery too quick? Where did the pitiful girl who was just saying she was so scared disappear to!?

The two sisters shared an umbrella as they walked through the pouring rain to the nearby coffee caf. They put away the umbrella, took a seat, and ordered some coffee.

This was an old-fashioned store that was plainly decorated. The classical music playing inside the store combined with the pitter-patter of rain falling outside to create a nice atmosphere.

The coffee that the sisters ordered soon arrived.

Kaho inhaled the thick coffee aroma and was about to add some sugar.

"I suddenly recalled that this is our first time ever drinking coffee together outside," Karen mentioned.

Kaho paused in her movements for a second before she continued to add sugar.

"That's quite normal, isn't it? Normally you wouldn't go to the trouble of drinking coffee outside together with your family members. You'd be drinking coffee together at home."

"You're right but I feel like occasionally doing this is pretty nice as well." Karen smiled.

"Why's that?"

"Because our home lacks this type of atmosphere."

"The atmosphere is important when being together with family?"

"It's no good to worry about the atmosphere?"

"It's not a matter of being good or not, I just think it's really strange."

"I don't think it's strange at all. Drinking coffee together with you, having desserts, chatting about various things, just like good friends I think it's awesome!" Karen's eyes were sparkling brightly again.

"We're sisters. We could just chat at home. Why do we have to go outside to some store or restaurant and spend money to chat?" Kaho disagreed.

Actually, she did somewhat understand what Karen meant. She just felt that all this was unnecessary.

"It's fine to do so just on occasion. Come together with your sister~"

"No way."

After chatting for a while, a new customer walked inside the caf.

Kaho reflexively looked in his direction, and saw the tall figure that she was expecting.


The jacketed handsome boy put away his umbrella and looked around the store before meeting her gaze and smiling.

So handsome!

Although this wasn't a date and he wasn't her boyfriend, Kaho's heart still beat quicker when she saw his gentle smile.

"That's him?" A surprised voice sounded next to her.

Kaho turned around to see that Karen's eyes were widened and that she had a strange expression.

"What's the matter?"

"I've met him before"

Right as she finished speaking, the boy arrived next to their seats.

"Kaho, this is your older sister?" Seiji asked while looking at Karen.

He recognized this girl as the breast goddess that he'd previously met at the grocery store whoops, the beautiful girl who had godly breasts!

"Yes, she's my older sister, Karen Miyamoto."

"Nice to meet you, Miyamoto-san. I'm Seigo Harano We've met once before, do you remember?"

"I remember" Karen looked at him. "That was at the supermarket. You were together at the time with a twintailed girl."

"That girl is Mika Uehara. She's my and Kaho's classmate and good friend." Seiji smiled.

"At the supermarket what?" Kaho was rather confused.

Seiji sat down next to them and explained about the meeting at the grocery store.

There was such a coincidental meeting before? Kaho finally understood what was going on.

'So he's the boy that my younger sister likes' Karen felt complex feelings inside.

He was handsome, loved to help others, friendly and gentle apart from the otaku part that was difficult to tell on the surface, he was the very image of the male lead from her younger sister's story!

Previously, she thought that the male lead was only an idealized version of the boyfriend that Kaho wanted. Karen never expected that he would be the same in reality! He was completely handsome to the point of being idol-like!

And, she'd even met him before in the past and was someone that she wanted to see again.

The previous coincidental meeting had given Karen quite a deep impression.

After that meeting, whenever she returned to that supermarket, she would always intentionally scan the other customers, looking for that boy again. But, she ended up never seeing him again. Nor did she see that twintailed girl with him at the time again. And so, she slowly gave up on the thought.

She'd never expected that both those individuals were actually Kaho's friends!

Karen felt that fate was truly a wondrous concept.

Seigo Harano Now that she learned his name and identity, she knew that she had to completely eliminate the tiny spark of feelings in her heart for him.

She thought that it was only a coincidental meeting to begin with, so she had just about given up already. It wasn't painful at all for her to give up on her feelings.

Karen began worrying about Kaho more than herself.

It was only natural for Kaho to fall in love with such a high-level handsome boy, but it was too difficult.

Doubtlessly, this was something rude to think of her sister. Still, Karen couldn't help it.

If only this boy that her younger sister liked was 30% less handsome no, 40% less handsome, only then would they be a good match!

Seiji didn't know about the complex feelings Karen had inside her right now.

To him, this was only a small matter of his previous guess being correct that this beautiful girl he met once in the past was actually his friend's older sister.

The important part to him was what was about to come.

Seiji cast [Astral Vision] and carefully inspected Karen's body.

He immediately noticed a faint red mist being emitted from her voluptuous breasts...
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